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What Trump Winning the USA Election Means for the Rest of the World

Updated on March 8, 2016

When Donald Trump first started running for president, I think the rest of the world thought it was a joke. How could, in this day and age, someone spouting hate and racism possibly be democratically elected into office? Surely this wouldn't last, and soon Americans would boo (or laugh) him off stage.

Incredibly, this is not what happened. The resent election results show Trump leading the polls. These shocking and very real results are terrifying, not only to American's but to the rest of the world.

Trump's thoughts on Mexico
Trump's thoughts on Mexico | Source

Animosity Around the World

Our world is a fickle place, governed by men (and women) who at any point could start a war or pit us against each other.

Politicians supposedly attempt to keep us at peace, and overall one wants the president to attempt to end all conflicts and wars.

Trump, on the other hand, seemingly plans to start more conflicts and wars. Even now, he is making enemies left and right.

Starting with Mexico, Trump plans to make some enemies. Since the beginning of his campaign, Trump has made it clear he doesn't plan on keeping Mexico as an ally. He has stated numerous times he plans to erect a well between Mexico and the United States. How someone thinks this could be a good idea is beyond me, Berlin wall anyone?

When Miss Universe, the world's most important beauty pageant, came around this past year, many countries refused to participate. See, Donald Trump bought the pageant, and after his many racist comments, several countries decided they did not want to be a part of his show. This is only a taste of what animosity Trump is already creating. Yes, the pageant is insignificant in comparison to war and other more important issues, but it gave us a peak into how easily Trump makes enemies.

He has actively spoke out against many countries and governments, throwing out wild accusations and not well-thought out statements. Donald Trump has no filter, and while the United States needs a strong president, it also needs a president who will know how to approach other countries diplomatically.

Mass Deportation

Trump has made it clear he doesn't want any immigrants in America. Now imagine what will happen if he successfully deports over 11 million people?

Trump supporters' answer to this question is simply "they should go back to where they came from". But, any intelligent human being can tell it is not that easy. As if our world wasn't enough in an economic crisis, just imagine 11 million new people being left homeless and jobless.

Trump would like you to believe that these immigrants are taking Americans' jobs. But not a lot of Americans are willing to do the work that immigrants do. Imagine what would happen to the American economy if all the immigrants' jobs were left vacant. Farms, factories and other important industries would be left in destitute.

Trade Reform

Trump's plan says "China will be on notice that America is back in the global leadership business and that their days of currency manipulation and cheating are over". He plans to implement a tariff on Chinese goods. Doesn't sound very diplomatic, does it?

Numerous economists have made it clear that Trump's comments on China are wrong. Charles Calomiris, a professor at Columbia, said:

Contrary to Mr. Trump’s claim, China has not been depreciating its currency in recent years. And the recent 3% decline in the yuan could not possibly explain the massive declines in Chinese stock prices (which had doubled this year, and are now below their beginning of year value). The yuan/dollar exchange rate appears to be roughly correctly valued, and there is no justification for a tariff on Chinese goods based on a concocted theory of currency manipulation.

So basically, Trumps arguments against China have no real basis, and only serve to allienate a country that is now becoming the USA's biggest trading partner (surpassing Canada).

It only takes one Google search to find fear and outrage in almost every article that mentions Trump. You can easily find all the problems with what he says, and how little his comments are based on fact. So many experts have come out to try to explain why Trump's accusations and his government plan are baseless and just plain wrong.

Still, through all of this, Americans continue to support him throughout this election. Not only is the rest of the world wondering what Americans are thinking, but also watching in fear as a dictator-esque man rises to power in one of the world's leading countries.


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    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 2 years ago from Florida

      Facts and statistics and polls are often not very factual or representative of the real percentages.

      China is indeed running a 500 Billion or more a year trade deficit. In simple terms America buys 500 Billion dollars worth of stuff from China more than they buy from us.

      That's fine... except there is no tax, no tariff, on any of that... and there should be. Instead of taxing hard working middle class Americans more, lets tax the products made in China, the TVs and computers and everything else.

      Why would that be good for America?

      Two reasons, first, those taxes could go to the welfare plans, pension plans and military expenses... then we wouldn't have to have these trillion dollar a year additions to our national debt.

      Second, companies would decide to manufacture at least some of their computers, tvs, cars, etc. here in America, and that would put people to work... companies would choose to do this rather than pay those tariffs on their products. And if they don't, fine, it still makes those that are produced in America more competitive... and those taxes/tariffs still help pay for our bills... rather than making the middle class pay more taxes.

      Trump has said some questionable things, but he's not Hitler, he's not a KKK member, he's not a hater... that's just the fabricated fantasies of those who oppose him, call them the Washington elites, or the establishment, or the liberal media, whatever label that works for you...

      Trump is a self-made billionaire, he is funding his own campaign, he has made a lot of mistakes in life, and he has learned from them... I'll take someone like him running the country over someone like Rubio who has no idea how to do anything other than run for office and take money from Lobbyists, or Cruz who is the most likely to be like Hitler in reality than Trump who is closer to a liberal than a conservative.