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What to Do in Race War Purge

Updated on May 30, 2020
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Clive Williams is an internet researcher and writer on many genres. He has a BSc. Degree in Information Systems.

Race WARs
Race WARs

Let The Wars Begin

Yes citizens, it has officially began. The race war has kicked off all over the world as the Covid Plandemic has ended. For all who don’t know, there are a series of events scheduled to materialize in the year of the double 20. The Covid exercise is coming to an end as the Government and those invested in some sick experiments have met their first part of the Goal and moving on as the dates progress. As I have already mentioned, the race war has started and right now it isn’t looking too good for the real human beings. Real human beings are those who have souls, feelings and are living their lives in peace and for the betterment of all humanity. The Aliens among humans have infiltrated our dwelling for many years and are causing planned chaos and evils across the Plane. These are the people who are in top society, they are in our police force, politics, hospitals, banks etc. These are the people who have paid crisis actors to act out tensions and killings between blacks and whites. Then all this is broadcast over social media and hence the racial tension begins.

Race War Purge
Race War Purge

What To Do To Prepare For The Race War

Well, if you are black, you better side with the blacks and defend humanity. If you are white, Indian, Chinese, you better do the same. What I am basically saying that no matter who your friends are, at the end of the day the only side to choose is the race you belong to. In the race wars there is no in-between. So even if you are a mixed child, you must side with the race of your father. So you will need to make friends with many undesirables if you want to survive the Race War Purge.

1. Ensure that you have multiple disguises that look real.

Ensure that you have face mask for Africans, Europeans, Indians or whatever. This will be helpful if you are cornered by a particular Race which you are not a part of. This may help you escape from a blood bath execution.

2. Stock Up On Supplies

Just like the Zombie Apocalypse, you need to ensure that you have plenty water and non-perishable goods available in case you are grounded for weeks. Remember that a weak and hungry soldier cannot fight.

3. Get Guns and Ammo

What good is stocking up on food if you can’t defend yourself from an assault? Ensure that each member of your family has at least two guns. Ensure that you are equipped with Automatic weapons in case the heat gets intense.

4. Get Your Survival Gear Ready

In the Race war Purge, you may have shortage in medicine and of course medical staff. You may end up being out of electricity also. Ensure that you have a power generator, batteries, flashlights, medicine, ropes, bandages and anything needed to help you survive a wound or illness in the Race War.

5. Setup Security

Having security surveillance around your home must be considered. Always try to spot your enemy before they Spot you. This will give you an advantage in the slaughter. Setup CCTV systems to monitor outside and inside your yard and home. Have at least two aggressive dogs in yard to maul any intruder. Setup outside traps like electric fence and grenade trap wires to knock your enemy back to his racial ancestors.

6. Setup an Escape Route

Every great fighter has an escape plan. Forget about dyeing with honor and fighting to the last breath. Remember that he who fights and run away lives to fight another day. When the killings start and you see that you are looking down the barrel of the gun. Don’t be afraid to use your escape plan. Run and run fast. Get away and save your hide so you can rejuvenate and come with a better fight plan to defeat your enemy.

Are You Getting Ready?

Are you ready to fight with Nazi groups like the KKK? Will you join force with evil to survive? Or will you turn to God, pray and eventually sacrifice yourself and never be apart of this race war? What will you do? Let me know.


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