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What To Expect In The Coming Months

Updated on May 11, 2020
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Before retiring, Jack worked at IBM for over 28 years. His articles have over 120,000 views.


The quarantine is winding down. Sooner or later, we will be open again. The big question is, what will our future look like?

- May 2020

The Various Sectors...

  • Work place
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Travel - flying, cruises, trains, buses
  • Shopping
  • Restaurant
  • Sporting events
  • Athletics
  • public events - celebrations, parades, fireworks...
  • Elections
  • Protest Rally
  • Social events - weddings, graduations, funerals...



The reality is we will all be very careful when returning to work or school or social events. Maintain social distancing, wear face masks, wash hands frequently, and wipe down objects we come in contact with.

Life will return to normal in a short period of time. People have a short memory. This coronavirus shall pass and life will go on. Six months is a reasonable time period by my estimation. By September 2020, schools will be opened.

The Middle Seat?

Common Sense

Regardless of what happens, we can be sure of one thing. We need to use common sense approach to recovery. Every sector needs to apply what is reasonable and prudent to address the reopening.

For example, shopping malls will be opening. People needs to get out. There are somethings you just cannot order online. The same goes with haircuts and salons. Every three or four weeks, we need to get our haircut.

Cruise Ships Adrift At Sea

Rise of Zoom...

Online teaching, conferences and meetings and doctor appointments will be increased as a result. Technology has stepped up and to the rescue. Zoom is taking over our online presence. Shopping online and shipping of packages will be the norm.

Sports and Exercise

Some sports are better than others. They are better in terms of health and mental exercise as well as physical activities. With social might want to try fencing.

The Economy...

With all the stimulus spending by uncle Sam, you can expect inflation to be rising in the months and years ahead. This is a no brainer. When you increase the monetary supply, with the same amount of goods or even reduced supply in some cases, you will get price inflation.

The stock market suffered the deepest drop or correction since the great recession of 2008. It was down by 35% at one point but now has recovered about half of that in just the last month.

Experts are discussion the shape of the recovery after the end of the quarantine. Some predicted a V shape and others a L shape. In either case, the economy will return as we open up. It has to. There is no indefinite shut down.


The future is full of unknowns. However, we have other past incidences to guide us. We also have human nature. Human will behave a certain way and follow a set course. It is in our DNA. This virus may be new, but we are an adaptable species. We will make the best of it and move on.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Jack Lee


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