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And all we did was discuss about them in lengths

Updated on May 29, 2016

A simple joke made me think hard

A strange title right? Well it is a part of a joke. A friend of mine asked me this question and I tried to give all the answers which I thought might be suited to this question. But I failed. In the end when I could not think of any good reply and gave up, he smiled and said “ Nothing”. I asked “what”? And he said they have nothing and the rich don't have nothing. It was said so simply by my friend that I also laughed at his answer saying it is very true.

The topic was forgotten by both me and my friend. And we both became busy with our office and household chores. Today while coming to office I saw a poor old man sleeping on the pavement with not even a sheet to cover himself up. That reminded me of the question my friend asked “ What is it that the poor have and the rich don't?”. A very valid question for which we never care to reply.

Pareto's Findings are really true

The whole 80/20 principle came from this scenario. The scenario of 80% of the wealth being there with 20% of the people. Mr. Pareto saw that and developed a principle which is still being used to define the root cause of the problem across all industries. But the funny part is that, the fact from which the whole principle was derived is still being neglected. The fact of poor being still poor.

No, I am not being philosophical and asking the super rich to give away their wealth. But don't you think that the gap between the rich and the poor is widening day by day? Rich is getting richer and poor is getting poor. But the funny part is that the rich is running after his wants and the poor is not even getting his basic needs. It is said that truth is stranger than fiction and sometimes there are some why's for which we don't have any answer. Is this also one of the why for which we don't have any answer? Or is there an answer and very selfishly we don't want to look at it?

Can we really make the difference?

Why can we not help the poor in such a way that from having “ nothing” they can start having “something”? Now different kinds of answers will start pouring. Ranging from being positive to being helpful to being negative and even to the extent of disgracing the poor. But let us introspect and see as to what have we basically done? We give them our used clothes, or some money or one or two times food. Is that enough for them?

Have we ever put ourselves in their situation and asked ourselves the question “ if I was that poor man, what would I have wanted”? The answer will more often than not come as “ a chance”. A chance to showcase what they have, a chance to grow, a chance to live with dignity, a chance to live with dignity. Is that asking for too much? If no then what is stopping us from giving them that chance? It all starts with the belief that they can. Till we do not believe that they can do it, we will go on taking out excuse to not give them that chance and cover it up with the freebees.

I am not asking the rich to stop getting rich, or to stop running behind their wants. All I am stating here is that the rich have to make sure that the poor doesn’t stay poor or become poorer. That the poor at least gets a chance to have something and not be satisfied by having nothing.

I hope we don't end up being like the three best friends called everyone, someone and no one. Once everyone someone and no one were assigned a job. Everyone thought that someone will do it but because someone didn't turn up to the job no one ended doing it. In the same way everyone


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