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When You Say You're Sorry and Ask Forgiveness

Updated on December 24, 2011

There are many religions, and even more beliefs on what is the right and wrong way of living.  So many people are so deeply into their religious beliefs that they forget about the way they live their lives, and the practicality of their day to day lives.

Churches, or at least many churches preach and teach that unless you live correctly you will go to hell.  That is unless you ask God's forgiveness for their sins, then they are forgiven and their sin is forgotten.  This is all well and good, except that the reality of this theory is that people tend to take advantage of any and every situation possible.  What ends up happening more often then not is that because people are creatures of habit, we become repeat offenders.  Once we do something, right or wrong, if it works out for our best, we repeat the act.  The problem with this, as I see it, is that if you are truly sorry for doing something, you will not do it again.

People who have bad habits, like drugs, sex offenses, and so on often feel the burden of guilt put upon their soul for the things they have done.  This guilt builds and builds in their everyday life until they must do something to relieve it.  Often times what they do is to go to church and confess, and ask for forgiveness.  Then they feel that their soul has been cleansed, and they are off the hook.  Then, the problem really takes hold, because the very thing that they confessed they are more often than not driven to repeat.  The original bad behavior has given them some kind of inner satisfaction, and is causes the offense to be repeated.  This is almost always true of sexual offenses, towards children or women.

So, my question is this--was the person truly sorry in the first place?  Does God allow us to be sorry of an offense over and over, allowing us to repeat it again and again?  What about the people who do this?  Are they not sorry in the first place, only using this as a way to relieve the pressure of the guilt they have brought upon themselves?  and what about the person who dies in the middle of such a merry go round of sinning and forgiveness?  Is there any compensation or any room for error in this situation?  Or are their souls just bound for Hell?

In a logical way of thinking, my guess would be that if you are guilty of such acts, you had better be sure of being sorry, for being sorry in my book means that you realize the severity of what you have done and will not repeat the hurt you have dealt out.  This in my opinion is the only way in which God will forgive, for He can see inside your heart and soul and He knows if you are sincere. 

Those of you that are using church as a ways and means of continuing doing things that end up making you feel guilty, then have a continual circle of this behavior, just know that this is not going to work in the way that you think.  If you are going to a church that teaches this method of acting and forgiving, you are spending your time in the wrong place on Sundays.

The Bible teaches us that there is no work good enough to cleanse your souls of sin, and that the only way to clean your heart and soul of this guilt is through confession and forgiveness.    Also remember that the second you repeat the very thing you asked forgiveness for, you have lied to yourself and to your God.  Repeating bad behavior is a way of telling yourself that you need help and you are responsible for your acts and must be the one to seek the help you need to stop doing whatever it is that you are doing.  Do not fool yourself into thinking that God is going to eliminate this for you, for you are the only one responsible for what you are doing.  Nothing is easy, nothing is simple.  Seek help, then do not repeat those things again.  Only then will anyone truly believe you are sorry.


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  • ddsurfsca profile image

    ddsurfsca 6 years ago from ventura., california

    I totally understand the theory, and I know how it works, but I just happen to know more than a few people who ask forgiveness for the same offenses over and over. This I have a hard time swallowing, nor do I feel they are sincere.

  • Paradise7 profile image

    Paradise7 6 years ago from Upstate New York

    Truly repentent people try their best not to repeat their mistakes. However, we're all human. The key thing is to "forgive those who trespass against us"; it is part of the formula for our own forgiveness for our own trespasses.