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What will it take to protect and secure our borders?

Updated on July 26, 2015
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The security of our borders has been a political football by both political parties for several administrations. Our country was built on individuals coming from foreign lands seeking a better life for themselves and their families. Today the situation is much different. We still want to provide the opportunity for those seeking to better themselves to be able to come to this country but these individuals are not the only ones seeking to enter our country. Today the world is much different and there are individuals who want to come to this country who are criminals or terrorists who want to cause havoc within our borders. These are the type of individuals who we want to keep out, the question is how best to accomplish this without hindering those who want a better life.

There have been a number of proposals one of which is to build a wall across our southern border. This would have a negative effect of keeping or restricting all individuals who want to cross into our country which does not fit the opportunities our country offered when it first began. Another aspect of protecting our borders is the border patrols we currently have in place. Overall the border patrol does a great job but the task is huge given the length of our southern border. In addition when some of these individuals do their job they are criticized or put on trial for what some have called using excessive force in apprehending individuals entering our country illegally. In some cases those they have apprehended are known criminals and these individuals are turned loose while our border patrol personnel are arrested.

The job of a border patrol agent is involves hazardous environments and they are outnumbered in their attempt to secure the border. There have even been some reports that they have been told to not enforce immigration laws thereby making the jobs even more dangerous. There are basically a few options which should be taken to protect and secure our borders none of which involves building a wall across hundreds of miles of southern border.

Another aspect involves the costs to cities and states with regards to students in school districts who are not here legally. Funds are being allocated to school districts to support illegal aliens who are not part of our tax structure to support the school district in which their children are receiving an education. The true costs of illegal immigrants to states and cities may never be known or at least reported but with an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in our country the costs has to be astronomical.

The first option is hiring enough agents to patrol the border so they are not so outnumbered in their efforts to protect and secure the border. The safety and security of our country is impacted with the current situation of an open border philosophy. Thousands of individuals are crossing our borders and we do not know who these individuals are or where they came from to enter our country. The safety and security of all citizens in our country are impacted with the current situation. There are known actions of violence and even murder which have been committed by illegals who have gained access to our country especially through our southern border states.

While immigration is the responsibility of the federal it is within the power of the government to allow states to become involved in protecting our borders. They should be allowed to enforce immigration laws as they are today. While laws that some states have issued address immigration issues they cannot change the law only add specific details as to the process to be followed in enforcing immigration laws. I feel this kind of cooperation would add greatly to creating a more secure border and protecting citizens across the country especially in our southern border states.

Another aspect involves using the military and the technology they have available to monitor activity of illegals. The expertise of our military is unquestioned and this resource along with other resources needs to be put in place to support the border patrol. I want to be clear about individuals who serve their country in a way that involves danger each day. Individuals and especially border patrol agents have a right to defend themselves if they feel their lives are threatened. If an individual with the responsibility to protect our borders feel their lives are in danger they should not be criticized or second guessed for the actions they take. In addition individuals who they apprehend which are attempting to enter our country illegally should not be released while the agent or agents are arrested and forced to defend themselves in a court of law.

Border agents have been killed doing their jobs but actions to prevent this from recurring are receiving a deaf ear from Congress. How many lives will it take for actions to be taken to not only protect our border patrol agents but citizens who have been harmed or killed by illegal immigrants? The citizens of this country deserve better. Immigration reform needs to be done but it will never happen if both Congress and the President will not budge from their positions.

Resolving immigration issues needs to be done the right way and it should never be about placing blame on one side or another. It should not be about it is my way or the highway but cooperation to resolve this critical issue impacting the safety and security of our country. The citizens of this country deserve nothing less. It remains to be seen if immigration reform will ever see the light of day.

Suggestions in this article are simply that suggestions. Immigration is a complex issue which involves not only individuals entering our borders today but those who have been here for years. Both of these aspects need to be a part of any immigration reform decisions. We are a compassionate country but compassionate needs to be used with common sense in making decisions to resolve the current immigration crises. The current situation was not of Congress’ doing but it is up to Congress to resolve it.


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