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What Could Be the Biggest Challenges for Joe Biden After Becoming President of America?

Updated on August 16, 2020
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Student of diplomacy and world politics, analyst and journalist.

joe Biden 2020

Joe Biden

Whatever can be challenging for the Joe Biden, discus one after the other.

-Relations with Gulf Countries
-Balance in Asia
-America's policy of Europe
-Balancing the tension with China

Middle East

Relations with Gulf Countries

The biggest challenge for Joe Biden is the US ends effect in the Gulf countries. Some of Donald Trump's wrong decisions have a direct impact on the leaders of the Gulf countries, due to which China has tried to put itself in the space created there. Whatever such decisions were made, because of which Donald Trump became popular with his public, some of those decisions were such that were not good for other countries. The government, which had been supporting the US till date also managed to eradicate the growing anger among its people to a small extent. Donald Trump's policy of making America great again was probably not true to that extent. The dollar was the most popular currency in the world for so many years and no one had a problem with this currency. But after Donald Trump's government came to America, every time the Trump government used the dollar as a weapon, which made countries like Iran very weak and they responded to this weakness directly in the form of a fight with America and The US also weakened its credibility by killing a commander like Sulaimani.

While America was going to annoy Gulf countries one after the other, Russia and China were doing more by supporting those countries. The anger that was growing against America was used by Russia and China for their benefit and they have also been successful to a large extent. The Gulf countries, which till date were considered loyal companions of America, have also gone out to find their own way. Which is a signal for America to end its influence in the Middle East. The Joe Biden will first have to prove credibility to all these Gulf countries with security and bring back the old attitude of America.

Asian countries

Balance in Asia

The balance of America in Asia has also deteriorated to a great extent after the arrival of Donald Trump. Where America has angered Gulf countries, similarly in Asia, resentment against America is increasing in countries. China was becoming stronger in Asia on one side, Donald Trump's reckless policy on the other side has completely excluded America from Asia. Today, when Donald Trump's term is coming to an end, the tension between China and Taiwan is also very difficult for the US to end. Because of the tension between South Korea and North Korea, Donald Trump was the first Went against North Korea and later befriended him again, due to which the Government of South Korea was put to shame. Similarly, even today, the countries that are supporting America in Asia are also avoiding coming openly to America. So for Biden, who comes to Asia, first of all, he will have to work hard in Asia for the influence of America to go back to the old position again. America defeated Russia in the cold war, but China has come as a bigger threat to America. Because China has emerged as the most stubborn competitor for America

Europe and Joe Biden

America's policy of Europe

During the entire tenure of Donald Trump, the focus of Donald Trump was in Europe, but some decisions taken at the end of his tenure were probably not good for America. The decision of the US to shift its forces from Europe to other countries is increasing the vulnerability in the countries of Europe. According to his mood, Donald Trump did not take that decision with the affected countries of Europe. Europe's relationship with America is very strong and both sides need it. One of Joe Biden's challenges is to bring back the balance that was previously in Europe.

Xi jinping and Joe Biden

Balancing the tension with China

If Biden's biggest challenge remains, then it will be China. China had been making itself economically strong for the last several years and besides making itself economically strong, China has also proved itself as a military force. Where Asia and the Gulf countries were fighting with each other, weakening ourselves and strengthening America and Russia. At the same time China was strengthening itself by avoiding tensions with all its neighbors and at the same time strengthening its roots in its neighboring countries and the Middle East. And today the situation has come that all the Asian countries around China that can compete with them have been far behind China. China has reached that place today after overtaking all these. Where their neighboring country is not able to compete with China at all, the reason for this is their fight with each other. Today a new block is coming in front of everyone and breaking that block is going to be very difficult for America. Today US President Donald Trump has put America in a place where there is no peaceful solution left. On the other hand, China has also challenged America and put America there, If America retreats from here, it will be considered as America's defeat and if it goes to war, it can be fatal for America.
This is going to be a big challenge for both the US President and the American Establishment. If America also wants to move forward to save its credibility from here, then it will have to make all the American friendly countries in Asia very strong which is not possible in the short term.


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