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What will the world be like in 100 years?

Updated on August 23, 2008

The World From Space

The World from Space Photo courtesy of:
The World from Space Photo courtesy of:

What will the World be like in 100 years?

The world in 100 years? Well, changes will certainly have occurred. No doubt we will be communicating using highly developed technologies. The Internet was only the beginning. Wireless technologies will have matured to the point where we only need to think a thought, and it will be transmitted to the recipient.

The pervasive use of cellphones will have merged into personal communication devices that require no tactile input from the wearer. Video, pictures, audio, music will all be instantly available through a world-wide database of information.

Transportation will have matured to the point of being able to reach any point on the planet within 4 hours or less. High speed rail, aircraft, and ground transportation will all have reached critical mass, and the entire transportation sub-systems will be synchronized so that accidents have been totally eliminated.

Sensors in all moving vehicles, buses, trains, airplanes, cars, and even bicycles and motorcycles will no longer be subject to crashes, due to this accident-avoidence system. People will have even more free time to talke walks, read books, and socialize.

Food production will have matured to the point of massive abundance, enough to share with developing countries, and at a price that is afordable for all. The poorest to the richest will have sufficient healthy fresh produce, grain and beef to sustain them for their entire lives.

Work as we know it will evolve even further, with robots doing ever more manual labor, cleaning, garbage collection, home building, manufacturing and distribution will be automated to the point where only a few key individuals will be required to run society.

Advances in health and medicine will have found cures for lukemia, cancer, and heart attack and stroke. Doctors will be assisted by robotic nurses who can service over 50 patients per hour. No longer will people suffer in recovery from surgery, as the tools and electronics used in surgery will have evolved to the point of minimal invasive cutting and sewing up of human tissues.

All of the above changes can only occur, if we are diligent today, in the way we are treating our planet. Pollution will need to be eliminated. Re-processing of all organic or industrial waaste will require technologies still being invented.

The world in 100 years? Expect many more changes than I have discussed above. If I am still around to see these changes, you can tell me if my predictions were accurate!

Please leave me a comment below, and thank you for reading this HubPage!

Respectfully, Nicholas


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    • profile image

      Random guy 4 years ago

      Your're all incompetent idiots. "no such things as aliens"??? Bro we are in out OWN little galaxy. Yes it may seem big to us, but believe it or not there's other Galxies out there. an INFINITE amount. Evolution happens everywhere. every minute of everyday. There's bound to be some other Intelligent race such as ourself's out there. And what's this bullshit " hope our lord and savior comes"?! Get real. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS GOD. There is no type of evidence, ZIP NADA NOPE NO NONE. Your little god was made up by some lunatic a couple thousand years ago, The ONLY reason it survived as a mainstream Religion is because it is said it accepts ALL poor or rich. This gave hope to all the poor people, the slaves, the Sick. That's the only reason it survived. What has this one man who created this Bogus Bullshit done? He's caused nothing but WAR and HATE on other's just because they don't believe in the same Religion. With your God it's either "worship ME or burn" wtf kind of "god" is that. It's BULL FUCKING SHIT! the only reason you believe in him is because your parents Brainwashed you into believing that there's some all mighty holy spirit watching over you every second of everyday while you were kids. It's pathetic. Your're ALL pathetic. You should srsly think about killing yourself's so you can rush to your almighty "heaven" BYE. FAGGOTS (Thnx for reading) (:

    • profile image

      mean 4 years ago

      i do believe we will be cool and all.. but we will also be dead man!!! 2012 is here and we are about to be whipped out!! jeeze bru!!

      it 2013 going on 2014

    • profile image

      Mystery 5 years ago

      I totally think you're right about the future, Nicholas. But you could have added that we have figured out ways to survive on different planets so earth doesn't over populate. It would be cool to live on Venus!

