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What Kind Of Country Do You Want To Live In?

Updated on December 22, 2015

America. Land of the free and home of the brave. One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. All men are created equal. Life, love and the pursuit of happiness.

Do you recall these words? Have you been taught that these words are not folly but fact? That others have died to create a country where these sentiments, these feelings, these beliefs can be counted upon to continue to be? Do you believe?

Even today?

A dream. Martin Luther King had a dream. He believed, he dreamed that one day, people would come together regardless of color, race, creed to become one with each other. To lift up one another, to create a people who truly loved one another enough to overlook the differences and remain the strongest country in the world. Have we succeeded? Have we reached that goal?

Are we One?

Sadly, we are not. And at the rate we are proceeding, I fear we will never reach such a lofty goal. There is too much discord, fear, hate, jealosy, refusal to work together for the betterment of all concerned. Far too many choose to live outside the scope of The Dream, choosing to live off others, to blame others, refuse to accept that they have a hand in their own lives, the direction they can proceed. It is far too easy to set on their haunches and demand fair treatment than it is to stand up and be counted among those who work to improve themselves. Far more comfortable to decry others for doing the right thing than it is to actually take part in doing the right thing.

And the media finds it far too easy to show this discord, this gulf between the groups than it is to help heal them, to get their ratings by showing how not to act rather than show how best to act. By encouraging this gulf they win while we lose our country, our unification, our ability to function as a group in a dynamic world. Make no mistake: we are the losers, all of us. Countries who have no problem putting aside their differences, who control their people with a harsh hand, who focus on the future rather than the moment are not creeping up on us, they are overtaking us and will soon displace us as world leaders.

And in the meantime, we whine.

To this end, I am writing this article in order to ask America: What kind of country do you want to live in? Are you satisfied with the direction we are proceeding in? Are you good with the harm we are doing to one another? Is it acceptable to continue to allow lawbreakers control our country? Can we afford to allow immigration to continue unchecked as it is, both legally and illegally? Should we allow those who wish us harm to enter, to wander about unchecked? Should we be accepting when a portion of our country refuse to step up and be counted as positive citizens, choosing instead to remain an anchor on our civilization? Should we as a people allow our leaders to provide handouts to those who are capable of being productive but who choose not to be? Can we afford to remain blind to the hazards that surround us?

Case in point: those who break the law, who refuse to follow the law then when they are caught and something horrible happens to them, cry foul once more and attempt to sue our country, our governments, our city leaders and law enforcement in order to force the rest of the country to its knees, bowing before this false god of sloth and greed. Those who run afoul of the law and create their own demise, I have no sympathy for you. If you want to live in a lawless society, some post apocalyptic creation where might makes right, where good cannot hope to prevail over evil, where the innocent cannot walk the streets with a shroud of safety, leave. Run away to another country if you can find one that will accept you as you are. We do not want you here, creating havoc and mayhem in your wake.

Or perhaps you want to remain here, safe in the knowledge that you are cared for even while you refuse our attempts to help you to help yourself? Money provided for those out of work; free insurance and health care for those who have none; food provided for those who have none even while we turn our backs on those who fought for our country, who died protecting your right to disagree with those who protected you. How proud you must be to accept our assistance then call us names, attempt to harm us, refuse to follow our civilized guidelines even as you are protected by them!

How ashamed we are of you. How ashamed we are to know that even as your hand is out to take money from those who work for it, you are spitting in our faces. And yet, we do this with a glad if not a light heart for we know that most of you who take our charity will never rise up enough to be able to offer it to others. You will continue to take and take until the day you die and society will pay for your funeral at that time. Consider yourself lucky to live in a country where you have someone to care for you even if you yourself do not. Consider yourself blessed that we exist for you to live off of, that we suffer your existence. Then know that we expect your hypocrisy, your anger at our suffering your life even as you take handouts from us.

A thought enters my mind: perhaps we should provide you with a place where you can live your life just as you choose. A place where no law enforcement encroaches upon your chosen style of life, a place where you can act as you choose with no regards for any other life beyond your own. Would a city suit you? Should we choose a city in America at random and ban those who wish to live by our country's laws, run them out so you can take their homes, their neighborhoods, their businesses? Would that be acceptable? Perhaps we should choose one of them which already houses a large percentage of those like you, say Detroit or St Louis? Perhaps Chicago is more to your liking. Your charity could be supplied to you without you having to face the rest of the country, we could even a wall put up around it. Not to fence you in, no. Rather consider it a moat, a protection against those unsavory elements of our society encroaching upon your chosen life style. You know, those who desire to work and follow the law. Can't have this infection in your primitive utopia.

