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After the Sandy Hook elementary schhol Shooting in Newton, Conn. lawmakers question how to help

Updated on December 17, 2012

what plans the Presidency will make after this National tradgedy

As the week begins after Friday’s Mass Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, questions have been made public debate through news media about what will lawmakers do next to help adjust our country’s regulation processes. Looking into issues about 2nd Amendment gun control laws, is a start point. Issues about those how are mentally ill and need help also a reasonable source to look into. The killer on walked into Sandy Hook elementary school on Dec. 15th, was a 20 year old Asperges’s patient. How to prevent further acts of random violence remains the topic. While there has been no explanation as to what is causing a rise in public mass homicides, the president is one man aimed at solving the scenes like this from re occurring.

While speaking at the memorial services Sunday in Newton, Conn. President Obama gave encouraging words written in the Bible to guide survivors. He also offered this “ You are not alone in your grief”,” Newtown you are not alone.” He stated his promises to begin to seek his office as a means to form support to prevent violence in the future. “In coming weeks I will use whatever power this office holds to engage professionals from the mental health (fields), along with parents.” Addressing violence and the result which took 27 lives on Friday will be an issue which that millions of parents in the country, including the president, can offer prayer to.

Fox New Sunday hosted a panel of experts from their Washington DC location labeled “School Tradgedy”. Senator Joe Lieberman, a man with 24 years of experience from Connecticut , stated” don’t wallow in our grief”, and to those how need the help “ get mental health health help.” Part of the problems looking into the details provided by law enforcement officials brings questions into why the gunman Adam Lanza acted against school children. Senator Lieberman directed his best piece of safety advice from those formed from dealing with the 911 events of 2001 made by Homeland Security, “ See something, Say Something.” This is the public motto to assist the community in knowing it is alright to seek help or to report suspicious behavior. Other concerns brought up why this has been the 13th mass homicide this year to be brought into the National Spotlight.

When events like this one happen no one is expecting it and no one knows what to expect next. As a time of grieving continues, the news coverage grows to include photos of objects left in place of those who have gone. The country remains aware it has options to act and to change laws to prevent the access to weapons like the ones used in the school shooting. I know that the awareness of needs to help people who may become violent who are mentally ill is another focus. This Christmas my son and I will be remembering the lives of those children who lives were taken in Newton.

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