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What's The 99 Percent Solution

Updated on June 23, 2012

What's The Alternative

The more I look at things, the Wisconsin recall, upcoming rulings from the Supreme Court, etc. The more I think that maybe some of the members of the "Occupy" movement are correct in that the American system of politics and economics are both damaged beyond repair.

What I have not seen the %99 do well is articulate a solid vision for what an alternative to the "Corporate State" may look like. There are some Occupiers who would probably like to see some form of anarchy in the United States. The idea of autonomous city-states would be consistent with the sort of "leaderless resistance" that the Occupy movement seems to embody. Graham Purchase, in his pamphlet Anarchist Society & Its Practical Resolution, may echo why anarchy may have some support among members of the %99:

Social anarchism does not imply the absence of organization. Anarchists simply want to remove centralized government organization and coercive authority.

Those among the %99 not behind such a seismic shift, myself included, might like to see a "post-corporate" America as a social democracy. They look to Europe, especially the Nordic nations as a possible model. Iceland, to these people, may be the model of a successful %99 uprising.

The next issue, is how to replace the system. And this too seems to be an issue that the %99 have not addressed. The two choices seem to be a full-scale revolution, which may actually play more into the "%1" and "Tea Party" hands, as this might provide the backdrop to put their "strongman" in power, or to try and create a sort of "parallel state". If things like the "Free Store" and the garden that the Harrisburg, PA occupation are any example, at least some sort of "parallel economy", may be developing.

This movement has been going on since October of 2011, it's about time that it clarifies what it wants to move towards, and how to get there.


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    • TeaPartyCrasher profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Camp Hill, PA


      Sounds like you like the idea of a parallel economy!

    • Matt123415 profile image


      6 years ago from Susquehanna Valley of Pennsylvania

      I have a list of two things we can do:

      1. Move your money out of big banks, what this means is up too you. It is the effort that counts. My personal understanding of this is storing no money in any financial institution known as a BANK, instead storing my finances, if and when I have them, in an alternative like credit unions.

      2. Be careful with your purchasing decisions. Mr. Happy gives some examples of this above. My personal testament and example to this is that I take effort to avoid purchasing at national franchise chain stores. While this is not always possible within my capabilities I much more often now shop at local corner stores, smaller (regional rather than national) franchise grocery stores, and small magnet shops (fully independent brick-and-mortar vendors).

      These two things have been in my activites since about November of last year. I first showed up at an occupy protest/rally in October. I began taking a more active role around the time of....what I call....Small Business Friday and Saturday, instead of Black Friday Corporate Love Day.

      These two things spell a re-routing of our resources away from the wealthy artistocratic, not to forget greedy, capitalist leaders. If we can stop giving them what they seek, our purchases and related funds, they will have less to buy political decisions from our representatives.

      In this way our purchasing decision become a vote alongside our political vote, hence the word CONSUMERISM.

    • TeaPartyCrasher profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Camp Hill, PA

      Junko: I shall rectify that ASAP!

    • junko profile image


      6 years ago

      TPC, you can share anything I post, I was surprized that you are not a follower of junko.

    • TeaPartyCrasher profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Camp Hill, PA


      That lack of leadership is part of the reason, as I said, that anarchy appeals to many in the occupation.

      As for the idea of "Small is better", perhaps. But I could also see city-states being made up of aggregations of neighborhoods.

      In reference to Europe, I did a hub about some of the obstacles to Social Democracy in the US, and one of them was how multicultural the U.S. is. Take a look at "View From Outside" (It may be linked into this piece even) .

      As for the age of Occupy, 8.5 months is a good estimate.


      I look forward to reading my latest inspiration!

    • junko profile image


      6 years ago

      The Occupy Movement include, those that are invested in Captalism, which cause them to be half-hearted, thus they can't find clarity. Thanks for giving me my latest Hub.

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 

      6 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Well, You got one Occupier here to comment. I, like all other Occupiers must say that I speak for myself and not the movement - it is important to keep that in mind: there are no leaders and decisions have to be taken by the whole.

      With that in mind, I more or less agree with You that many of us like the idea of city-states. I call it "back to tribalism". And here, I must add that I do not see tribalism as something bad. I think that our societies have grown to such an extent that there is hardly any control left. There is hardly any responsability and/or accountability for our leaders/politicians and we are so divers (as people) in our cities especially, that our behaviour/beliefs often clash in nasty ways. That is one reason why I think smaller would work better.

      I am with You though, in the thought that social societies as now exist in Northern Europe (I.E. Finland, Norway, etc.) are a much better option than what exists now in North America. The sleight problem with that is etnicity. Those societies have a lot of the same people and this brings us back to the topic which I spoke about a minute ago: diversity. Where there is great diversity, it is difficult to come to a common ground (on anything really). So, I am not sure if societies in North America would be able to be run like those in Northern Europe because of the fact that here in North America, our societies are extremely multicultural: everyone has their own beliefs, values, etc.

      I also agree with You that a parallel economy can take place. I for one, prohibit myself from buying products made in countries which have no child labour laws. I do not support greedy corporations, I don;t do McNasty or any of that other garbage ... We have choices but we have to start taking responsability as individuals and we all need to start doing our own little part. I don't expect every single person to come camp-out downtown but I do wish everyone can at least join this discussion.

      Thank You for the write, thank You for the support and please do continue the conversation. Cheers!

      P.S. As You well said, the movement started last October - just past the six months mark so, please ... a little patience? LOL

    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 

      6 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      I totally agree with you, TeaPartyCrasher. The OWS movement needs to clarify its goals much more. They pride themselves on having an entire cornucopia of goals and issues but that will not cut it longer term. The general public will get bored with nothing solid to latch on to. In the meantime, police forces are cracking down heavily on them with no public backlash. They need to get their act together. Great Hub.


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