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What Is Wrong With Daman Lehman

Updated on May 6, 2012
Danger!! Admiring rims can apparently be very risky and could potentially cost you your life.
Danger!! Admiring rims can apparently be very risky and could potentially cost you your life. | Source

On April 27, 2012, 21 year old James Foster had the misfortune of meeting 25 year old Daman Lehman. James noticed Daman's car and said something along the lines of "Nice car. What kind of rims are those?".

Apparently this comment was too much for Lehman to deal with as any normal human would. His tiny brain could not comprehend what a casual compliment is, or how to simply say "thanks", and he exploded, and reacted in utter rage.

Lehman responded "That's a stupid question". Then he savagely punched James in the face twice, knocking him to the ground where his head hit concrete. The blow caused severe damage to James' head and put him into a coma on life support. Then Lehman remarked "That's what I do. I put people to sleep." and then he left the scene.

The incident happened over a week ago and James Foster is still in the same condition,in a coma, fighting for his life, possibly paralyzed, with severe head injuries. Meanwhile,Daman Lehman was tracked down, thanks to eyewitnesses who noted his license plate number, and arrested.

Daman Lehman was charged with first-degree assault charge in Pierce County Superior Court and is free on $75,000 bail. He confessed to the crime but pleaded "not guilty". I presume his brain and mind are not capable of feeling remorse or regret, just as they cannot process a casual compliment. Remorse and regret require higher order thinking skills and a heart, both of which seem to be missing in Daman. But hey, he's got muscles and that is apparently all that matters to him.

He appeared in court with his girlfriend and a young child. I can only assume the child was there to make him look more sympathetic. It didn't work. Instead I felt bad for the girlfriend and the child that I presume is hers. Just as Whoopi Goldberg said to Molly in the movie "Ghost", I want to say to the girlfriend "Girl, you in DANGER!!".

Daman Lehman's past includes a domestic violence charge about 6 years ago, so there is prior violence documented on his part. His Facebook page lists the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) and various gyms. His Facebook picture shows a young man whose forearms are larger than his head, which is not surprising since he apparently uses his muscles more often than his head.

If Hollywood were filming a movie and looking to cast someone to play the part of a guy who went overboard abusing steroids and succumbed to "roid rage", then Daman Lehman would be perfect for the part. He certainly looks it. His actions have supported that image.

"Roid Rage" is a term to explain the effect that abusing steroids can have on the user. Common side effects can be excessive aggression, an easily triggered temper and many other ugly changes to the body. Apparently steroid abuse can also cause testicles to shrink and cause reduced sexual function, which doesn't surprise me because Daman's actions are certainly those of a man who is trying to compensate for something. He is angry about something and it has nothing to do with James Foster's compliment.

A vigil was held for James Foster and many people showed up to support his family. It is reported that he has finally opened his eyes once and squeezed his girlfriend's hand. If he lives, he has a long road of rehabilitation to deal with and will never be the same. In effect, he has been given a life sentence.

Daman Lehman deserves a life sentence as well. If you can't be trusted to simply deal with a casual comment without almost killing someone, then you are a danger to society and you have NO business being free. He needs to be put away in prison for life, where society is safe from him. He needs a huge time out, a long time in a cell where he has little to do but think about what he has done.

I can only hope that the public continues to support James Foster and that James will have a full recovery. It won't be easy for James and it won't happen overnight. His life and the lives of his family have been changed forever.

To James and his family, I feel complete support and empathy. I send them my best wishes and prayers for his recovery.

To Daman Lehman, well, it appears he didn't learn the basic concepts of common courtesy and social skills that most people have by kindergarten. I hope at the very least that he learned his numbers in kindergarten because I think numbers will be a huge part of his future when he receives his prison sentence and his prisoner number.


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    • profile image

      Eric 5 years ago

      MSLTP, you are assuming things that aren't in this, or any other news report.

    • profile image

      thehell 5 years ago

      This guy needs to be drowned in the bay. No exceptions. Here's his info.

    • profile image

      Tom 5 years ago

      Lehman is epic.

