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What Then After Corona?

Updated on April 5, 2020
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I like to read and write in the English language on topics such as society, politics, business, education, sports, and worldly issues.

What do I mean by: What after Corona? The epidemic is exaggerated and exaggerated because it affects the white man unlike malaria and Ebola who have been suffering death in Africa for decades, even death is class, but the class, that social relationship and the inherited ideological state, is absent. And this corona is similar to its social results “for a moment, MINSKY”, referring to the socially inclined MINSKY economist who talked about the cycle of debt or dependence, and he demonstrated that with the rise in the central economic cycle, debt is raised with higher proportions and levels inflated in asset bubbles. And when demand slows down, dependence tightens and bubbles stagnate and then collapse. Then he engraved his famous wisdom in economics, when the islands come and the water level drops, you will know who was swimming naked. Bubbles are necessary for us, as it would have been better to call modern society diseases a "bubble syndrome", because its health effect is greater than cancerous syndrome. Today, the Center has major bubbles in the money market and assets fueled by cheap cash policies. Since the 1980's, monetary policy solutions, those that favored adjusting the economic cycle by pumping cheap cash, have resulted in fiscal policies that reinforce demand by increasing purchasing power.

Tommy Engberg - Sweden
Tommy Engberg - Sweden

There are too many to collapse. According to Minsky, the collapse is cyclic and empirically proven. Corona came, but instead of nudging who was swimming naked from major companies, he exposed the entire capitalist system. Expose the deficiency that affected the social base that reproduces societies, such as health, education, nurseries, guaranteeing old age, and so on. The share of wages was not the only one that was atrophied in the neoliberal period. Wages are only a symbol of value and part of the value that reproduces society. The other part is the share of social spending on social infrastructure. Both shares have receded, which necessarily means increasing the share of profits. It should be noted that when we calculate the share of real wages, we count health and social spending as a whole.

Naturally, profit increases by reducing costs that the market speculation dictates. The goods exchanged in the market live in a Darwinian social state where survival is for the strongest, and the strongest is the commodity of high quality and low cost. In the recurrence of the phenomenon of cost reduction, that is, the social practices taken to facilitate production, a law dictates to society through market indicators, where and how to invest and what to do with its resources, that is, where it supplies the human factors that the commodity needs to survive. And often the commodity does not need all of these available resources, so it destroys a large part of it, and what makes matters worse, is that the destruction and the destroyer itself is proceed and becomes a commodity and a product by itself. And we say the commodity dictates, and the commodity does this, because the commodity has its sanctity. And since it is intended to multiply while it is with its objective movement to multiply, it is with this logical expansion that possesses the will of those who wanted it to multiply in the first place. The more the market imposes a reduction in costs, the more space that deletes part of the resources, whether by operation or destruction. The highest levels of omission are the wars of abuse that rob people of their will, reduce the price of their livelihoods and work, and perhaps even enslave them by pummeling their country, and come to their environment. Here the logical coincides with the historical, that is, we are faced with a commodity that ruled not for its beauty, but rather because it belongs to a market controlled by the operation of resources, whose expansionist mind is occupying a large area of ​​people, surrounded by major institutions and hegemonic ideas, which have abolished the social alternative. Whenever someone says "socialist", the foundation rushes to show you a Hollywood movie in which Stalin kills 200 million Russians while the population of Russia does not exceed 100 million. Today there are museums of the massacres of communism in Europe, challenging those devoted to Nazism. The ruling class, or the ruling social relationship is not one of its people, as it is not personalized. It is a ruling idea that is historically composed, patronized, and educated on generations, motivated financially and morally, rooted, such as sectarianism in Lebanon, for example. It is a ruling ideology, abstract, but real and its capabilities to conceal reality are legendary. This power, by its people, is capable of lifting awareness from the social entity. For the sake of exclusivity and example, here is the planet which erodes and erodes with it the foundations of the existence of humanity, that is, social entities, while the prevailing awareness says that there is no solution but a market economy. As an example of its ability to falsify reality and the character of vision, economic material is taught as the science of distributing resources in light of its scarcity, while the capital crisis is the excess of production and the neutralization of resources. This neutralization often means unemployment, or wars of emptying the population. The tremendous power of the ruling class, stemming from the fact that it shrunk the logic of the commodity, this abstract but real idea that has real repercussions, culminating in the phenomenon of the separation between consciousness and existence. That is, a person lives a miserable existential state, but he depicts it and explains it with a logic that is not related to its reality, such as sectarianism. But in every crisis, as the philosopher Georgi Lukacz says, new tragedies are evident that bring back to the people some of the perceptions that refine their fragmented visions and push them to achieve themselves, i.e. to recreate themselves as a different class and as an antagonistic idea, i.e. as a historical actor. Corona's crisis, which may have been completed on the bubble of the bubble, is one of those crises that definitely demonstrated the superiority of the social model compared to the private or neoliberal model. Take Karala district in India, which is governed by parties with socialist inclinations, while income in it is not equal to one tenth of the average American or Italian income. Despite this, Krala manifests itself as a model that teaches development, with its high-level social features and capabilities, in terms of science or health. How can such a social system be more efficient in fighting the epidemic than the superpower, and here we are not talking about China, the colossal entity with its huge capabilities?

