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What can peaceful Muslims do to help stop terrorism – the Hub?

Updated on January 18, 2015

Two months ago I posted this question and received several responses. My intent was to find out why high level Muslims, such as Imams, were not publicly denouncing terrorism done in the name of Islam. Recently, responses to the question have picked up and we have at least two Muslims involved in the discussion. The discussion is intense but respectful. Like most questions, the comments took varying directions that are still related. I am providing a link for anyone who might be interested in reviewing past comments.

My ignorance displayed

I was scolded for asking such an ignorant question. To some my question implies that all Muslims are responsible for the actions of Muslim extremists. To others it is an insult to suggest that Muslims being killed daily have some influence over those that are killing them. Others asked why Christians are not held responsible for murderous atrocities performed by the KKK, killers of abortion doctors or those who shoot up schools or theaters.

World leaders minus the United States

Media chooses what we read, see and hear

Media chooses what news to elevate. On January 7, 2015, two masked gunmen slaughtered staff of the French satirical weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo. Twelve people were killed. Eleven were wounded. This act of terrorism brought the world together. On January 11, 2015, thousands gather at Place de la Republique to show unity against this murderous evil.

In contrast, Boko Haram killed more than 2000 and displaced more than 30,000 on January 14, 2015. This horrible tragedy received little attention in the news. The President of Nigeria, ironically named Goodluck Jonathan, gave condolences for the lives lost in Paris and did not mention the terrorist takeover in his own country. What about those 200 school girls who were kidnapped and have not been seen since.

Thousands fill the Paris Public Square

Define peaceful Muslims

When I speak of peaceful Muslims, I refer to Muslims that not only believe terrorism is wrong BUT have a voice: Imams, educators, professionals, those who benefit from western culture, government officials and others who have some influence. Over the past week I have observed many speaking out on CNN. Mrs Pakistan International 2014 said she was compelled to speak because her daughter asked her, "What are the Muslims doing now?" Rep. Andre Carson is a Muslim who was appointed to the United States House Intelligence Committee. One guy is a former terrorist who does profiling and advising for the FBI. There were others that I can remember their names or positions. So.....maybe my question wasn't ignorant but rhetorical?

Imams speaking out, some contradictions

Since the Charlie Hebdo attack, Imams and other Muslims have been shown publicly denouncing radical terrorism. They say that they have always spoken out against terrorism; however, the media chose to not make their denouncements widely available.

Saudi Arabia stood with the world leaders denouncing the extreme way the terrorists dealt with Charlie Hebdo’s satire Now we will see if Saudi Arabia will reflect on its decision to give 50 lashes every Friday, a total of 2,000, to Raif Badawi for setting up a website as a liberal place for public debate. This is an oxymoron!

“Reporters Without Borders program director Lucie Morillon said that Saudi Arabia's behaviour on this matter was hypocritical. ‘Although Saudi Arabia condemned yesterday's cowardly attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, it is now preparing to inflict the most barbaric punishment on a citizen who just used his freedom of expression and information, the same freedom that cost the French journalists their lives.’” Taken from

No concluding paragraph

I do not know how to write a conclusion for this. I bounced around trying to include comments from the original question. I invite comments and healthy discussion. You do not have to agree but please be agreeable. It might be fun to have someone write the conclusion for me.


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