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What The USA Can Do About Eastern Aleppo

Updated on October 17, 2016

Solving War Crimes

There are those to blame.

We all know who is to blame..

Doing nothing. . .fails.

Where are America's and NATO's thinking caps?


Not only do we see war crimes perpetrated by Syria and Russia in their targeted bombings of hospitals and medical clinics in Eastern Aleppo, but those same crimes constitute crimes against humanity.

So far (as of 10/16/2016) America and its NATO Allies are all talk and no action under the guise of "negotiating" an effective cease fire and a halt to the steadily intensified bombings.

Meanwhile people continue to die every day while America and NATO are making themselves look powerless. It is nothing new that the United Nations is powerless to overcome a Russian veto in the UN's Security Council.

But America, NATO, and the UN are not actually powerless; nor are they forced to do nothing but shake their accusing fingers and go on talking to the deaf ears of Syria and Russia.

When diplomacy fails a just cause, and inaction can only result in further suffering and deaths, responsible actions should be taken as long as the means to do so exist.

Why are we not air dropping food, medicine, and water purification equipment into Eastern Aleppo with air cover support from American and/or NATO fighter jets?

Let United Nations observers verify that the air drops contain no weapons and are solely humanitarian aid for the starving and wounded caused by Russia and Syria. Then have the UN General Assembly members be canvassed (even before their next General Assembly) for an affirmation of these humane efforts.

America and its NATO allies have the power to act in this humanitarian way. Doing so shows western resolve to alleviate the suffering and deaths. These actions do not directly threaten either Syria or Russia.

If America and its NATO allies do nothing but talk while more people suffer and die, the lesson we learned years ago by the successful Berlin Airlift will have been forgotten.

Putin's expansionist designs on the Baltic States and Eastern Europe have to be challenged as peacefully as possible. This is one challenge that has the potential to start doing just that without having to be hostile..

Doing nothing is not an option when we do have a viable option in a worthy cause.

Can we stand united, or not, in a just cause?



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