    • profile image

      narenbritney 5 years ago

      no way... this much advance will be impossible within 100 years this prediction suits after 300 years frm now

    • profile image

      cooldude66 5 years ago

      i think your page is pretty cool nicholas but i don't really think we will be here by then man so am with blake but u did kinda help me on ma history report so thnks 80]

    • profile image

      Luke 5 years ago

      Humans have survived through some pretty tough times, I have a lot of faith in humanity even if a lot of people don't.

      I honestly believe that with enough team work, the world could very well end up as Nick envisions it.

    • profile image

      kmorgan24 5 years ago

      honestly guys lets be realistic....theres no such thing as aliens, we cant live for enternity, we all must die at somepoint because we age and theres NOTHING we can do about it, LIFE MOVES ON, i think in 100 years we will find the cure for cancer, hopefully thinking optimistic here

    • profile image

      kmugs 5 years ago

      hi i think the world will come to a wreck in 100 years and will be banished in 200 years

    • profile image

      Hal 5 years ago

      In 100 years, the world will be too warm to support human life. The polar ice caps will melt, cities will flood, areas will experience droughts, etc. We will run out of crude oil and natural gas before the end of the half of the century, and a large war will be fought over oil within the next twenty years. Energy and electricity will be for the filthy rich as the rest of humanity is left to survive in a nuclear wasteland.

    • profile image

      some one who doesnt know 5 years ago

      The world will be a crap heap millons of dead disease rampnet places unliavble due to war muslium killing for sex few humans left that act human the very rich and the very poor food shortages people killing tyem selves hating GOD

    • profile image

      saif ahamed 5 years ago

      will our resources end? eg:- fossil fuel...etc

    • profile image

      Helena Crowley 5 years ago

      wow that is so cool! but Nicholas could please do a negative side too it would be awesome if we could have both sides of the future!

    • profile image

      blake 6 years ago

      i don't believe that is true and ur ideas are rubbish and im 100 years time all the ppl who commented on this will be dead and so will you so ya i donno

    • profile image

      zola ngcikwe 6 years ago

      i do believe we will be cool and all.. but we will also be dead man!!! 2012 is here and we are about to be whipped out!! jeeze bru!!

    • profile image

      Seth 7 years ago

      It's absolutely funny how people think future humans will become these awesome super humans. The world will be pretty much the same- only technology will advance. Time travel and bringing people back to life will not happen, anyone who believes in god knows that, plus the world would become way over populated

    • profile image

      wilberthorpe mcgonogal 7 years ago

      I think this has been underestimated, I think that in only 20 years there will be no real tactile environments. scientists will have learnt how to extract the soul and disregard the body. Human beings will become substanceless aparitions. The 5 senses will have become obselete and will just be replaced by one supersence. Life as we know it will be upheaved there will be no transport as everywhere will be inhabitted by everybody at the one time and no need for communication as everyone will know what every one is thinking all the time. Our knowledge will be limitless and there will be nothing we don't know. We will also have invented time travel perfectly, Being able to bring people back to life however long they have been dead and also the ability to carry out any task that happenes to come into our immagination, which is also limitless. Basicaly we shall become supernatural beings with out boundaries or limits. Our make shall be of raw power, each mm cubed more powerfull than a billion suns and we will inhabitt the entire universe and beyond.

      But im optomistic.

    • profile image

      umair 7 years ago

      nice to c thz knowledge

    • profile image

      retiredjim 8 years ago

      Nicholas - A very interesting query. But I don't think your answers go far enough. I begin with life - in 100 years I expect medical technology to enable us to live forever, or at least as long as we choose. I don't think we can ever eliminate accidents, but in 100 years I expect the injured to be able to fully recover from anything, even being blown up. We may be able to communicate then by mental telepathy, as you suggest - surely it will be something as simple as that. We should be then be able to go anywhere at any time as fast as we want, and without using roads. They may still be in use, but only for transportation of heavy stuff guided by robots. I agree with you about food production and massive abundance. In 100 years we should be able to each design our own foods and meals. Now for some other things I expect in 100 years that you don't raise. I expect our homes will be whatever we want, wherever we want, and easily changeable. I expect we will control the weather, and know what's coming days or weeks ahead. No natural disasters. We will not need to work - our focus will be on travel, the arts, learning, entertainment, etc. In 100 years we should be able to communicate with animals and plants, or at least plant spirits, to return earth to a garden of eden state. And by then I don't expect there to be any hocus-pocus religions - religions based on miracles and a belief system. Any comments?

