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What Should American Freedom Mean?

Updated on July 5, 2020
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Ty is currently studying leadership, discrimination studies, and justice at University of Wisconsin- River Falls. Brings a fresh perspective


What Do We Stand For?

This country stands for the idea of freedom, liberty, and justice for all. We still are working and fighting for the "for all". One thing (out of many) that disappoints me is when Americans use "freedom" to excuse hatred, bigotry, discrimination, and inhumane actions and beliefs. That is not what this country should stand for, I truly believe that our wonderful veterans did not risk or sacrifice their lives for you to spread hatred, discriminate, or refuse to treat others with respect.

What Freedom Should Mean

I stand for using our voices to fight for freedom, liberty, and justice- to protest injustice. Yes, we should uphold this idea of a country of freedom, but we cannot and should not use this to justify being vulgar and unkind people.

Freedom Not Selfishness

I urge you to educate yourself BEFORE "picking a side", listen to those with opposing views rather than just thinking of a comeback. Please don't sacrifice your humanity to a "group mentality", whether it is Republican, Democrat, Socialist, Independent, etc- step away from the labels and the groups and form educated beliefs and values, and keep others in mind when doing this. Freedom does not excuse selfishness.

Does Party Loyalty Have a Place in Politics?

Unfortunately, our political system practices as a two-party system- Democrats and Republicans. Others exist but are disadvantaged and voices usually go unheard. Should we really only vote for our party? For example, I have almost always voted Democrat in elections, but should I still vote Democrat if I do not approve or are not proud of the candidate? Should I be blindly loyal to this party even if there are other candidates out there who align more with my values?

I believe that we should not maintain this "group mentality" we should not stay under a label and sacrifice our values and humanity if you happen to always vote for one party that is great but we should analyze at the individual level rather than the group level. "Bad people" can come in all forms, even if they share some of the same values as you.

Talking to Those with Different Views

I pride myself on reaching out and listening to those who have differing views, beliefs, and values than I do. I often find myself hearing phrases like "I may not approve of some things (he) says or does, but (he) is my president (or is in my party)" It may be true that we cannot have a "perfect" candidate or president but that does not mean we should stand by and allow or stay silent during times of shameful actions. We should be able to say "I do not support this action, I am ashamed that someone I have affiliated myself with has done this, and I will speak out against this".


The world needs your help to grow and change. Use your voice, whether you think you are being heard or not, one voice can change the world but all voices will make the change better and faster. Whatever platform(s) you use- you are helping this world and you are appreciated.


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