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What Proof Do You Need for a DACA Application?

Updated on February 19, 2015

Most applicants in DACA speak fluent English and have gone to US schools all their lives. They are 15-30 yrs. old and can do it themselves to save money. However, the application fee is $465. Submitting the application alone is not enough, you must submit copies of supporting documents to prove that what you say is true.

You must prove your identity using a passport with photo, your birth certificate translated. These are the most common. A school photo ID or military ID is fine also. You only need one of these items.

You must prove you entered the USA before your 16th birthday. The most common proof is a continuous school record, medical records or immunization cards, a passport with an admission stamp showing entry. Most people use school records or medical records.

You must prove you have lived in the USA continuously with no or only short breaks and you were physically in the USA on June 15, 2012. To do this may be a problem, unless you are record keeper. The most frequent items used are rent, phone or utility bills, pay stubs, school transcripts, a DD-214 (if you were in the military), passport entries, bank transactions, deeds, mortgages, dental records.

You can use all of these to prove you were here from June 15, 2007 to now. You only need to provide one item of proof per quarter, not for every month or week. So, for example, you have a pay stub dated July 1, 2007, the next proof needed would be for Sept\Oct. You would not need proof for August. Proof dated before June 15, 2007, is of no use. FYI, the yearly quarter periods are: Jan-March, April- June, July- Sept, Oct-Dec. Of course, if you want to provide proof every month, you can.

You can use the same types of documents to prove you were in the USA on June 15, 2012. Here, if you have a document within 1-2 weeks of this date, that may be fine. But, try to find a document within a week of this date.

To prove you are current student, school records, report cards, from the school and periods of attendance and grade level must show. If they are in Spanish, they must be translated. If you are a graduate, a high school diploma or certificate of completion, GED.

If you were arrested provide copies of the arrest or court papers.


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