    • profile image

      cassieandra 8 years ago

      ok well im still a young teen not 2 be unoptimiststic or anything but people all over the world have know that driving cars and using alot of resources are bad yet they still do i in order to conserve our planet action needs to be taken like this is serious im only 14 and i know what will happen if we don't change our ways comeon people use your brains!!! anyway but the robots would be sweet i mean no chores who wouldn't love that?!!

    • profile image

      me 8 years ago

      we wood luv to have a cure for cancer

    • profile image

      soory can't tell name 8 years ago

      this website is awesome!

    • profile image

      T.C 8 years ago

      I hope the Lord comes before then.

    • profile image

      8 years ago

      Hi, i think that your page is very good and I respect your ideas and all of the other ideas that have been shown in the comments. We need an equal amount of optimisticness (is that even a word? :) ) and criticalness or pessismisticness to change the world. We cannot predict a great future for this planet, especially the way things are going but we should all be optimistic about changing the state of the planet for the future. I had to do a project on the state of the planet in 100 years and I came across this page and so many ideas have arrived, thanks.

      This page and its comments have made me realise how we need to treat our earth and I am thankful to all of you, not just nachase but all of you.



    • profile image

      nmaned 8 years ago

      Well you certainly have high hopes, however I do not believe it will turn out like that at all, mankind his destroying this world as we speak and our oil supply will ultimatly put an end to technology as we know it thus creating chaos, famine and extreme crime. The world can't continue this way for another 100 years, unless the way we live and the way we use transportation undergoe EXTREME changes NOW. Also President Bush's actions just dug the entire world that much further into a hole.

    • APD Marketing profile image

      APD Marketing 9 years ago from England

      I hope you are right, but I feel we may have to go through a lot of pain in the short term to realise your vision!

    • nachase profile image

      nachase 9 years ago from SF Bay Area California

      Hi midnightbliss, Shalini and Amanda,

      Thank you for your comments!

      I'm learning how this web community can effect positive thoughts and actions, something our respective government(s) do not always achieve in operations of name of their businesses and 'green-policies' still in the adoption phase.

      I want to leave a world for my children that is naturally, self-sustaining, fresh clean water and air, abundant forests and plants, as it was designed, and we can reap the benefits of all of the free gifts we have been provided.

      I appreciate your taking the time to read and comment on my hub!

      Respectfully, nachase

    • Amanda Severn profile image

      Amanda Severn 9 years ago from UK

      Hi Nicholas

      It's nice to read a positive take on the future. Personally, I'm optomistic that things well turn out fine in the long-term, it's just the short-term we have to deal with right now.

      Mankind is innovative and adaptable. Natural Energy sources that do not involve fossil fuels are abundant. We just need to learn how to tap into this abundance without further stress to the planet. Unfortunately a century of sun-spot activity, and tidal change will alter many coastlines and some communities will be lost, (this is certainly the forecast for the UK where I live!) but we will keep moving forward.

    • Shalini Kagal profile image

      Shalini Kagal 9 years ago from India

      Thank you for a fresh new window opening out to a positive tomorrow! One is so sick of doomsday prophets and despondency. The truth is that the key to a wonderful future like this lies in our hands - all we need to do is to wake up and use it!

    • midnightbliss profile image

      Haydee Anderson 9 years ago from Hermosa Beach

      love you futuristic idea.

