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What Should Happen in the Aftermath of the Obamagate Scandal

Updated on May 20, 2020
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Before retiring, Jack worked at IBM for over 28 years. His articles have over 120,000 views.


After three and a half years, of expose and investigations and congressional hearings and inspector general reports and releases of confidential documents, we finally have a good account of what happened to the Trump administration since the election of 2016. We have a documented timeline of what happened, who were involved and what was done. Now, the real question is what should happen going forward.

- May 2020

There Are Five Components

  1. Elected Officials
  2. Government Agencies
  3. Government Personnels
  4. The Media
  5. The Donors

The elected officials includes President Obama, VP Biden, Congressman Adam Schiff and Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The government agencies includes the FBI, the DOJ, thE NSA and the IRS...

The personnels includes many high ranking officials and appointees. People like FBI Director James Comey and John Brennan...and Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

The media includes the NYT, CNN! Washington Post and the rest of the main stream media NBC, CBS, ABC...

The big donors include George Soros and Jeff Bezos... who have used their wealth to try and influence our political class.

What Should Happen?

This past few years should never be repeated again in any future administration. What I mean by that specifically is the abuse of power at the highest level of our government. Our federal agencies was never meant to be politicized. The media failed in their important role of watchdog. Some of our elected officials were given free reign to lie and deceive without consequences.

We lost civility in our public discourse. We need to restore the public trust in all levels of government including the Congress, the courts, the Executive branch and the media.

The failure occurred across the board and we allowed it to happen. Where were the whistleblowers? How could the corruption reached so high as to touch the White House?

Here is what I think should happen.

1. Follow the rule of law. Those who were caught in doing wrong needs to be prosecuted. If necessary, they need to go to jail.

2. Those in elected positions, who participated in this, should resign in shame, or else be voted out of office by their constituents.

3. Those in the media that promoted this needs to be fired and the companies they work for should be sanctioned by the FCC and placed on probation.

4. Civil servants need to be held accountable. There needs to be some consequences for breaking our laws and acting as a partisan hack.

5. The double standards must end. We need to apply the law equally to all, including people with power and privilege. We cannot have one set of rules for Democrats and another for Republicans.

What About the Leaders?

In this case, the leaders are the President and Vice President. They are ultimately responsible for what transpired under their watch. It would be a stain on our country if we went after them in a court of law after the fact. Our system was designed to remove a sitting president for wrong doing by way of impeachment. It was not setup to go after an ex-president after he left office. What can happen and should in this case is the revelation of all the facts. Let history decides their legacy. Even though they will not have to sit in a court of law to defend themselves, and spent a fortune in legal fees, they will be held in the court of public opinion as a failure. They would have ruined their reputation and their legacy. That is the ultimate price for their crime.


These past few years was an anomaly. This was not how democracies work. We cannot have one administration, using all the power of the federal government to undermine a candidate from another party and try to defeat him and even after the election, try to impeach him with some trumped up charges.


Having received a comment from a reader named Howard, who claims it is Trump who has been the one breaking our laws, I must revise my article.

People like Howard, are part of the problem. No matter what the evidence, they just believe on faith that Trump is a bad President and everything that happened to him is well justified. It reminded me of Karl Marx who said the end justify the means.

People like Howard are short sighted. They think they can do whatever it takes to remove Trump. They don't realize if we go down that road, we are no longer a Constitutional Republic. We will turn into a banana republic where the dictator calls all the shots.

If we let this go on, what's to stop a future president of doing the same to a future candidate?

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have just demonstrated why we are a divided nation.

The facts just don't matter anymore. It is people like Howard who just knows he is "right" and we are wrong. We were wrong to elect Trump, and we are still wrong even when the evidence showed it was all a setup by the Obama Administration.

People like Howard cannot be won over with logic or common sense. He and his kind needs to be defeated totally.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Jack Lee


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