Despite this clarity of the social preference over the private, we find no legions of peoples uttering revolutionary chants denying the ruling system, including the law of its development that reduces the aforementioned costs. This law has another name, the value law, and it is the most important manifestation of imperialism. That is, we do not find peoples targeting imperialism and its violence, and exercising the right to self-defense. Rather, what we find here and there are balloons of social venting with parties and “achievements” sponsored by imperialism. And this catharsis, if true, is necessary for the law of value, because the value cycle is a cycle of consciousness, because consciousness is the idea that governs, i.e. the identity of the class. And this awareness, when it does not contradict the liberal parts of the dominant thought, reproduces the ruling class and its ideas more strongly. This means that mediating between the symbol manifested in the price and the power or power resulting from overcoming "revolutions" based on the liberal ideologies of its imperialist class, rehabilitates the economic cycle with the dictates of the commodity. The ruling ideological good creates awareness that is contradictory, but it is not against its law, and thus it is renewed with a stronger force than it was. Is this case only the product of capital flexibility? With capital here, we mean the relationship of capital, not its physical essence. Sociology is concerned with the study of social relations. As for the physical essence, this is what we call natural sciences.

The forthcoming war on the region is a war of settling an account along with China

So the economy in its cycle is an awareness cycle, which has priority over the market cycle, which is denoted by prices and profitability. The value cycle is the cycle of reducing costs to reclaiming will, and reclaiming will is self-awareness and awareness. Frankly speaking, breaking the soul precedes cost reduction, because it weakens the negotiating position. Unconsciously, the United States prints new trillions that capitalize, without any accountability - and today it is reversing fiscal policy upside down - that Keynes’s policy to help demand by boosting wages is today, in the shadow of the Corona crisis. Immediate cash support for real capital. Closed cafes and motels, for example, will receive more compensation than workers. And these trillions are nothing but the debts mortgaged by the work and life of future generations. The point here, without awareness of this system, is that America will emerge from this crisis with new bubbles, waiting for a new epidemic to be exposed again. But in the future, rising seas may be due to global warming, environmental pests such as corona and others, and an imbalance in the environment may have significant consequences.

As for the question "What next", it contains a kind of unbalanced boldness, especially in exploring awareness and its development. It is possible to remedy some of what is happening before our eyes, and to surround the main objective law that pushes things towards self-consumption, in a private and profitable production process. But when a sane person is asked about conjecture in the age of uncertainty, that is, about the convergence of formal probability with a branched and qualitative reality, he will most likely raise his hands, giving in to the congruence. In short, the future cannot be known. But we understand the foundations of progressive development, and we understand that if consciousness does not change, the situation will remain the same. So it is said that the first arena of conflict is the arena of ideological conflict. How, rather, is it at a time when we are just around the corner from a polar reversal? And the biggest weapon is the American televisions and universities, and the ideological fabrication apparatus that is exposed by corona, but has not yet fallen. It was these devices that weakened, or even destroyed, humans and the environment and abolished the social alternative. The ideological defeat was very severe. Since the early nineteenth century, we have had no absence of worldly utopia as we are today. All that should have been used to refute socialist social thought was for someone to say that "Stalin was a communist", until social choices were to be lost! The western left had a great deal in building this image, and for this it is supported capitalist, and perhaps the largest brothel or imperial apparatus.