Perhaps a city is not enough; a state then. Would an entire state suffice you? Would you prefer a state in the northern portion of America, say New York or maybe Montana? If not a northern state, perhaps a southern state like Mississippi or Louisiana would meet with your needs. If not a state, then a country. Perhaps you desire our country to join you in the gutter that is your life. To fall from grace as you have through choice. And yet, if you have your way, who will be there to provide for you? Who will be the one empowering you to act as you are? To encourage you to improve beyond your station in life? Hold your hand when you need a hand to hold?

In short, to allow you to act as you choose to act.

Perhaps America will soon fall by the wayside, adrift without laws or rules or any to enforce a decent manner of living. Perhaps America needs to be just as you are: lazy, shiftless, without remorse or decency. Perhaps it needs to be a country of drug dealers, armed gangs, murderers and others with a mentality that whatever happens to them, it is not, cannot be their fault. No, the fault must lie with others, ones who seek to destroy you for acting as you choose, by attempting to arrest you for breaking the law or harming others.

Is that what you seek? An end to the tyranny of laws and decency? A fall from grace like none other since Adam and Eve? If so, continue to act as you have been for the past thirty or forty years and you will accomplish your goals. Media, continue to glorify these people through the same means as you are currently, showing "racism" run amok in law enforcement, detailing those monsters of the law who attempt to halt the behavior displayed by criminals and the like when they are arrested for their actions. Continue to play upon the emotions of the families of those detained, injured or killed by those defending the majority of decent people who desire peace and liberty at the expense of lawlessness. Then sleep soundly at night knowing you have achieved your goal of better ratings and more money.

Perhaps you need to be on the other side of that wall which separates the two sides and remain there, creating more and more discord within even as the fate of those you glorify becomes your own.

I believe those of us choosing the light will sleep better at night knowing you are with those you defend. Or rather, I believe that those of us on this side would prefer to die with the light than to live in the dark, as you have so evidently chosen to do.


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    • Michaela Osiecki profile image

      Michaela 2 years ago from USA

      1. I am satisfied with the direction we're going - where disenfranchised people's voice are finally being heard, where inclusiveness is the buzz word of the day and where there are finally presidential candidates that seek to represent ALL of us and not just the rich, white baby boomers of ye olden days.

      2. This country was founded on immigration - illegal immigration if I might remind you. And what did we do to the indigenous inhabitants of this great nation? Well, we killed them in any way we could and then corralled the remaining few in designated reserves that suffer from all manner of poverty, drug problems, and mental health concerns. So don't be all high and mighty about immigration.

      3. Most of the laws that people are protesting over are laws that make no sense at all. Why should someone (a black man, for example) who commits a non-violent crime (drug possession) face MORE TIME in prison that a white man who murdered several people in a school/church/etc. Why should an unarmed black youth be shot dead for a non-violent offense when his white counterpart would easily be escorted to the police station in nothing but handcuffs and not a scratch on him?

      4. You have no clue why some people don't work and require some sort of welfare. A lot of people who use welfare programs are disabled in some way, just because you can't see that disability doesn't mean it doesn't exist. On top of that, programs like monetary assistance and even SSDI are VERY HARD to obtain and often require a lawyer and several appeals. So it's not like the gov. is just handing out money to lazy people. Know your facts.

      5. Lastly, how DARE you use Martin Luther King Jr. as a crutch for your pathetic attempt to deny racism and oppression in this country. All the vitriol you're spewing in this article is the EXACT thing he was fighting to eradicate.

    • Mr Archer profile image

      Mr Archer 2 years ago from Missouri

      Thank you Sir William! And a very Merry Christmas to you and Bev as well. Enjoy the season my friend.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 2 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Merry Christmas, Mike, to you and your family.

    • Mr Archer profile image

      Mr Archer 2 years ago from Missouri

      Thank you Mike. I am so tired of what is happening in this country and while I don't want to write like this, neither can I remain silent. With the killers crying about their being beaten or killed while resisting arrest or people killing themselves while in custody or others saying they are too spoiled to know right from wrong I am sick of their belief that they are above the law we all need to follow. Enough! It is time for a change. Take care Sir and Merry Christmas!

    • profile image

      Old Poolman 2 years ago

      Well, you pretty well reported the current situation regarding the direction this country is headed.

      I completely agree with the concept of giving those you so aptly described their own place to live. My preference would be some uninhabited island where they would have to start from scratch to build shelters, produce food, and create their own style of civilization. A place with no welfare of any kind where only the strong would survive. An island where escape back to our preferred world would be impossible.

      It is sad but true that our own government and the media are doing all they can to further divide this country.

      We have no real leadership and our Military and Police have had their hands tied so they can no longer do their jobs to keep us safe. We have corrupt judges in the legal system who continue to release some really bad people back onto the streets. Rather than building more prisons we are turning loose thousands of individuals that really belong behind bars. When we add together all the seemingly small things that are happening, it equals what could be the end of our country as we know it.

      Great presentation with this hub. Unfortunately those who should read this either don't read, can't read, or won't read.