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What President Trump Did Was Wrong, But Is It Impeachable?

Updated on October 31, 2019

While 55% of Americans do believe that Trump's dealing with Ukraine and holding back already approved military aid for them to fight Russia along its border in order to get a "favor", that is, political dirt on his Democratic opponent in 2020 (Joe Biden), is wrong, is it a "high crime" and an impeachable offense?

Some think it is, some do not. But also on the line for Trump is the findings of the Mueller Report that found almost 10 cases of potential obstruction of justice and abuse of power. Of those, there were certainly a few clear cut examples where Trump acted like a king, doing whatever he wanted. Some might say, he acted as a mafia boss, and again, some of the testimony clearly indicated so. This is not about Russian collusion, for which, as far as the Mueller Report was concerned, did not occur between Trump and Putin.

Since the Mueller Report, in fact on the day after its release, the whole Ukrainian affair and abuse of power began when Trump called the Ukrainian president. It was almost an act of defiance by Trump who found the Mueller findings a joke and has ever since acted like the King of America, something Republicans should think about as Trump obstructed and defied all efforts of the U.S. Congress to investigate. Trump surely looks like a guilty man trying hide his actions that he thought would never come to light until the whistle blower. A person guilty of something does try to hide and not cooperate with authorities.

Past Impeachments

The 1974 impeachment of President Nixon rose to a criminal offense since POTUS ordered the break-in of the Democratic Party HQ. Nixon did all the same tactics as Trump is doing by calling the Press as the enemy, fake news, ignoring subpoenas from Congress, etc, until his attorney, James Dean, had had enough and blew the whistle. Nixon went on to defy the release of his personal recordings and notes all based on Executive Privilege. Just like Trump. However, unlike now, the Republicans finally agreed to impeach Nixon, once it became obvious. They finally saw that it was in the best interest of America, not their party. of course, Nixon resigned instead of going through the impeachment trial.

With Clinton, while his real estate fiasco led to the salacious sex affair with a White House intern, after all the investigations, the impeachment failed with the Republicans failing to get the votes even when they were in the majority. They had conducted their investigation is relative secrecy also, just like today, because it is more reliable. The articles of impeachment in the Clinton affair all failed because what Clinton did had not risen to impeachable offenses according to the lawmakers. Clinton did lie about the sex escapade, at first, but later admitted to it. Today, Trump is almost always spinning facts or just lying to the public.

Trump Impeachment

Despite how you personally feel about the man who is president, that aside, it should be clear to all that Trump seems to think he is above the law. This should incense all Americans. But, obviously, his warped supporters view him differently. They love his defiance and fail to see how his actions have damaged America's role in the world and at home.

This warped reality is shown in the Republican party. They will stand by their man no matter what he does. They have no desire to break away from their party. With this, anyone can see how it will all end.

Trump will not be impeached. He will never go to trial for the abuses of power and obstruction charges because the Senate is Republican. Trump will be acquitted and he will announce that the Democratic witch hunt showed that he did nothing wrong, which of course, is just more lies. But, that will be his spin. The Democrats will look bad for the failure. Thus, the only hope in removing Trump (barring assassination or heart attack\stroke) is the election in Nov. 2020.

Should Republicans see the light and vote with the Democrats, then, the impeachment trial will occur. But it is still not a sure thing.

Let the drama begin!


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