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What are your thoughts on Enlightenment?

Updated on April 25, 2009


 The Enlightment seems to have been a revolution of thought.  I feel that the Enlightenment was necessary to alleviate such an extreme gap between the peasantry and nobles, but even in democracy, such class divisions still exist.  The Enlightenment seemed to be the seed of democracy from the reaction of aristocracy; the ideas of freedom and natural rights were derived from the Bible.  Although I believed that this was a response to allowing for greater opportunity for all people, I felt that the Enlightenment developed something that I really can not believe in: Deism, the idea that God has left the world for it to function on its own.  I believe that God is always working because every step we make has a purpose that we may not know about, meaning that everything that we must do has a result.  But the fact that a government founded by moral virtue, not just by name (aristocracy- only by name), seemed to be one of the greatest changes of humanity (post-1700).  But now, we really have changed so that the real effects of the Enlightenment have not been reaped.  If a government is based upon the laws of God, there should still remain a moral duty to all citizens to be God-fearing. The fact that the Enlightment came about is proof that God does exist; a government based on what is decent or good can never have been created by mankind.  I am not an expert on history; this is just one of my viewpoints.


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