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When Government Becomes a Monster

Updated on February 21, 2021
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As our needs change throughout life, so will our interest's and pursuits of human comfort. Part of life is making the right decisions.

Written In Honor of My Daughter, Rebecca Jones.
Written In Honor of My Daughter, Rebecca Jones. | Source

A Government Preoccupied with Feeding its Own Monstrous Appetite.

Is our great United States in its death throes? Are we crumbling from within, like Rome, like the ancients who have fallen through eons of time preceding us? Where are we in the timeline of modern history, and how long will it take for us to finally topple and fall under the absolute corrupt power that has taken us over? Will we realize that a critical moment has passed, or will we even heed a warning that government has a limit of growth against the size of its population? Once that critical point has been exceeded, Government becomes all powerful and self regulating. This is to the point that the citizens and representatives have become ineffective to stop or guide the now monolith government machine that must be fed; and feeding itself has become its preoccupation. What was originally designed to be a government of the people, for the people and by the people with delegations of representatives, governors and a presidency; all three branches of government for the safety of keeping our purpose, to be free and have constitutional rights under God, where has this gone? The light of democracy is rapidly extinguished because the overgrown stepchild of national government has consumed all our personal and collective resources. They are a fat bovine of bureaucracy slathered in fat and must be fed. They have expanded their positions so that now they can vote and appoint and increase their own appetites as they choose. Now they have morphed into a taxpayers monster. A nightmare?

The combined payroll/benefits of all government employees, and all its dependents, expense accounts and retirements is mind boggling. Its enough were it cashed out, to pay off all our national debt I'm sure. The many departments of justice, transportation, defense and others are creating exorbitant budgets, in order to fund their own interpretation of life, since many of these are successive generations of expert protagonists. They create their own budgets, they set their own goals, they consume mega resources and still demand more. They know how to perform. We pay for their nonsense.

The social health and medical systems are all consuming and never satiated. The legislative bills written to both fund and to vet its employees and recipients is overwhelming. The executives whether private or political based, are busy skimming the cream off the top at every crook and turn . Medicine in the United States is tantamount to the gold of the ancient Incas and Mayans. "Run amuck" is truly the motto of social healthcare..

National security, cyber crimes and international defense funds organizations far and wide. Surveillance of the public and all suspicious activity is foremost on the minds of the current administration. Communications, Satellites, Drones, Stealth, have the attention of our lawmakers. Federal Food and Drug Administration has mega interests within Agriculture, and marketing. Environmental Hazard and Energy Resource Exploration capitalizes on our tax dollars. Not much is left to the imagination, including billions spent on climate and global exploration.

Each of these entities have already been empowered and must be fed. Their hands are out, waiting for us to fill them. The combined financial burden is sometimes likened to the monster pig who must be fed. The more he wallows, the more he must be fed. Only this Pig can never be slaughtered. The farmer that owns him has given up control, given up ownership and this Monster pig of Government is in control but totally out of control. What is left to do?

The original intent of citizen taxes, Social security and collected revenues within our nation was to have and maintain a simple government that was to be largely governed by its own people, the owners and expertise of its founders. In essence the working class was to be part of the government itself and it was to be restricted in size and cost due to the allowance of free enterprise and other basic freedoms. It was designed to release us from the curses of unbearable taxation that was prevalent in England at the time of our nations creation. The Constitution document was the baby born of oppression sick immigrants landed in the Federal Union of the United States. Wars were fought and many died in order to secure these inalienable rights. The Constitution and Bill of rights were signed in blood of our founding fathers. George Washington, as our first elected president was also the commander in chief and military general of the greatest country ever born on this earth. We had lots to be thankful for, - but do we now? Are we even holding on to its promise "give me liberty or give me death?" Andrew Jackson, Paul Revere where are you now? I hope we bear them within our spirits as we seek to rescue this country from the hungry pig of overgrown government. From the greedy hound dogs of poverty and corruption that are stalking our lands!

