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What Do Trolls Do When They've Insulted Everyone Online?

Updated on December 1, 2019
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Ms. Macon is an advice columnist and content writer for radio and television commercials. Catch her on Ask A Bitchface, truly funny truth.

Does everyone have the "antifan?"

The more I write, the more forums I publish my writing on, I notice there is a new group showing up. They're not here to clap, or upvote, or share. They're here to chime in on negative feedback.

This group hangs around, ignoring any positive comments, pushing past the atta girls, until they find some criticism. Then, it seems, they have no shortage of "um hmm's" and "exactlys". As though they had been hanging out all day waiting for someone to take that very insult from the tip of their tongue so they could be its' cosigner.

Sometimes I wonder what else they do all day...

I mean, do they literally just hang out on one of my blogs, just biding their time until some Pioneer Pete notices I advised Debbie from Dallas stop putting up with him berating her, and go spend some time solo? Right about the time Pioneer Pete trashes me for advising breakups and "not thinking about what redeeming qualities he may have before giving my shit advice", there's my antifan.

"Ms. Macon should really start thinking about a mans redeeming qualities before just telling everyone to break up". Really? You almost thought that up by yourself, I see.

They're on Every. Single. Article.

So, I look back at all of their little tidbits of nastiness...

And I start noticing, it's the same handful of people. They never say anything positive. It's drop in, verbally assault me, then on about their unpleasant little way.

I wonder how many other writers have them, this gaggle of unoriginal haters? Is another writer plagued by the same horde of hosebeasts that hound my blogs and articles?

How I imagine them after a long day of zero contribution...

They're not anonymous. They aren't ashamed of their nasty comments.

Unlike the anonymous crowd...

Those who send me the occasional death threat, and vile requests for nudes, and worse, they hide behind the anonymity allowances. Those are to be expected, they're your everyday trolls. This other group, these antifans, I don't understand what they're doing here.

Why come to read my work if you only have ugly things to say about it? I'm not forcing you, you aren't a hostage on my blog. Yet, it never fails. A few comments in, and one of them makes an appearance. Do you antifans have a regular life outside of abusing folks in their daily musings on life?

Or are you simply waiting for someone to address you, someone to validate your behavior? If that's the case, consider this your tribute, antifan.


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