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What Qualities should the new Speaker of the House of Representatives Have?

Updated on September 29, 2015

We are at a point in the history of our country that things appear to be in a state of change or at least on the road to change. The recent resignation of John Boehner not only from his position as Speaker of the House but from Congress leaves an opening which has rarely occurred in an off year. It comes with an opportunity to change the dynamics of decisions being made or not made in the House of Representatives. Boehner has had some battles with his constituency

in Congress related to decisions to fight or not fight for positions on which many were elected to Congress in the recent election.

It remains to be seen who will be elected to this position and whether their current position on the issues will remain the same as legislation is scheduled for a vote. It will take a strong leader to instill conservative values on the issues and fight for what is right not only for those who they represent but the country. Many decisions have been made to not fight on issues knowing that any legislation will not make it to the President or that the President will use his veto power. This does not mean the fight should not take place.

The House of Representatives has the power of the purse under the Constitution. This is one tool which the House of Representatives has but has rarely used if ever. Getting agreement on the issues in Congress is not an easy task within the House much less the Senate. Individuals currently serving in the House of Representatives in many respects are tired of the political culture and they want their party to take the action many of them talked about when they ran for office. Sadly this has not occurred and the new speaker will need to have the leadership credentials to bring together individuals on the actions which have needed to be done on the critical issues of the day.

It is true being the Speaker of the House of Representatives is not an easy task but there needs to be more fight in this chamber of Congress than has existed for a long time. The fight must be led by the new speaker whoever he/she may be. Both political parties must take a stand on unconstitutional actions of the Executive Department including not only the President but the various departments and agencies that are creating havoc on our economy. The volume of rules and regulations being issued today must be under the scrutiny of Congress including but not limited to the EPA. Congress has this obligation to keep control of actions which harm our economy. This includes job killing regulations and targeting various industries that do not fit in the political agenda of the administration. It is hoped the new speaker will be a breath of fresh air to finally stand up for the American people and the country by controlling the rampant expansion of rules and regulations.


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