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When the Spirit of John Lennon Touched Down in Dallas, BLM vs. Counter-Protesters

Updated on August 25, 2017

It was last June when CNN posted a video at its Youtube channel that went largely unnoticed, as it was untitled and with a poor description. But what the street camcorder video showed was quite remarkable. A Dallas Black Lives Matter (BLM) march was taking place, with a now inevitable counter-protest forming. Cowboy hats, US flags, and pickup trucks meet BLM. Then an amazing thing happened. It ended up in a hug-fest and group prayer for peace in Dallas.

It is a jaw-dropping moment not seen enough of in America. Why CNN chose to essentially bury it, never running it on the headline news, is anyone's guess. Violence and conflict always lead.

It is more than a year later, as the country braces for what seems to be endless protests and counter-protests. The sides are sometimes not clearly defined, as the media actively misrepresents some rallies as "white supremacists" as it did in Boston this month, inciting record crowds and police presences.

Some politicians are also fanning the flames of discord, such as Nancy Pelosi and Senator Dianne Feinsten, who have labeled an upcoming rally of avowed Trump supporters as one of "white supremacists." The description is clearly absurd, as, never noted by the media or Pelosi, only one of the speakers is even white.

Rather, the incendiary portrayals of conservatives and Trump supporters whose views are well within the the mainstream seem to be an attempt to polarize the country, and spark the cycle of violence and counter-violence. Always at the ready is Antifa, the self-styled "anti-fascists," to whom any Trump supporter is as good as a Nazi, and deserves no different treatment.

Whom does this benefit? How and why? These are questions citizens must be asking themselves as we enter these most turbulent of times in recent history, since four protesters were shot dead by National Guard loaded with live ammunition at Kent State. Someone is driving this. But who and why?

Below, a truly uplifting moment for those who need one right now.

"Where have you gone Joe Demaggio? A nation turns it's lonely eyes to you." - Simon and Garfunkle

Inspiring: The Spirit of John Lennon Touches Down in Dallas


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