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Accident Forgiveness, Even Stupidity Too

Updated on February 28, 2021
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Snapshots of the evolution of environmental and work safety regulations and the reason why.

Love and Forgiveness Make A Difference

"I was once asked why I don't participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I'll be there."

Mother Teresa

As long as we roam this earth, we will make a difference. If we share stories, if our wisdom or anger was put to print, if we Intend good or not; we will continue making change. The changes can be for bad or good.

Age of Aquarius, End of The Vietnam War...

After the end of the Vietnam War there was a generation left with fewer fathers and husbands.

My generation continues to be angry about a War for Profit, and for the lies and propaganda financed in order to pull it off.

Once the Mongers get their War, their honor for the lives of the Veterans cannot be found. These are no winner actions, except for the supplier or other corporation who profits.

Many of us who Marched for Peace, or Sat for Civil Rights, turned in our signs for alleged legitimacy, and joined the System, promising to work from within to bring the Man down. When you become part of the system, you leave a part behind. One must conform in order to stay free, but at what cost?

Sadly, we became The Man.

Life becomes easier, because we learn not to make waves.

A plug-in-drug can be had for pennies, or free. Our own boxes with color, flickering lights has our attention, it gives us our focus. This drug; television, changed our minds, our neighborhoods, and put advertisers in the place of our Creator. It makes our decisions regarding our values.

It was so easy.

We were Anti-War, and the Anti came back to bite us in the rear-end.

Anti-War VS Peace

pretty little flowers, Pacific Ocean, eel river, sky
pretty little flowers, Pacific Ocean, eel river, sky | Source

Quotes on Life - YouTube - Shared by Everyly St. Peter

Billions Of Gallons To Forgive

Florida, United States, Gulf Coast:
Gulf Coast, Key West, FL 34, USA

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Louisiana, Deep Water Horizon:
Louisiana, USA

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New Zealand:
New Zealand

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Two Days Past The New Moon

This has been such a crazy year for me, it is two days past the New Moon of 2010.

Today in the news, on the radio, and internet, there are loud, and angry voices crying out across the Globe.

It is easy to empathize and want to join in.

Frustrations mount, we heap grievance upon grievance of wrongs perpetrated on entire Peoples, Individuals and our Environment.

There are real and justifiable reasons for protest and uprisings.

An alternative is to hope for a Peaceful and equally satisfying solution.

A lifetime spent as an activist, has pitted me against some formidable enemies.

As a youngster I was driven to action at the treatment of The People. Me and myfriends, protested, made signs, flipped off the cops.

We wanted peace, but often our righteous anger stirred up bad emotions and regrettable actions on each side.

The Peace movement of the 1960s - 1970s was beautiful, but skipped an entire generation.

What happened?

Why, as a society, didn't we come fully into the "Age of Aquarius?"

Our Beautiful Pacific Ocean at Lost Valley

Off of the Northern California Coast,
Off of the Northern California Coast, | Source

Will Geology Give Our History As Carbon Hogs?

Today, the U.S. has reenacted the 1960s and 1970s in a similar fate.

The US is involved in a nest of Wars that are all about profit.

The bottom line is someone's accounting statement. The World of people, places and things are being exterminated by the ever growing demand to propel ourselves and go faster.

The summer of 2010 saw an awakening and a new movement that is Peace, Love and Light.

Our Economy was saved.

Those who picture a world of Love, Hope, Health and Goodness are more concerned with doing right, than being right.

Social networking sites, like Facebook, MySpace and Digg have become centers for change.

A tide of Love and goodwill is replacing Fear and Suspicion that has been prevalent for the past 30 years.

The Gulf Disaster is very bad. It is so bad that entire weather patterns, and ocean currents have been affected, and will go through terrible high temperatures.

I want to leave pictures of "what we want" our oceans to look like.

Pictures, and images go from the eyes into the spirit.

I hope to leave you with a picture of an area of the Ocean that is beautiful, and a failing habitat for all life.

On the group of rocks below the cliffs, directly in front, are all ages of Sea Lions. There is a Fat old Grandpa, and many young calves. They had been swimming in beautiful, and clean water that supports life in a healthy manner.

