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What would it take for the United States of America to undergo a change of Government?

Updated on August 9, 2012

What would it take for the United States of America to undergo a change of Government?

Is it even possible? Could it be done without undergoing another Civil War?

Could it be done from within by the voting of the Citizens? If so, What would it take to make it happen?

Possible or Plausible???.. Now that is the question.

There is a big difference between something being Possible... and something being Plausible... While it might be possible to blow up a Parts store and have an Engine land in the back of a truck... it would not be possible if the parts of that engine were not previously put together...

While it might be possible for that pre-assembled engine to go up and then come down landing in the back of a truck... it still would not be very plausible. Not likely to happen.

While it might be possible for our Government to be changed in a peaceful manor without a second civil War.. it is not very plausible for it to happen that way.

If was to happen, How would it occur... how could it occur?

Now this is a question that we can work with... how could a Peacefull change of Goverment take place that would edify the people... and put the Country back on the track towards Financial and Moral stability... how could "We the People" make it happen?

First of all we need to recognize that there are many elements involved that would NOT want it to happen the way the people would like to see it.

Those elements that are both inside the United States and also from various outside parties would work overtime to disrupt the process and keep the incumbents who are currently working with them to their mutual benefit... at the cost of you and me.

Corruption is present.... Corruption is always present when Money is involved... lots of money... lots of corruption.

And as the old adage teaches... Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Knowing the Dangers presents a solution

Since we know that Corruption is present... and... Since we know that those in power want to stay in power.. and we also know that most of the world would like to see things happen smoothly for the sake of the world markets... Money, food, technology, etc.

We need to look at this horribly complicated situation and look for a solution that would satisfy the right elements without offending the majority of those who could also help us from around the world.

Noone wants to see WW3 in our lifetime... Not even Iran really wants an all out war... unless of course they thought they could somehow win it... or get is started and stay out of it... somehow rise to the top of it... But that is another issue..

If the USA was to change in its ruling parties... a change to a more introverted and less intrusive presence in everyone else' back yards... there are many who would love to see it happening and would in fact stand by us during the time necessary to hold elections and make the transitions...

Our problem would not be so much from External Sources as it would be from internal...

The same parties that were responsible for killing JFK and MLK are still alive and well... the sons of the killers are now wearing their elders shoes... still pulling the same strings of control in our country and around the world.

There are some very dangerous people in high places. People capable of making people Vanish without a trace... or making accidents happen...

But... these people/parties work behind the scenes... "Intelligently".

Those who value our Best Interests are our Best Friends.

in this country we do have a very valuable ally... One that is often not thought of as a part of our government but as a subordinate of our Government: US MILITARY.

I want to Propose for your consideration that there is one possible... One Plausible way for this Peaceful transition to occur..... and in this time, Our own Armed Forces would be the peoples best friend.

Our military is made up of Citizens... and Every member of the US Military swears an oath before enlisting... and that oath is not taken lightly by the men and women who have pledged their very lives to the service of this country. From the top Brass to the bottom of the Cloth ranked soldiers. The US Military is sworn to uphold and protect the United States and its Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Here is the Oath that is sworn by all who join the US Military and or any of the National Guards.

I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.

Look at that Oath a moment...

To look at the oath... and read it with understanding, is to learn what exactly we need to do to change the Government from within.

We need to elect a man to president who is willing to do the bidding of the people.. Who is willing to do what is best for the country... who will lead us in the time of transition from an old incumbant Government of Corruption... to a time of transition... into a New Or Renewed Government that is truly elected by the people and stands for the people.

In order for the US Military to stand on the side of the people against Government tyranny.. They must have a Commander in Chief (President) who will lead them that direction.

Is there any other way? Only One... if Congress was in the process of Impeaching the Incumbant President... then it would fall to congress to be in charge temporarily and the Vice President would be in charge... acting as Commander in Chief.

There is no way that the military will side with the people against the President... and against the UCMJ. They would only view a Citizens revolt as a "Coup" that must be defended against... unless the President himself was working on behalf of the people and told the military to stand down...

The President Himself would need to give the military the orders to Guard the Flanks and prevent outside intervention... Maybe provide martial law security through the whole ordeal... Not to take away guns.. but to keep the peace... No riots.. or other problems that would keep peaceful elections and transitions of power...

The Problem with this is that there would be implanted people who would try to start trouble... It would be a very tenuous time to say the least.


One of the chief problems that the people face in organizing a grass roots organization capable of making the changes needed... is communication.

The sad truth is that the Media we trust to give us reliable News... is controlled by people with their own agendas.

Without the right sort of Press Coverage any attempt to renovate the Government from within will be shot down by the Media Long before it can ever get a significant following...

The media would attack such a movement with the same voracity that it attacked the Tea party and the McCain- Sarah Palin run for president... As long as the people are divided... true change is sadly... far from being a reality... It is also a sad reality that Television plays such a huge role in the future of this country or that the internet could be either shut down with the flip of a switch.. or have the content limited or controlled to one degree or another... negating its usefulness in communication during tough times...

As we draw towards the November elections of 2012... what do we see for a future?

Sadly I only see more of the same between now and 2016... But maybe... Just maybe.. If people talk to people... and plans are made well in advance... Maybe by 2016 if there is anything left of this Great Nation at that point in time... We could have a candidate prepared who would have the peoples best interests in heart and mind... One who would work with our Military and State Governments toward the changes needed...

Not Probable I know.. but Possible... and maybe even Plausible.


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    • Michele Travis profile image

      Michele Travis 5 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio

      Thank you for this hub. It is very interesting. A change of government could happen, but not yet. We are not like countries that are in the stage of revolting. Not yet anyway. We still have a lot more then people in other countries do not have. I am not sure about the future. Even if the government could control the media, or the internet, hackers could find a way to get information out. So, for now we need to wait and see what will happen.

      No matter what happens however, whoever gets elected will be blamed for everything that happens.

      The biggest problem, for me, is that people argue, rave and rant, but they do not vote! That is crazy. We have the power! If only people would go to the polls and vote. Just show your I.D. and vote. Or if you can't get to the polls they can come to you. If you are sick, in the hospital people from the official voting office will come to you and you can vote. That is true. Or a treatment center, or if you cannot get to the polls they will come to you. Look it up on line. There are several ways a person can vote. We ( I will stop yacking in a minute) are more powerful then any super pac . All we need to do is vote.

      Ok, I am finished now.

      Voted this hub up.