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What is a muon and its relationship to our energy needs?

Updated on November 26, 2012

Our energy needs now and into the future for us and the world requires that alternative energy sources be developed to meet the increased demand as countries develop. While today we have oil, gas, wind, nuclear, hydroelectric, geothermal, fossil and coal there is another source which in the past has had limited use. This source is the sun. Extracting and storing the energy from the sun has seen its problems but it is a resource that has a limitless supply.

Our energy needs can be enhanced to the ultimate degree by utilizing muons. Muons as identified in the website are particles that travel through space, and fall to earth in large quantities. They consist of an electron and two neutrinos. As identified in the preceding paragraph we have many choices from which to choose to supply our energy needs. While they currently are satisfying our needs some of them will eventually run out. Accessing our oil and gas reserves have met with some resistance not only from the government but environmentalists. The type of energy utilized through the use of muons should get a positive reaction from environmentalists as this resource is environmentally friendly and emits no waste or residue.

The concept of using solar energy has been around for decades but past attempts were proven to be difficult systematically as the processes attempted were proven to not be in sufficient quantities to be a valid energy resource. The concept of the INTEQ Generator and its development has overcome these obstacles and is one which can provide, if fully utilized, an inexhaustible supply of clean, safe energy. While I cannot go into the technology the INTEQ Generator that makes this energy source more realistic the following paragraphs give some information as to the benefits of this new technology.

Muon based energy offers several benefits. Two important factors include there are no geographical limitations and it operates through any climatic conditions. Other positive aspects involve large capacity at low costs, economic benefits, affordable and efficient energy along with its clean results. In this respect it does not negatively impact the environment. This aspect should make environmentalists happy.

Using the energy resources of the sun will prove to be a positive event. Granted while the INTEQ generator will make use of this inexhaustible supply of energy it will take some time to put the resources required to create the infrastructure. It is therefore necessary to fully utilize the choices along with the capability to access the energy resources identified in the first paragraph. Our energy needs and the world’s needs must at the present time utilize all available energy resources while developing alternative resources such as solar to provide some energy independence throughout the world. Energy independence is an important concept and has positive benefits economically for all countries.

Below are some important facts about the impact of the INTEQ Generator which should provide some support from our government to initiate the resources to utilize the technology that INTEQ Quantum Energy has developed. To understand the impact the process which has been developed some comparisons are needed to be identified.

The INTEQ Generator requires no fuel it uses muons while other plants that produce electricity for its customers requires a fuel source such as coal, water, wind, fossil among others. It must also be stated current energy plants using coal to operate produces thousands of kilograms of carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and other pollutants while using the process developed by INTEQ emits no greenhouse gases that cause climate change. Another fact to compare is plasma fusion used in some energy sources consumes 18 times more energy than it produces while INTEQ requires no external energy to operated thereby the energy released is 100% available for immediate use.

Another positive impact of using the process involved with INTEQ Generator is the economical benefits of establishing this type of alternative system is its costs. Using this technology in any plant the costs would be 85% less than building a nuclear plant. Nuclear plants while they provide some much needed energy source the safety concerns compared with the technology of INTEQ makes it an easy choice. While this technology is relatively new and not well known publically there are policies in place to measure the results and ensure it can be assessed formally and then share with the world as soon as possible.

Our energy needs now and in the future will drastically change as previously mentioned. Using the energy emitted from the sun through the process and technology INTEQ has developed makes a world of sense. Once concern which may be in the minds of many individuals reading this article is how much space is needed to create a plant to service the needs of a geographical location such as a city or a house. There are also some indications that this energy source could be adapted for cars and airplanes. If such possibilities exist one must wonder the economical changes it would provide and possibly provide an economic boom. Reducing costs in a wide variety of ways by giving individuals and businesses more money in their pockets. The key in utilizing this technology comes from the fact that the size of the generator can be modified to fit the intended need.

The economic circumstances in our country and around the world are creating a demand to reduce costs for countries, individuals and businesses. Utilizing energy from the sun should at least be considered by all countries of the world. This article is not meant to promote this technology but to identify some basic facts for others on which to make the decisions they must make. Clean energy produced by this technology is a positive advancement in an effort to impact the global climate. An energy source which does not add to problems in the environment is much needed today and in the future. Let us hope all countries embrace this new resource to make positive changes now and for the future.


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    • Dennis AuBuchon profile image

      Dennis AuBuchon 5 years ago

      Thanks for your comments. Glad you enjoyed the hub.

    • Faybe Bay profile image

      Faye Constantino 5 years ago from Florida

      Hello Dennis, I see you have met Chris. I deleted his comments as responding to him was time consuming and frustrating. His comments to you are the exact same ones as his comments to me and having investigated and called him on it, I found out that Chris admits he is a troll.

      Your article on Muons is well written and well researched. I enjoyed reading about the INTEQ Quantum Energy Generators from your point of view. Excellent work!

      I am sure that Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla were also scoffed at as was Christopher Columbus and Galileo. I wonder where we would be right now if those magnificent visionaries had listened to the naysayers.

      Again Chris has shown himself to be a detractor of Hub Pages and not an asset. Chris57 has been a member for 22 months and published no content on the site. His profile says that he is here merely to participate in the social aspect. He has not been successful in engaging members through the forums so he tries to engage us by turning our hubs into forums.

    • Dennis AuBuchon profile image

      Dennis AuBuchon 5 years ago

      Thanks for stopping by and providing your input. The information that I have read indicates to me that it is not a fraud but that the company has developed a process to capture this energy source. Many times there are times in history that someone or some company develops a process/technology that has previously not existed but we enjoy the benefits today of their work.

    • CHRIS57 profile image

      CHRIS57 5 years ago from Northern Germany

      A muon has a mass of some 1,9 x 10e-28 kg. There are supposedly falling 10 thousands per square meter of the little pieces from the sky. Even if you make a 100% mass to energy conversion (the little Einstein formula) you need squaremiles of collecting surface to light up a simple 40W light bulb.

      There are no such muon generators. There is no such energy source. Your hub seems to be not the first about poor little muons. Well, the whole thing is obviously fraud.

      As much as all of us would like to believe in perpetuum mobiles or cheap and clean energy sources, this Inteq stuff is so much off, it is not worth discussing further. Sorry to say so.


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