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What is so Attractive about the 'Natural'?

Updated on November 2, 2016
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Great men of the past and present who found interest in the esoteric questions the day were off the mark. He is trying to fill that gap

Is our penchant for the Natural, natural?

Man, by nature, is always on the lookout, for something beyond.

If so, what is behind our predilection for the natural?

Nowadays especially, there is too much value attached to the word. Things like ‘all natural whole grain goodness’, or ‘non toxic all natural household cleaning kits’, are some of the favorite marketing jargons of today, amply proving this.

But it was not so some time back. Things like ‘Fortified grain’, ‘Vitalized oil’, and ‘Synthetic resins’, were the ones in great demand. Now we are discarding the fortified, or vitalized stuff, giving it a rather repulsive term, artificial. The present trend seems to be for natural stuff, that too without such fortification. And we are calling such stuff, of course, with a relatively gentle word, organic.

Why are we Behind the 'Organic'?


Is it that we are quite sure about our future needs? That fortification, vitalization, and improvements of similar nature will not be needed in future? Has anybody studied this question deep enough to enable us make such substantial changes to our basic living styles like food gathering?

I think our attracton to the ‘natural’ is not to be seen in this light. It is to be seen as a part of the dynamic nature of any society. Unlike other forms of life, where the dymanism in their existence is introduced, say, by the vagaries of nature, for us humans, who excel in conquering nature, we have to find this, on our own.

I think we, the people make societies. Therefore, societies cannot act any different from how we behave.

Our behavior, our approach to life and our ambitions are not the same in our childhood, youth, or old age. In a similar manner, societies, and nations which are constituted by the societies, also have their priorities changing over time.

Let us examine the dynamics of our society this far. When the world was in in its childhood, which, let us say, is the period before the industrial revolution, we witnessed a rather low demographic, cultural and economic status. The period thereafter show a burgeoning society that is making fast and steady leaps forward. We were at home with great changes, explorations, and successes. Now I think the world is due for entering another age. The signs of decadence that we see everywhere and, an agitated and unstable state of societies, I think, is an indication that the current state of our society is not a desirable one, ie., not dynamic enough.

Natural = Irrational?

We can confirm this just by looking around. See any nation of the world, everywhere, it can be seen that more and more irrational happenings are taking place. Our penchant for the natural, is just another example of our great love for the irrational. (That this is a universal quality, particularly of the male of all species of life, has been described in my book ‘The Unsure Male’) However on close examination, I see this as a natural step, aimed to add dynamism to our society. Fashion is an area where one can readily observe such quick changes, which in fact are taking place for no explicable reasons, other than, preserving the dynamic nature of society. In societies where certain modes like change in fashion is suppressed, other ‘disturbances’ will take place for the very same reason.

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'Natural' is Against Human Nature

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