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Knock Knock...Who's there?:ISIS

Updated on November 19, 2015

Urging for Equality and Non-Judgment

The event in Paris was very devastating and tragic to hear and see all throughout my news feeds. It was so surreal, especially because I was literally there a couple of weeks ago and being in London I'm only a couple of hours away. But what astonished me the most is the attention that the terrorist attacks in Paris got compared to other places in the world. People are being killed everywhere so what's so special about France? Who is the judge on what gets a larger coverage and what doesn't?

This question was really becoming a prominent issue on my mind. So I decided to do more research on the cause. To begin with, I looked at the demographics on France. Particularly, the breakdown by race/ethnicity. And to my finding ( in support of my initial inquiry and hypothesis of why the France attack was so significant) was the 1% Asian, 3% Black, 9% North-African, and 87% White population. I hate to pull the race card, but are some human beings more important than others?

Why is it that Nigeria's North-East territory had been terrorized by attacks from ISIS in recent years and the militant group were reported to have killed 6,644 in the country, but now that 132 people were killed and hundreds injured in attacks in Paris it finally becomes serious, gets coverage, the whole world pauses, and suddenly everybody cares?

What also frustrates me is the bashing and discrimination of Syrian refugees. It sucks to see how ignorant people are when it comes to things like this because you can't discriminate an entire group due to a portion of bad individuals. The fact that governors from the United States are trying to prohibit these refugees from entering their states, or even think they have the power to deny one is absurd. And it is only going to make matters worse because instead of treating them like humans and individuals which they are, people are isolating them and labeling them with false pretenses. You can't pick and choose to accept people based off of their religion. The United States is supposed to be " the land of the free and the home of the brave". Opportunity is an adjective that most people would associate with America. But if we are not creating it for others, is it fair for one to associate that with the country as a whole?

What I truly respect is despite reactions from most, President Obama is still pursuing his plans to accept about 10,000 refugees from Syria. We really need to take a deeper look and realize that we are all human and deserve equality. As a whole, we need to speak out against any discriminatory actions (verbal or physical) towards any groups. It is our responsibility to stay up to date on issues and information regarding current events and what is happening across the world because it is being construed and clouded by judgement, and some things aren't even covered or left on the back burner until it happens to more developed places, or better yet "hits home". We are responsible for creating the world we want to see and really need to practice the act of not judging others. Following is a very significant quote from a book that I am currently reading. Like always, I hope that this was beneficial and I appreciate you for taking the time out to read. Stay blessed and informed!

"I began to truly appreciate that if I did not unfairly judge others- if I could try and see the best in everyone I connected with- then I had no fear of being judged by them. I finally understood that unfair judgement says more about the judge than it does about those being judged. Until someone has lived your life, who are they to judge you? Until someone has experienced your losses or accepted what is true for you with compassion, who are they to condemn you?


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