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What Say You Who Are Opposed To Drill Baby Drill

Updated on March 2, 2011

What Say You Who Are Opposed To Drill Baby Drill?

We all have heard the mantra, no war for oil; and in every case, it seems as though that it was a bogus platitude because we have not seen the benefits of an oil boom for the loss of our blood and treasure in Iraq. Now, the Middle East is in the throes of revolution and the oil supply to the West is severely threatened. Tell me oh wise pundits now what is so wrong with ‘drill baby drill’ in Alaska and off the coasts of California? If we were to drill, wouldn’t it provide the needed revenues, jobs, and prevent our supposed forays into wars for the black gold, which results in our young men and women being killed on foreign soil? In addition, even those of my brothers who subscribed to a foreign policy of Isolationism, as espoused by the like of Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan can also be happy.

All the important issues that my Liberal brothers and sisters have been clamoring to change can be had in one fell swoop by allowing drilling on our vast reserves of oil in the Americas. Some Liberals have deemed our foreign policy jingoistic or some perverted modern manifestation of Manifest Destiny based on our insatiable lust for cheap oil; you have marched, supposedly to prevent the death of soldiers and innocents in the various war theatres; and you have said that it is because we have traversed Arab holy lands why we have suffered the wrath of al Qaeda. If that is truly the case, then allow us to drill and all of us, and moreover the country, can be winners.

My Liberal brothers and sisters will say that it is about the much maligned Environment, and that its needs should take precedence over jobs, etc, but why is it that the Norwegians, the Brits, and others who have been better steward of our Environment than we have can have drilling rigs adorning their respective coastlines, but we cannot? Why it is that Brazil can use our aid to drill off their pristine coastlines, ironically for the partial benefits of the Chinese, but we cannot drill off ours – at least in California? I hope I have convinced most of you, for the foregoing reasons cogently laid above, to take up the mantra of ‘drill baby drill!’


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