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When does a membership become uncomfortable?

Updated on May 24, 2015

Staying alone could be boring: what about being a member of a party, association, professional union or whatever; that has always been a sensible subject. Generally speaking, people are seeking for power or at least some kind of assurance on their future. That's part of the reason why big parties, interest groups and commercial guilds or associations are common and frequent. And what about an uncommon membership. One on those who crate scandals? The most important and in some way emblematic thing is the 50's western attitude towards communism. American McCarthyism was at the time strongly based on arbitrary actions and unfairness. It was not possible for a communist to get a public office. They were investigated (with a special emphasis) and sometimes incarcerated. Famous incarcerations regards the government officer accused to be a soviet spy Alger Hiss and the Italian political activist Silvia Baraldini. A well known death is the one of the scientist Willem Reich. Things were different in Wester Europe and they are different nowadays. But a right winded leadership lasted, to make an example, in Italian police; consequences are still evident in the Genoa 2001 summit protests and related reactions.

A scheme showing ideological connections (with extremists on borads)

If we take a look at European Parliament composition today, just two factions can be considered extremist. As in the early nineties Far Right movement disappeared, nowadays we have Euro-skeptics on the right side and Radicals on the left. While socialist and conservative are socially acceptable and rule many countries, carrying on long lasting tradition. Some extremism can be found into a central party such as the Liberals and Democrats for Europe. This group is nowadays comprehending biggest government party in the Netherlands VVD but it also hosts the radical of D66. This last one is pushing for radical constitutional reforms such as abolition of monarchy and a stronger presence of European Institution in Dutch public life. As usual, radicals are proposing radical solutions and measures, difference between acceptability of their ideas is made on economics point of view; while one can discuss a form of public organisation and religious believes are perceived as personal orientations and thoughts. But going against property is something still connected to theft in people's mind.

European Parliament composition during the years



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