    • profile image

      Robert Pittman 5 years ago

      James has severe brain damage and has been sent to a rehab facility.

    • profile image

      MSLTP 5 years ago

      I have to agree with Chloe...all these things some of you have found on the internet, i.e...dv ON THE many times do we have to learn you can't believe everything you read, or if you do, know both sides. Every one of you is going off what one side of the WHOLE story told...if you are old enough to drink, then you should know the possible out come of opening your smart mouth...I'm pretty sure this wasn't the first "compliment" Daman has gotten on his car, but for some reason this one pushed him over the edge...and you say it was a "simple compliment." I'm sure the witnesses that were there aren't going to say..."oh yeah, he has been a smart ass to him all night, and this was the final comment that pushed him over the edge." I do not in any way condone the acts, but it is a lesson to both sides where the line is. You can only push people so far til they break, if you can't determine that fine line...than keep to yourself. And I'm sure even with the comment from Daman after the incident, he didn't realize the severity of the situation. Everyone is so upset for James (as I am also)... they think it's ok to put all his personal information online putting his innocent wife and child in danger, how is that right, or justice? I do not personally know either side, but have personally been on each side of the equasion, only showing this side cause so many don't, they feel sorry for the "under dog" in the situation because of not knowing the whole story. Super sad for James and his family, and I hope he has a full recovery. But for people to take this kind of action they have had to be pushed to the limit...I have been in contact with many users of "roids" and have teased them and taunted them and didn't have this, makes you wonder the "other side!"

      I don't usually comment on things like this, but small minded people push me to, there are ALWAYS two sides to a story, and usually (no matter how bad it is) the "under dog" side seems to hold back, to hopefully keep the "sympathy votes." Bottom responsible for your actions. In any situation, if your best judgement is impaired, know your own personal limits. Not easy at times, but could be all the difference in situations like this!

      To both sides of this story...I hope for full recovery, and peace!

    • profile image

      RL 5 years ago

      Have to love the tough Juice Monkeys.

      Known a few of those idiot aggro roid fiends and not a single one of them would have an IQ above 70.

      Who cares if this guy was giving the guy crap, giving someone a bit of crap doesn't mean your automatically allowed to beat someone into a coma.

      I have seen hundreds of times people in bars giving someone a bit of crap, the SMART decent people will just move away from them or get security to toss them out, problem solved.

      Its only the IDIOT barbarian type of people who cave someones skull in for giving them crap.

      This guy deserves life in jail, nothing less, maybe then he will learn to use his brain rather than his muscles.

    • profile image

      WWWHHHOOOAAA 5 years ago

      How many bar fights have you seen? It was a terrible thing that happen but it could have happen to anyone. I would just like to hear the WHOLE story!

      I believe they both acted with stupidity!

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      MizBejabbers 5 years ago

      Why has this hub been given such a high rating? Is it because it is controversial?

    • profile image

      Umphrey's moe.Gee 5 years ago

      "I put people to sleep, that's what I do"

      says the "awesome family man"

    • profile image

      observer 5 years ago

      Chloe, it still doesn't justify the act.

      Wwhhoooaaa, you have some terrible reading comprehension skills. 'near death' does not equal 'to death'. either way you slice it, James is not out of the woods and he very well COULD have been beaten to death. Get a grip.

    • profile image

      Wwhhoooaaa 5 years ago

      He punch him TWICE! And he hit his head on concrete! That's how he is in a coma!! He didn't beat him to death!

    • profile image

      To Chloe 5 years ago

      I like how you're trying to justify someone brutally beating a man to near death.

    • profile image

      Mavent 5 years ago

      Chloe sounds like one of those girls that sends love-letters to Charles Manson.

    • profile image

      WWHOOOAAA 5 years ago

      My thoughts are a mother of 4.

