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What matters most to men

Updated on January 31, 2015

What matters most to men are some material things (cars, jobs, sports), their women (mother and partner) and his children.

Cars -- men love cars, because they love the drive, it is their possession and speaks well of their financial capability. For men, when they are driving it gives them fulfillment, it is like they are the ones who are in control of the direction where they are going. It gives them power to get to a place, and it give them satisfaction when they are driving the car which they like to drive. It is their wish to drive their dream car, and they are what they drive. Some men prefer old vintage car, sports car or luxury cars. To many men, car is a good way to invite women into their lives. Almost all women want to ride in a nice car. I want that too, but that is not the only thing that makes me love them, the way they sit in the car and how they control the wheel is a nice way of showing they can protect you. It is true that some women are attracted to men with expensive and nice cars. Men likes to drive fast too and they are more careless in driving than women. Men doesn’t want to ask directions too because they don’t want others see to see them as incapable of directions. But I like that because it means they wont bother me either while taking a nap while they drive.See I always find something nice about what they do.

Jobs -- men make their job their priority, why? Because until now men is ascribed by the society to take care of their family, their women and children financially. They are still considered the primary breadwinner and main financial supporter of the family. That’s why many men are devastated more than women when they lose their job. I love them in spite of the times that they are not talking or silence when they have a problem. It means they are worried, they cant provide for their loved ones. And they are expected by the society to protect their family no matter what.

Women --They love women of course, now it will be useless to ask why men loves women. For security reasons and emotional fulfillment of course. They need women to support them and love them the way they should be love. Men like women who supports them and at the same time let them the best that they can be. Loyalty is what they expect to their women even if sometimes they cant be loyal to one. Men are attracted to sexy images, and women are like that too. It has been said that until now, they like big bosom and big behind because it is related to fertility and most men want younger women because of this too. They want women so that they can bear their children and continue their manhood and offspring. I will not say that I like men who loves many women, but I like my men to catch the attention of other women while I am with them. It is a plus on me, it means my men is still a prize possession.

Children -- children are the extension of their love for women, they want to procreate so that they can extend their surname. Children give them pride too and in agricultural setting, sons are somebody who will continue their work. Women like their men to want to have a child with them, not only because we want to hold them down, but we want a son or a daughter that looks like our men.

Sports -- Men loves to win, that’s why they love sports, suffice it to say that they don’t like losing, as they are crushed when their team lost. Why? because they think that they too lost. But women are also the same, nobody want to lose.

Let me tell you something about men, they are emotional too, they just don’t want you to see it. They are expected by society to be strong and not to cry. But they can be loving and sweet and they can be moved easily. Of course they are human too, they also cry.

They can be humorous too, they can smile, they come in different sizes, small, large, well built, lanky, funny, jerk but they all love their mother, and that is important to me. I have three sons who adore me endlessly. And my brother who taught me how to play guitar and  loves me to death, but he died last year. And my father is the only person who love me unconditionally.He taught me how to read and showed me a good example of a man which I can pass on to my sons.

I don’t know what will happen to civilization if there are no men. Surely they are the other half of women. They gave me children and they show me how to love, romantic love too.


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