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What is the Concerned Veterans for America Organization?

Updated on November 25, 2014

There are several organizations which have a mission to preserve the freedom and liberty we have in this country but none so impressive than an organization comprised of veterans and their families. It is great to have an organization such as this and it shows the dedication of individuals who go one step further in their efforts to protect the freedoms and liberties we have.

The basic mission of this organization can be found on their website is provided below:

“ Simply put, CVA’s mission is to advocate for policies that will preserve the freedom and liberty that we and our families so proudly fought and sacrificed to defend.”

This organization is a voice for us utilizing their experience, concerns and hopes and their unique perspectives should be a lesson for us all. Part of their mission is to create a common vision of freedom. We have many issues impacting the freedoms we have in an attempt to cripple not only our economic and national security but the spirit of opportunity we all should cherish.

The membership of this organization includes veterans from every branch of service and every conflict from World War II to the current global war on terror. These individuals have worn the uniforms of the service in which they are a part and the sacrifices they made in defending our freedom is seeing a decline through irresponsible actions, broken promises and misguided priorities of leaders in Washington.

Veterans from all the services continue to be impacted economically in disproportionately numbers. The size of our military is shrinking to levels unknown in years. While technology may justify the reduction in some respects technology cannot be a human deterrent to the threats to our national security around the world. Veterans who have been deployed around the world have seen what happens when freedom and free markets are interfered with and fail. Today our economy is being bombarded with massive rules and regulations which hamper businesses and individuals alike to enjoy the prosperity through the freedoms engrained in the Constitution. Our leaders should not shrink from the many challenges facing our country. Our military has seen challenges throughout the world and our elected officials should have the same resolve as those who have defended the liberties we now enjoy. A quote from the Concerned Veterans for America organization says it better than I ever could and is provided below:

“To maintain our strength as a country we need a powerful, consistent force, advocating for policies that lead to free markets, fiscal discipline, and a government that respects the freedoms America’s veterans, and their families, sacrificed so much to defend.”

The content of the quote above shows the actions which are need from the perspective of veterans and their families. The principles for which this organization comprised of veterans and their families living in communities across this country are ones which need to gain momentum by our involvement. One of the main principles of this organization is the tradition of limited, effective government. Our country has had a historical promise as identified on the website of this organization that all Americans have an equal opportunity to pursue prosperity. Veterans are standing for freedom and American strength and we as individuals need to join them in this effort.


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