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What will replace oil as the energy source

Updated on March 5, 2009

Oil: The Past?

The Future of Oil

Oil is pretty much an intrinsic part of everyday life for people around the world because it provides transport, be it via air, sea or land.

Recently however Electricity is becoming the forefront of the energy hungry generation.  Cars which can top 180 miles per hour and travel 250 miles on one charge, which will cost around 5% of the distance in Oil, planes that run solely on electricity and even boats which are beginning to use wind turbines and solar panels.

All in all the question is not about the future of oil, but more about what the upcoming electricity generation technique will be.

For most people the answer is simply 'Nuclear' cheap safe and reliable there is infact very little wrong with this kind of power generation

A lot of people have raised an outcry at this, and instead demanded Green solutions, like wind or tidal generators.  The sad fact with these however is that these methods of power generation are prohibitavely expensive, and if UK government plans follow through the average UK consumer will be looking at a further tripling of their energy bill.

Other alternatives to fuel, such as Ethanol, have been found.  Ethanol however is hard to transport, it needs to be moved by truck or by sea (Pipelines corode too quickly from ethanol).

Ethanol Fuel has been given further bad press recently after it caused food prices in several countries to skyrocket as people turned away from growing crops for food and instead grew ethanol fuel crops.  This caused rioting in over a dozen countries as deaths from starvation increased dramatically.  Indeed food prices in the UK have risen by almost 50% as base crops become more and more scarce.

All in all I think we will have oil for some time yet, until we see more research put into electric cars, but with the first electric saloon already on sale for less than £40,000 and the first electricity driven passenger aircraft under production I think it wont be too long till we see real progress in cheaper and more efficient fuel from electricity.

Plenty of news pundits have been reporting regularly on the situations regarding fuel, oil and the ethanol fiasco! 


This post on Ethanol Power was written by ClearView Writing Freelance Solutions.


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    • pramodgokhale profile image

      pramodgokhale 5 years ago from Pune( India)

      Merit and Demerit of any energy system. we should be more practical and pragmatic.When Oil source will vanish then Nuclear energy is the only long term viable source where high energy consuming industries will survive or Tsunami of Unemployment we should face.

      pramod gokhale

    • profile image

      Amber Energy 7 years ago

      Renewable energy can replace oil. And it has in some scenarios (there are already examples of carbon neutral homes, cars, and businesses). The roll out of technology will take time of course- the lengthy pay-back period and initial investment challenges the speed at which we replace oil. However, support is coming in the form of "pay as you save schemes", grants and subsidies from government backed businesses (such as the Carbon Trust, and Energy Saving Trust).

      The technology that is appropriate in any house, businesses, or particular country/region will have to be specific to the climate of course- since solar energy cannot be supported in areas where daylight hours are limited and/or solar strength is weak- at least the payback period and limited production capabilities make such schemes inefficient and unattractive to investors.

      The good news comes in the form of the possibilities that are currently available for further renewable energy- we currently have such low saturation and 'take-up' of renewable energy technology- leaving huge scope for further production.

      Incentives, grants, and support for switching to alternative fuels is encourage-able- long term financial benefits can be sought by consumers and businesses willing to make changes to their homes and/or businesses.

      As an energy consultancy ( it is our job to support the change to alternative fuels whilst supporting the current set-up of individuals homes and businesses. When considering energy contracts businesses and consumers can choose to support the change to renewable energy by electing a contract/supplier of 100% renewable energy. Alternatively, a contract where some of the energy is from a renewable source may be preferred. This is due to renewableenergy currently carrying a premium (when compared to a standard tariff)- so choosing renewable energy is not financially viable unless business/consumer tastes are strong enough or 'knock-on' affects (such as positive publicity and brand strengthening) are gained in the decision.

      In conclusion then- a long way to go before we can say renewable energy has replaced oil- but we are at least able to say it can be done.