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What a country, America

Updated on April 15, 2011
These are my family  ancestors
These are my family ancestors | Source
My  Mother
My Mother | Source
My Father, served with purple heart
My Father, served with purple heart | Source
My service top right
My service top right | Source


Good morning to all this another free day in America, enjoy these days as they come.

As I watch the mist fall ever so softly in front of the court house steps I'm reminded of a child hood tune I heard everyday in my 5Th grade class without any reservation as we spoke the pledge of legions to the flag and sang God Bless America.

The country was only a few years past the big one, World War two.

 This morning I watched the light mist of rain falling on the American and our beloved state of Georgia flags.  This reminds me of a time in my life when we had students assigned to take the Flag down in the event of impending rain or darkness falling on the school.

 Half mask always represented the death of hero be it a soldier or politician, or even a president, yes even a president. Take a moment to reflect the best days of your life and show cause why we should give up our American way of life.

 There are those in our Federal and state government that would have us brawl beat and serving a life of servitude. This is my land to me and I will never give up fighting for those that I love and the country that has been so good to me.

Every person has a just cause to be here and a reason to keep and fight if necessary if needed to maintain the American way of life as we see it in our eyes. Not to people ever see things in the same light except except the freedom they have been born with. That wasn't always true but it was a long time ago and a different country then.

To much blood has been spilled in the name of freedom, however it would be a mockery to those past lives and family members who morned because they didn't understand why their sons and daughters had to die to protect and defend other people who don't seem to care about the American way of life.

The American way of life means totally different things to everyone alive in the great nation we live in. Different stories told by our ancestors gives us credence to believe that our family single handedly won the individual wars fought in our Country. Stories are the backbone of beliefs and the reason we defend this county so vigorously.

For those who don't have war stories in their family usually just worked to defend those loved one here at home and worked in various jobs to make the arms and all things needed to defend this country. These patrons are all heroes as well as the lonely solider who lies in a fox hole wondering if anyone could see him or hear his voice calling for help and praying to God and asking , why me.

Everyone in this country has either been involved or will be involved sooner or later to do their part in defending our country once again. We must teach our children that there is nothing for free especially respect. there is no substitute for hard work and faithfulness for what you personally believe in.

If all Americans believe we will overcome, than we will. Support each other in our endeavor to bring our country back to its previously state of respect, vote and stick by your guns for when all else fails, WE THE PEOPLE WILL DEFEND.

What a country, America

do you have the faith to help return America back to its once full glory

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