    • topstuff profile image

      topstuff 9 years ago

      All the prediction bring a hope to us but its not easy to believe if food production will have matured to the point of massive abundance.Being optimist is good.Thanks

    • Tatjana-Mihaela profile image

      Tatjana-Mihaela 9 years ago from Zadar, CROATIA

      We also do a lot with the power of written word, positive aprroach and with positive visions. This universe is mental...created by our visions. This is the heaviest duty of human being, to control the mind, emotions and have faith in positive outcome, despite all facts that exist in material world. World is changing, maybe slowly, but it is a MUST.

      Climate change and lack of oil will press humanity to change their priorities. Humanity likes to react on great and extraordinaty ways when under the pressure. Thanks God, not everybody.

      A lot of eco plans are projects have already started around the globe. We just need to stay positive and be patient. During the 12 years of using alternative healing energies, I have seen and witnessed to very many quick and successful transformations on all material levels, and that happened just because of positive point of view, and observing the future outcome as positive.

      That is the main reason- I do believe, as well as many people.

      Power of written wold, and giving the world inspiration and faith, is very important factor. When we think, write, or see vision, we create.

      Kindest regards.

    • nachase profile image

      nachase 9 years ago from SF Bay Area California

      Wow, this page has elicited some very profound thinking. Just imagine if we had to come up with a way to support the earth, positioned a precise distance from the sun to avoid being toasted, and not so far so as to become frozen, by some kind of geeky-crane thingy, and then supply enough energy for the geeky-crane thingy to run 24 x 7!

      A much better solution than just giving up on society as a whole, would negate all of the eye-opening, authority-slapping 1960s that I lived through and survived.

      My daily choice to recyle, reuse, and turn off the lights when I leave the room are a start.

      It is apparent that no matter what man decides to do to this earth, it's infrastructure will remain, gravity, air, water, minerals, trees, plants and animals are in a constant re-birthing each day, and we do nothing to contribute to the mechanisms underlying their operation.

      We only use what we have been provided with, and who provided the basic building blocks of the earth? OK, your turn, and thank you for responding to this HubPage. You are teaching me what it is to be a contributor, not just a 'taker'. Respectfully, Nicholas

    • Tatjana-Mihaela profile image

      Tatjana-Mihaela 9 years ago from Zadar, CROATIA

      Dear Nachase,

      You have done something extraordinary: your positivity, inspired their rest of us who answered on the same hub-request on even bigger positivity. You are great person. Thank you again. Power of written word, and its influence on material reality and on the consciousness of others is very big!

      Kindest regards.

    • market solution profile image

      market solution 9 years ago from Minneapolis, MN

      Your hub is very positive and I would like to think it will be as you say, unfortunately - even being the positive person that I am - I don't see it happening. The world that is up and coming - is far too self centered for it to happen.

    • Bruce Bostwick profile image

      Bruce Bostwick 9 years ago from Sebring, OH

      I like the fact that you were very positive on this. It really is nice to see that. Well done.

    • nachase profile image

      nachase 9 years ago from SF Bay Area California

      Dave, Sterling and Tatjana all raised valid points regarding my post.

      The article has a positive approach, as the systems placed here for our use, air, water, gravity, minerals, plants, animals and sunlight, as well as our physical bodies that often heal themselves spontaneously, all contribute to our survival. Sterling's point regarding SUV's is valid, the whole carbon footprint of mankind needs to be dramatically reduced.

      Dave is correct in seeing change as a requirement for our survival.

      In all of the articles I read the focus is on human comforts, as opposed to environmentally sound political and personal choice. We all need to sacrifice some personal comfort, for the greater good of all of earth's inhabitants.

