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When "So What?" Matters Most

Updated on November 27, 2019

When So What? Matters Most

How Did It Go From YOLO to So What?

For more than 3 generations, our youngsters were born into a constantly evolving world of technological advancements. Technology is a wonderful thing. Until it begins to erode the human element into robotics.

Don't believe that's possible? No? Look around you.

We have a generation that has NO idea how to use cursive writing, do math without help from a device, count back change from a $1 (Why would they when they all possess credit cards they can flash on the dime?) or do their own work without computers, calculators, driverless cars, robots to do their cleaning, magic toothbrushes that do everything but surgical implants and forget learning to cook their own meals. Why do that when they can flash their ever present, newest human limb, their cell phones, and get a food service to deliver a full meal and return and do the clean up afterward?

They don't need to watch their own kids either. Daycare takes that job away and then, there is always Alexis, to run a load of laundry, turn on the A/C or turn up the thermostat for more heat. Not to mention choose the music they listen to in each room of their oversized homes with the 2 saunas and 4 hot tubes in every room.

But the worst is their attitudes of So What? Is that So What? is their answer to all of the world's problems.

War in the Middle East where hundreds of thousands are being tortured and murdered by Turks? So what? Immigrant kids being thrown into cages? So what?

A president who can't make it through a single half hour without lying constantly? So what? A government owned by thieving, corrupt billionaires? Politicians hot to banish the Constitution, allow polluters to poison the air, water and soil, create selective laws that profit only them? So what?

Veterans sent to for profit, 20 year old wars who come home to live on the streets without medical care? So What?

Who expects these coddled, overindulged, boogie young adults to care what happens to the planet when it is no longer healthy to live in? So What?

If everything comes down to "So What?," how does that indifference to the most pressing facts, truths and issues not create problems for their futures?

When So What? is the resolution to every problem, are problems really resolved or do they end up on a more mature minded, responsible person's plate?

And does the So What? generation really believe they are never going to be older than 35 or 40? So What? They'll load up on Botox, plastic surgery and the next round of miracle anti aging regimens.

Perhaps, those two single words are now a serious mental attitude that is applied to anything and everything that remotely causes a tiny wrinkle of discomfort. No surprise there...from generations who have never had to want for anything and had it all handed to them.

Now this does not apply to those born in third world countries until you ask who in those third world countries had the So What? attitude. It doesn't apply to those born in poverty and deprivation. They know the answer to So What? better than most of us can.

When you have a power mad world of white males proving they are above the law, how soon will that So What? Turn to What the He-double-hockey-sticks?

So What? is an abject indifference to anyone and anything that stretches out of their personal realm of comfort.

So What? is the first step toward the end of a just, lawful government, decency, honesty, truth, facts and freedom. It is the first step that proves the road to civility is roadblocked by the most self-centered, self-serving human beings to leave the birth canal.

Lying, cheating, defrauding, corruption? So What? So long as that So What? makes another billionaire's power over humanity grow, So What?

The reality of such abject indifference is so inextricably linked to the ostentatious, pretentious glorification of money that it has the massive power to erode civilizations. But, So What?

Turn on the TV and all you see is blood, guts and gore. So What? So What? if kids today know how to use an AK47 to get even with their fellow schoolmates?

To the So Whatters out there, your belief that nothing is that important to distract from the next 100 cell phone calls or those unbelievably dark video games, how well will you function when your So What has lighted Tiki Torch bearing, brown shirt control freaks beating your down just because you are not an Ayrian.

Most of the mature minded will be long gone when the effects of So What begins to show signs of enormous depravity, egregious greed, lawless public conduct and a generation who thought education was a So What? issue.

Why get an education when you can download anything you need to know on your cellphone? So What? if there are experienced, expert educators and medical professionals who know more than what a blog or software app programmed to some other So Whatters' design to misconstrue facts and truth to their programmed specifications?

The scary thought is that the So Whatters out there are totally oblivious to the "What Happens when So What no longer resolves problems?" When So What hangs in the air while the world around the So Whatters is a shambles.

Oh well, So what?


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    • Ewent profile imageAUTHOR

      Eleanore Ferranti Whitaker 

      20 months ago from Old Bridge, New Jersey

      Brenda, One of the most prophetic films ever made was one called, "Soylent Green," written by author Henry Harrison before it became a movie.

      Everything Mr. Harrison wrote is already happening today. Is it not true that the rich live in golden penthouses while there are vets, young kids and women living in the streets?

      Is it not true that fake meat is already being pushed as an answer to the shortage of food? Is it also not true today that the air being so bad as was depicted in that film that people are suffering massive illness as a result?