The slow demise and overthrow of the peoples republic could be mostly accredited to the sheer mass of government funded social programs, over the top political salaries, unaccounted for contributions to pseudo, nee-political groups that exist as shadow groups for the purpose of channeling and funneling government money. Also out of control use of expense budgets, project funds, and even protection money for anti- government groups. The system has become so burdened with these leeches that we can't sufficiently track and identify the people who set them up. Foreign operators seem to easily flow in and out of our system without alarm or restraint. Secrets are sold internationally to the highest bidders, oops, did I say defense secrets? Nuclear threat treaties and compensations add billions to the price tag of peace.

Where does the money come from? Most of the burden is born by the American Taxpayer. If you were to be asked if you knew what your tax money was paying for, much of the answer would be incredulous and unbelievable. Not only have we loaded the country down with unnecessary and costly programs, we also pay a emperor's ransom for entertainment and pleasure for the elected and elite. There are no more Abraham Lincolns, and Ben Franklin's who wasted and spent themselves for the good of the country. Every politician has his own price and expectation of what he should receive for his term in office. If there are a few honest ones, they are soon pushed aside or replaced, for this government exists on special interest's and tainted campaign funds. Our nations ethics reality says that we are saturated with the belief of wealth through political savvy and personal compensation brought by oppressive taxes and policies that benefit the corporations, the executives and political elites.

Where can we go with all of this? Who is going to reign in the overgrown government? We've already bankrupted the national treasuries, but the machine is still being oiled by new revenues that end up on the backs of the people. Tolls, taxes, tariff's, exorbitant government fee's; and they all end up with less benefits to the little guy who is the taxpayer. Its not even imaginable where it will take us in the next 25 years. We are feeding a self serving and self preserving organism that is bleeding the life of our nation. Someone, indeed some brave people are needed. Government 101 needs to be re-designed and quickly so. Para-deign shift is essential to survival. International diplomacy and economy depend on us being the strongest nation and strongest currency. But alas, the disease is eating away at the very fabric of our nation and its principles as we contemplate how to curb its appetite. We are the only ones that can overhaul the monster trying to consume us. Our children's futures are at stake. There is no gain for the commoner or taxpayer while this soul eating parasite is preying upon us.

The criterion of future success is to initiate a housecleaning of dirty politics within our nations capital; also within state capitals, including all levels of legislature. No one can be allowed a special interest unless it benefits the whole of us. These government moneys must be re-focused to pay for infrastructure, for necessary governing heads of state and other life sustaining expenses. Extravagance and lavishness should never again be allowed with National Treasuries, State treasuries or any of taxpayers Money. Securities and exchanges should be re-aligned with only the most necessary commodities and services. Iron clasps of national assurance should be placed on our incomes, our investments, homes and business. One organization should be oversight of another and vice versa, and all opportunity should be shared equally. Somehow our Nation and its leaders have sold out, and lost any vestige or moral compass. Its free for all and all for one politics's and its melting us. Its destroying us. We need action. We need much more than just hope for better days. Grass roots reorganization is going to be required. Everyone that undertakes to become a legislator should be tested and proven before he gains public office. It should become taboo to accept a pay-out for any public office function or duty. But who will step up? Who will dare to be the catalyst of change in a crooked society? Who will take the welfare, survival and health of our United States of America to heart? - Step up Please!

Battle Cry Against Over-sized Government

Americans Unite! Freedom from ignorance, poverty and political corruption! Take back our country from the communists, socialists, and opportunists who are seeking to destroy us and feed on our taxes, and on our resources, both individual and collective. Stop the waste of resources within our government. Accountability and containment of all resources. Slow down and stop the money leaving our nations treasuries. The people in control of our wealth and resources need proving. That's the answer for our national debt crisis. Stop anything that doesn't have a positive and purposed financial cause. Give us back our wealth and freedom. Battle Cry of the Republic!

© 2019 Oscar Jones


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