      I am so grateful for all of your comments! This is the way we build a community, and insure we have a safe, clean, sustainable planet for our children's future. Respectfully, Nicholas

    • DaveHarris profile image

      DaveHarris 9 years ago from London, UK

      That really is the most rosy-eyed, unlikely vision of the next 100 years I have ever seen. In case you hadn't realised it, no amount of cutting-back on fuel consumption will change the fact that the oil will run out and by 2100 or so it will be mostly gone. What will be left will be far too expensive for most people to be able to run any kind of internal-combustion engined vehicle. Biofuels are unlikely to replace oil as the irrigation water requirements appear to be unsustainable, not to mention that the land will be required for growing food crops to feed a burgeoning population. If we're really lucky, fuel from algae might come on-stream but there is unlikely to be enough to allow aviation to continue as at present: my guess is we'll go to airships. Nowhere near as fast as a jet, of course, but not as slow (or dangerous) as the Hindenberg either.

      Of course, if global warming really bites - especially if it tips the global weather patterns into a different equilibrium - then all bets are off. I'm pretty sure humanity will survive but far, far fewer of us and quite possibly forced back down to a far more primitive culture, at least temporarily. I've written more on this subject here:

    • Tatjana-Mihaela profile image

      Tatjana-Mihaela 9 years ago from Zadar, CROATIA

      Thank you for optimistic vision of future. I am so happy to see positive picture of our planet and humanity in your eyes and mind. I believe and know, that people are creatoros of their destiny: with your positive vision and beliefs, you create positive outcome. Many thanks and regards.

    • Sterling Sage profile image

      Sterling Sage 9 years ago from California

      It's nice to read an optimistic vision of the future.  I credit you with lowering my blood pressure a point or two.

      Everything you suggest seems possible to me. I agree that technology could eventually ease most of our day-to-day difficulties, creating a golden age of health, art, knowledge, spirituality, and all the other things we strive for.  Who knows--we could even both be alive to discuss the accuracy of your predictions!

      Unfortunately, I myself don't have such an optimistic viewpoint.  You're absolutely right when you state that:

      "All of the above changes can only occur, if we are diligent today, in the way we are treating our planet. Pollution will need to be eliminated. Re-processing of all organic or industrial waaste will require technologies still being invented."

      I fervently hope that the human race will get its act together in time to make those changes happen.  Right now, though, I'm very worried.  It's hard for me to picture the people around me being so conscientious.  People in my region were happily driving enormous SUVs around, alone, despite the warnings from environmentalists that they were endangering the planet.

      When asked about their CO2 emissions, many said that the reported danger of global warming was just some nutty liberal hoax, and ridiculed the "radical environmentalists."  Others said that it was pointless to make changes, since no one else seemed to be doing so.  Still others simply said they didn't care, since they wouldn't be around to suffer any consequences.  It was, for me, a very scary and frustrating time.

      Fuel consumption is now considered important, but I think the main reason is simply the higher price of gas.  Any positive change helps, of course, and there has been a dramatic change in consumption recently.  I hope the trend will continue and lead to a sustainable society in the near future.

      It's hard to have much hope, though, when the auto makers seem more interested in selling their existing technology (in the form of smaller cars they already have on the market) than developing new, innovative, fuel-saving/alternative-fuel-based vehicles.  When I compare the promising technologies that could be implemented today with the car ads I see on T.V., I get the feeling that they're actively trying to suppress demand for new transportation technology.  The motive for doing so is obvious, but I'll state it anyway: change is expensive.  It's more profitable (in the short term) to keep churning out the same inefficient internal-combustion engines.  Maybe they're even hoping that gas prices will fall again, and that they'll be able to resume selling their more gas-guzzling models.

      If we're to have a bright future, people have to be patient, selfless, and diligent in making it happen. 

      Every consumer has the duty--with all products, not just cars--to put the interests of our great-great-great-great-grandchildren above their own desires.  If we can manage to make that happen, there's a chance for a bright future.  Thanks so much for giving us a vision of what that future could be.

    • nachase profile image

      nachase 9 years ago from SF Bay Area California

      Please leave me a comment! Respectfully, Nicholas