      I've been a fiction novelist of suspense novels. So Mr. Harrison's genre is not one I could write with such prophetic excellence.

      The idea that So What is the answer to all of the world's ills is as you so rightly pointed out, an excuse. How long does a civilization survive on excuses, power freaks who want to control all of us and the way our children are educated?

      Education is the one surviving element that keeps a civilization from extinction and yet, you have so many who want to rewrite law, history and inject their version of so called Evangelism into education.

      I realize there are young people out there who are keenly aware of what is happening. I applaud them and their efforts. I also know that the more their middle aged parents continue to hover over their every move, they inhibit their children's ability to survive and to be able to understand the idea of options.

      Those in power today do not want us to think in terms of options. Unless, of course, the options are created by them.

      Control freaks love that So What because they know it means surrender to a form of existence they totally control.

    • Brenda Arledge profile image


      20 months ago from Washington Court House

      This " So What" attitude is not a good thing for anyone to have or use in their life.

      Yes, I know kids of today say it alot. But when I was young we would have got back handed for being so disrespectful.

      I do tend to blame the parents for not putting their foot down and making kids understand this mentality is not accepted.

      As for the rest of the will be a mess. We cannot exist if people keep using this excuse.

      The simplicity of electronics has made life seem way too easy...but one day they will not work...then who will be ready or able to handle anything in life?

      I suggest teaching kids and adults to do things without electronic devices so they will know how. The same applies with cooking...could they take care of themselves.

      Let's teach is up to the older generation to make certain.

      Enjoyed your share.

    • ValKaras profile image

      Val Karas 

      20 months ago from Canada

      Eleanore -- Since you deleted my comment, it must be me that you are addressing with your friendly response.

      Well, I say, SO WHAT if you choose to lose nerves over things you have no power to change.

      Hey, I never said there are "none of those in a position to make a change possible" -- and THEY are the ones called upon to do something, not those (guess who) that are just shadow-boxing with the world's injustices and abnormalities.

      If you happen to be among THOSE WITH THAT POWER, please, tell me what was the last time when the world decided to change --because YOU asked them to. Amen.

      And SO WHAT if you choose to ignore the fact that I am 75, while putting down my experience with children, and also my ability to observe and make rational conclusions from my own observations.

      And SO WHAT if you choose to project on me what bothers you about yourself -- that is, always being in some kind of opposition. (Especially when it's about male gender -- and who really cares WHY).

      People, ALL people -- including yourself -- are very selective about what they see as important in this world. That being "selective" comes from our individual differences, our intellectual tastes, and from our freedom to express it -- with no need to ask for an approval from those (guess who) normative ones who think that there should be something like a human uniformity, and a one-fit-all worldview.

      So, try to relax, you seem like a person who could benefit from some of that SO WHAT attitude.

      Now, please be so civil and delete my comment AGAIN.

      SO WHAT?

    • Ewent profile imageAUTHOR

      Eleanore Ferranti Whitaker 

      20 months ago from Old Bridge, New Jersey

      Look, no civilization survives when complacency, indifference and passivity is allowed to rule the world. I have seen more than 5 generations of children something YOU have not, pass before me. So, my experienced with children of varying ages is far superior to yours.

      So please, spare me the Father Knows Best Superiority Act.

      I've read your posts on other issues. I always find those posts of yours to always support the opposite of others' opinions.

      I know what my two sons, ages 54 and 50 tell me about the young people they work with.

      Most of them are parented by people YOUR age. Middle to young seniors who spent more time dropping kids off at daycare with perfect strangers than with their own kids. That is where their So What attitudes come from.

      As expected, the result is that even my own 2 middle age sons claim their generation of parents really screwed up as parents.

      Why? Because these children of the middle to young senior age parents, are ME FIRSTERS who are pushy, shovey, snarky and believe common courtesy is So What?

      As in So What if they take a day off from their jobs and don't even bother to let their employer know? So What?

      But oh boy, just dock them for that day off and they SO WHAT until they can be heard in Russia.

      So what if they demand a CEO salary for 10 minutes of actual work? Their pathetic parents will do anything to placate these overindulged, underworked So Whatters.

      Sorry, I know what good breeding is and raising children to think they can do as they please from birth is irresponsible parenting.

      Instead of these young adults always grabbing for a selfie opportunity, maybe if they paid more attention to things that matter, they wouldn't brush off the most important things that WILL matter to their futures.

      As for generalization, this post was ONLY intended for those who feel guilty about their parenting skills and for young adults who need to begin to see a reflection of themselves as they really are in their mirrors. Instead of those phony online social media post nicknames and bravado posts.

      Your post did nothing to alter what I wrote. Try again.


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