But the development of consciousness has laws that reflect the development of reality. As in the objective process of reality, where there is an interdependence and separation between the part and the whole (Synergy), so does the evolution of consciousness. But this development, according to the science of systems in the re-centering of the particles in all, is a fusion of the total laws. Relations are governed by a balance of forces, and the forces represented by all are strengthened on the parts and sides, so what are these total repercussions that re-align the forces in favor of this historical or that current at this stage?

First, there is an imbalance in the balance of international powers, as China, by virtue of its control over the commodity use cycle, has become larger than America. This imbalance has a reflection, here and there, that breaks the prestige of the American empire, that is, this perception as an indomitable power and the monopoly product of knowledge. What is driving China's interests is its financial capabilities, which may attract and deflect the tendencies of many opportunists. This, in turn, is a driving force to refute the dominant ideology, the dominant class. Here, I am relying on information that the Lebanese bankers printed their names in Chinese on their business cards!

This total transformation is a systemic transformation, that is, the social system is automatic, and it controls itself, has its intellectual spirit and formulates its laws. Why not? As long as the good thing, he sold in social control. This system, i.e. the international system, is the system of aggregate systems with laws that are often subsided by the party or part. Here is another flaw that brings us to the second point: the effectiveness of the partial conflict, our struggle, we the people of the parties in the past. Under absolute authority, the struggle against imperialism was killed in the cradle, and America was always right no matter how wrong it was. Today, these particles are making the struggle of the peoples of the third world more effective for the existence of anti-imperialist power. This interconnectedness between the part and the whole transformed is the crux of the matter in the evolution of revolutionary consciousness. Here, at this historic juncture, revolutionary thought “the bright path” is furnished with vocabulary that denies and refutes all previous concepts.

But imperialism, which built its wealth and intellectual weapon on bloodshed in the periphery, and built its ideological reservoir that exceeds its nuclear reservoir, will not be easily weaned from violence. Our region is a platform for settling international conflicts, and the arena of accumulating war and militarization at the same time. Crises the size of the Corona crisis - not only of corona but also the weight of bubbles and the absence of social capabilities to deal with epidemics - are not solved by monetary and financial policies in light of the deficiency of capitalism and the decline of imperialist ideology. The capital that regulates the mind of the commodity conscious of its interests realizes the importance of war to get out of the crisis. Despite the irrationality of the military trend from the point of view of the human or humanized mind, the logic of the commodity governing the minds of capitalist institutions has a self-propelling force that will only choose war. The war is blocking China's peaceful commodity expansion, absorbing imaginary debt with a real mortgage, which is treasury bonds, deepening austerity and population-emptying policies that generate a higher surplus. This is indisputable. Death and war are the sure prospects under capital rule.

In the wars of the previous international settlement in our region, electricity, water, and lives went, there was a war of existence in which the existence of the Arab peoples was relatively diminished and absolute. If we measure matters on an ascending graph, we find that imperialism has never been racist against Shiites or Sunnis, or the Kurds or that and this. America, unlike Nazism, hates peoples equally, America the dominant ideological idea that is haunted by arms, targeting peoples equally because the amount of their production of destruction is the commodity that produces and sells, unlike China, which produces refrigerators, washing machines, and toys. It does not sell follicles or nail clippers, sells the favorable life, structure and humans are equal. The cosmic quantity of devastation and the existential crisis is nothing but the production of the dominant thought with its prevailing concepts, which won the Nobel Prizes.

The coming war on the region is a war to settle an account with the extension of China, without a broad political front demanding survival, as a minimum, so that we do not say that we want to line up forces fighting against imperialism, so as not to exhaust and displace peoples, and the waters of lip and electricity, and all grounds for restoration Production life. Imperial war is the historical constant, and all that remains is variable. The capitalist system invests in its social structures, such as education, with a primary purpose: military technology. Each social component of education and research expenditures is aimed at developing military technology. All social expenditures stimulate the security architecture, and the development of technology, which in turn raises the empire to the highest level in the ladder of international labor division. War remains the ideal manifestation of a system governed by a commodity, which necessarily uses violence, to flout the public in the interests of the private. Peace is only in lost time, from the time of imperialism.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Hafiz Muhammad Adnan


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