I wanted to capture, the green land at my feet, the beautiful waters near and far and the stretch of ocean and beautiful clean air.

Endless Spills Where There Are No Environmental Regulations

Focus On Beauty and The Power of the Gulf Habitats

In writing this, I hope that you will focus on the beauty, health and livability of this habitat, and picture the rest of the world's Oceans this healthy and happy.

BP Oil does have a lot to answer for, but they are only supplying what we as wheeled and speeding carbon users demand daily. We consume fuel at alarming volumes.

It wasn't just BP's business practices, or Louisiana's Mineral Management, or Judge Feldman lifting the Moratorium on Offshore Drilling, it was all of us. It is me...Humans have a better chance at mercy, when they are willing to exhibit and practice mercy.

There is no real solution for the toxins that we have allowed to poison our Earth, but there is Hope.

There are miracles, and humans can do anything. We have a spark of Divinity given to us at Creation, or at the Explosion of "Billion Year Old Carbon", however you think - we are all on this planet together.

There is an increase in space exploration, and many are looking toward the heavens for a possible new habitat. If we look up for our Energy needs to start with, there will be no reason to leave.

If we answer Greed with a giving and loving attitude, Greed loses.

Who Will Be The Last To See?

A rare and beautiful cove in Northern California, on the Pacific Ocean
A rare and beautiful cove in Northern California, on the Pacific Ocean | Source

How Man Treats Earth Equals the Abuse of Women and Children Worldwide

If a man approaches his wife with softness, gentleness and kindness what happens? There are doors, windows and magical places that open or appear, that were not visible before. Families are strengthened and saved.

Not always the way we imagine, and not like fairy tales, but it does happen. Example of choosing Hate or Love:

  • Order a Maine Blueberry bush, plant it in good soil, tend it with love and music. This plant will thrive, it is a good feeling.
  • Next farm neighbor down the road, sprays poison along his fence-line, on a public road that shares properties. The gets the blueberry bush, and it kills it.
  • Reaction? Revenge or Forgiveness?
  • Turn the cows into the offending Neighbors' garden and let them destroy it.
  • Did destroying my neighbor's food source fix the blueberry plant?
  • Maybe the cow destroyed more than the blueberry bush worth of harm.
  • There is the beginning of war.
  • War. People against the very ones they need the most.
  • More food sources have been destroyed. Water, and energy wasted.
  • Unhappiness rules. Community is fractured.
  • No one prospers or succeeds in these anti-actions.

If I decide to love and forgive my neighbor, and look for loving ways to deal with my ground and lost Blueberry bush, I will eventually be in a place where I can help my neighbor. People need each other more than ever before, families need to come back together.

By helping him, and moving past the idiocy of what occurred, it may ignite trust. From there, the opening to teach instead of prosecute, is a moment at the crossroads. If he cares about his family, maybe he wants to be a better steward of the land and doesn't know how to begin to ask. in the long run, the positive benefit from will benefit every life form that eats, breathes, drinks or poops.

The health of the entire area is affected either way. For good or bad, those pesticides or herbicides have entered the rock cycle, and they are breaking down entering water, soil and air.

The blueberry killer, may learn from me or my books. may realize the importance of sound and wise practices. My home, neighborhood (area), town and world have all been made better by a positive reaction to a negative action.

No matter what rights have been trampled, no matter the bad decisions on the part of Policy makers; what makes the biggest difference is our, re-action - these form a chain that span our physical world, but also the world that makes dreams or nightmares come true.

As an Activist, I intend to make a chain of loving action and forgiveness of the worst violators, so that I can receive forgiveness as needed. The difference I want today, is by sending forgiveness where it is not deserved nor warranted. Hoping this really will be the real Age of Aquarius. When we fall back in love with our precious Earth and most important, our fellow travelers. There will be a peace.

Make a Difference for Peace...

Please forgive me for the harm I have caused my world in using the combustion engine vs my human energy. Thank you.

Is Forgiveness Enough?

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This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2010 Lori J Latimer


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