      When you are 21 and at a bar- you drink and you get drunk and you say stupid stuff. When there is someone in the bar that has arms the size of your head you don't act like a smart ass to that person. The media isn't telling Daman's side of the story. They are only telling James. I DO NOT believe for a second that he hit a guy in the face twice for just a simple compliment. They both now are paying for their stupidity! I DO NOT agree that Daman's family is being harrassed or that their personal information in all over the internet. This is a personal situation between both families and shouldn't be prodcasted!! How many bar fights have happened? This is a HORRIBLE situation and i can not express how sadly i feel for the Foster family and for James. But Daman DOES have to live with his his WHOLE life and will pay for this HIS whole life and he should of just got in his car and drove away.

    • profile image

      DudeBroManBro 5 years ago

      No matter which side you're on, Mr. Foster is still in a coma and Mr. Lehman is walking the streets.

    • profile image 5 years ago

      No John, I am not stupid. Are you? Just remember there is much more to this story then Daman just punching this guy in the face over a compliment. They also forgot to mention how James' ex girlfriend plays a role in this all as well... I do not agree with Daman hitting this guy at all, I feel very sorry for James and all he is going through. I don't like how the full story is never really explained, not that it will justify Daman punching James but It would shed light onto what really happened. You don't think Daman feels like a complete asshole for what happened? You don't think this has changed his and his family's life's as well? What really makes me angry over all this is how they are posting all of his info on the Internet, he has a wife and a young child who's lives are now as risk. It's disgusting and very sad for all involved.

    • profile image

      John 5 years ago

      @Chloe, Are you stupid? Does that give Daman the right to beat the crap out of the kid consequently putting him in a coma?

    • profile image

      Greg 5 years ago

      Nice to see the overall reaction against this scumbucket, from what's generally the most civilized part of this country. Mental manholes like this one usually get away with all of it over their entire lives, including repeated abuse against female companions who are too stupid to flee, and children who have no choice. Let's turn this a-clown over to the Taliban, then see how tough he is.

    • profile image

      Joe 5 years ago

      Two to the body, one to the head.

      Roid Boy problem solved.

    • MichelleRobert profile image

      Michelle Robert 5 years ago from Down by the River


      I am puzzled by your comment "the guy shouldn't have picked a fight". Surely you cannot mean that by saying "nice car, what kind of rims are those?" that James picked a fight.

      As for Daman, I'm don't think that being charged with domestic violence is an indication of an "awesome family man".

      It seems that you know Daman since you called him an awesome family man. Would you care to elaborate?

      And to be clear, I am not looking for a fight or a debate. Just a calm, rational comment of facts.

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      hopefully they give him the death penalty

    • profile image

      wow 5 years ago

      the news sure blows stories out of control.nice job making a awesome family man look like a phychopath on steroids.what a joke.the guy shouldn't have picked a fight.hope he heals up.

    • profile image

      Y-man 5 years ago

      Glad to hear James is back! Wishing him luck with his rehab!

    • profile image

      FitGuy 5 years ago

      I understand your anger, this is a terrible case and Daman sounds like the worse kind of dbag and I hope they throw the book at him. Painting him as a coward, an idiot, less than a man, even subhuman is ok with me. However, your rant with it's negative connotations towards anyone who is a fan of UFC or MMA and anti-health/fitness is misguided and does nothing to contribute to the topic at hand and does much to take away from any credible claims you'd like to get across. Being an MMA/UFC fan or enthusiast or even a practictioner does not automatically mean one is not a respectful and upright person prone to unreasonable and random acts of violence. Having muscles and being in good physical condition does not mean one is pea brained or a bully. If you are going to soapbox, please do it responsibly.

    • MichelleRobert profile image

      Michelle Robert 5 years ago from Down by the River

      I would also love to know why this isn't national news. That is one of the reasons that I felt compelled to write about it. I found so little information about it. Thanks so much for reading and commenting on it. I hope the word gets out and more people step up to support James and his family and push for Lehman to be prosecuted to the fullest extent.

    • profile image

      huh 5 years ago

      Why isn't this national news?

    • profile image

      Steve 5 years ago

      Why would you install nice rims on your car if you are butt hurt if someone likes them. This Roided knuckle dragger is beyond low. I hope his cell mate loves his rim each night.