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What It Means To Be A Conservative...

Updated on August 16, 2020
Two Donald Trump supporters fully supporting Russia's interference with our election.
Two Donald Trump supporters fully supporting Russia's interference with our election. | Source

Judging By Their Actions

The word Conservative is actually an oxymoron, since the only thing the Republicans who have been elected to office are concerned about is conserving the wealth of their wealthy supporters and letting the poor and middle class die from hunger or not being able to go to a doctor because they can't afford health insurance, believing only being able to eat or go to a doctor when you're sick is a right of the wealthy but not of the poor and middle class. In short, the poor and the middle class are the new slaves of the wealthy and the conservative politicians are dedicated to keeping the poor and middle class their slaves.

Conservatives on Religion:

Jesus Christ was friend of the poor and middle class and it was the rich and powerful that nailed him to a cross. Now the conservatives have corrupted his image by trying to say Jesus is only for the rich and powerful and is in favor of anything they do to keep and increase their wealth.

The so-called Religious Right have no problem with their chosen leader tearing children away from their parents and putting them in cages where they're mistreated. They justify it that they deserve it because they tried to come to this country for a better life and are thus a threat to their wealth and status, which goes directly against the lessons Christ taught.

Conversely they're more than happy to offer up the lives of children to the Corona Virus and to preserving their right to possess guns that only the military should have access to. If after the first school shooting responsible gun laws had been passed how many children's lives would have been saved? It seems the only child's life they care about is the one inside a woman's belly but once the baby is born their attitude is throw them in the garbage cause we aren't going to provide food and health care for them.

Conservative Means Entitled:

They believe that they're entitled to everything their little hearts desire. They're entitled because their Republican. They're entitled because they're white. They're entitled because they honestly believe their God's chosen ones. They're entitled because they believe only their votes should count. In short conservatives are selfish and only care about themselves.

The whole mask thing is a perfect example. People trying to make them wear masks to protect other people from the spread of Corona have been spit on and shot. Their whole mentality is you can't tell me what to do because I'm special. I'm a conservative. And I'm one of God's special people so I don't have to wear a mask because HE won't let me catch it because I'm special. And we've seen that plenty of these conservatives have indeed caught Corona and died because they refused to put a mask on. They've also helped spread this disease to others.

Poor & Middle Class Conservatives Want To Keep The Poor & Middle Class Down:

You'd think if you're poor or middle class you'd vote for someone who makes your life better, but they keep voting for Republicans like Mitch McConnell who gives himself a raise in salary each year, while denying the same for the working class. Who are against universal health care. They blame immigrants and minorities for why they're poor when they're poor because they keep voting for people invested in keeping them poor. They keep looking to the rich to make their lives better when they're the ones that are making their lives so bad.

White Female Conservatives May Be Worst Than Their Male Counterparts:

There's a female conservative running for office saying women don't want to be paid the same as men. There's been other female conservatives running for office or elected who think a woman should carry a stillborn baby inside them until birth which jeopardizes a woman's life. They're bigger male chauvinist pigs than men are. They want to help keep women down. They're enemies of women.

Some of these female conservatives have been given the moniker of Karens. What do Karen's do? They call the police on a little black girl for operating a lemonade stand. They call the police on a black man out jogging, or getting in his car or walking into his apartment. Karen's spit on you if you tell them to put on a mask. They tell anyone who isn't white they don't belong in this country.

Conservative are Ists:

They're racists, sexists and any bad ist you can think of. They basically think only white men have rights. They don't care if a black child gets killed but are up in arms when a white child gets killed. When they hear #BlackLivesMatter they counter it with #BlueLivesMatter because they see cops as upholding and enforcing their beliefs that white is right and whites have rights and everyone else doesn't.

When Trump had peaceful protesters attacked not one of them had a problem with it, because they were protesting against the police murdering minorities and not being brought to justice for it. When a bunch of gun-toting white people protested against wearing the masks not one thing happened to them. They certainly weren't attacked by Homeland Security, shot with rubber bullets or kidnapped off the street and they were armed and dangerous.

Conservatives Love To Wrap Themselves in the Flag:

They love to wave the flag or wear some flag-designed apparel while they're waving the confederate or Nazi flag acting like they're patriotic Americans when as the above pictures show they support an enemy country hacking our election to help a conservative gain power. They also are against all the ideas our country stands for: equality, justice for all and freedom of press and speech. They believe by taking the country back to a time when the white man was supreme and women and minorities were treated as inferior is making America great again.

In closing, Conservative belittle and scorn liberals [they call them libtards] for wanting everyone to have access to health care, everyone to be treated equally and not based of race, creed or religion or wanting to save the planet from being destroyed or wanting sensible gun laws so children can go to school with out the fear this is the day they might be killed. But no one turns it around on them and asks if you're against all that just what does that make you? Certainly not a real American. Certainly not a decent human being.


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