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What will it take to take back control of our country?

Updated on August 6, 2015

The state of our economy and our country overall is on a path which must be reversed. The past administrations from both political parties have failed us overall but there are individuals who are deeply concerned about our future including our safety and security. The upcoming election involves a critical decision as to who we elect as our new President and who controls Congress. The key is to elect individuals who will lead our country with solid principles, common sense and compassion for each and every citizen. Common sense is sadly missing in relation to the actions of both Congress and the President and it needs to have resurgence with those we elect next year.

The current spin coming out of our administration about the strength of our economy is ignoring the true facts. While statements are made and have been made about new jobs being created each month they are ignoring the number of Americans who are unemployed and have quit looking for work. There is also no mention on the kind of jobs created whether they are full time or part time. The present situation with the rules and regulations which have been implemented companies are hiring more part time workers if they are hiring at all. In addition the number of individuals currently receiving welfare is the highest it has ever been. The current position or at least the appearance is that these individuals are not required to work to receive these government funds. In fact some individuals make more on welfare or unemployment than they would if they were working so there is no incentive to find a job.

We need individuals in all levels of government be it local, state or federal who will be more concerned about the individuals they represent than their own political parties and keeping their jobs. We must look to the individuals presently running for election either this year or next year who has solutions to the monumental issues facing our country and will follow through to implement the solutions.

There is much talk about our deficit and the continued philosophy of the federal government of spending more money that it takes in and this philosophy must change. Changing this philosophy will not be easy but it can be reversed but only if we elect the right individuals to represent us when we cast our votes. The true makeup of our national debt is not talked about in much of the media and it should be covered when our national debt is discussed. We as individuals need to know to whom this deficit is owed. In reality according to some reports the bulk of our debt is not owed to foreign lands but to the American people. Some examples are the funding of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. If the solvency of these programs is resolved and they can be with common sense our debt would be greatly reduced. Solving the funding problems of these programs must be done with common sense so the individuals receiving these funds who truly need the support are not harmed. It will require tough decisions and this is what has been sadly missing with our current elected officials or at least some of them.

It must also be realized that there are good individuals who are representing a common sense approach to the issues we face and we need to elect more of these individuals when we cast our votes. Rules and regulations not to mention some programs are hurting our economy and the rules and regulations keep coming. Reducing the size of government with individuals who will cut the fat from the federal government is what we need. We need to get back to a constitutional government. Operating within the Constitution would reduce or eliminate some of the controls now in place which has no connection to our Constitution.

Along with the issues already discussed one which bears identification is our tax structure and the rules and regulations of the Internal Revenue Service not to mention their policies along with the rest of the Executive Departments. Like rules and regulations policies need to reflect the responsibilities within the Constitution associated with each department and the laws which are within their jurisdiction. Our tax structure is so complicated and ever changing and needs to be redefined or completely revamped to encourage individuals and businesses to succeed. As we earn more the taxes we pay are more. This discourages the incentive of individuals and businesses to get ahead and expand thereby creating more jobs and providing an influx of additional money to the treasury.


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    • Dennis AuBuchon profile image

      Dennis AuBuchon 2 years ago


      Thank your for stopping by and sharing your thoughts on this subject. The suggestions and background you presented added greatly to this important topic. I cannot thank you enough for your input.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      bradmasterOCcal 2 years ago from Orange County California

      Just looking at the recent history of the US, it should be apparent that the almost 240 year old constitution needs repairing, and a new paradigm to bring the country out of its death spiral.

      It is not the fault of the founders, they couldn't have envisioned the power of the technology, nor the obese growth of the government. The misuse of the Interstate Commerce Clause to grow the government for the last seventy five years couldn't have been dreamed of by the founders.

      Technology and twenty four hour news on TV has changed the original process, much like card counting changes the odds in BJ.

      The eternal feud and divergent goal of the two political parties continues to grow, and it nullifies any one that gets into office.

      So a new political paradigm is needed.

      For starters, change the election process to eliminate reelections. We are in the third year of a four year presidential cycle, and the reelection distraction is in full stride. The distraction is to the incumbent, who will spend the focus on reelection instead of doing the job they were elected to do by the people.

      Why not make all terms single terms, and make them all six year terms for everyone in congress and the presidency. Congress shouldn't be a political retirement home, it should be for administering the will of the people, and not their party, or third parties that got them into office.

      In addition, I would have each position filled by one democrat, one republican, and one independent. Currently, when an office is filled by a democrat, or republican the losing party voters have little to no representation in that office. But with representation by each party well over 90 percent of the voters will have meaningful representation, compare to less than half today.

      just a thought