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When the World Isn't Ready

Updated on April 27, 2016

The world wasn't ready for Nikola Tesla. But over the past two decades we have continued to unearth his revolutionary ideas and radical discoveries, most of which were suppressed by his detractors and rivals. He was held back by the elites of his time and as a result didn't rise up to be one of the household names in science and technology,although he did have his own share of fans with the likes of Mark Twain.

His radical Free Energy concept for the world was fought hard and pushed down by the advocates of the emerging energy source of the time, fossil fuels. The coal superpowers would go so far with a kind of character assassination commonly used during election season and they were able to discredit his work and make him look like the misunderstood and frustrated mad scientist. They even went so very far by putting in the spotlight his alleged mental disorder of schizophrenia.

The suppression of Nikola Tesla technology was a clear sign that the world wasn't ready for him, and the same kind of phenomenon happens every time a new breakthrough idea comes about that appears to threaten powerful people who've invested so much of their wealth into the opposite idea.

Sure, electric cars are emerging right now because of Tesla (the car brand) and General Motors; but let's not forget about the time when Arnold Schwarzenegger was governor of California when the electric car was brought to the spotlight and eventually 'killed' according to the popular documentary Who Killed the Electric Car?

When electric cars became popular in the state of California back in 1996, things got a little exciting because here was this clean alternative to typical noisy gas eaters. The world (or the USA at least) wasn't ready for something so radical yet. The whole idea would eventually be killed off ten years later. But then, back in 2006 we didn't have the advancement in renewable energy we have today and we certainly didn't have the super advanced technology that Tesla motors has brought in. Is the world really ready for electric cars again? Will General Motors revive the car it once killed?

GM's electric car EV1 released between 1996-1999


When a person isn't ready for something and he does it, he usually gets a public kind of embarrassment that could change him for life. Take for example a person who's scheduled to give a speech to a wide audience but is obviously unprepared because of his nervous body language, his stuttering and of course you'll notice him not even trying to hide his copy of the speech. By showing to everyone around that he's reading his speech from a piece of paper and not knowing it by heart, he has humiliated himself.

I guess the same goes for the new ideas brought upon the world when these ideas were so ripe. Remember that we were the type of species that shamed homosexuals back in the day because of the long history of us finding their sexuality quite strange. Nobody back then would come out openly gay because of the fear of humiliation and being categorized among the not-so-favorite minorities. We also made Nicolaus Copernicus' life a living hell because he believed that the earth moved around the sun and that the sun was the center, not the earth.

Now society as a whole is far more open-minded than it ever was. Sure, there are always groups that stand firm on their ideas and are completely indifferent with the cultural shift we are all experiencing, but new radical ideas aren't in fear for their own lives anymore. We've come to a point where so many ideas are welcome and are challenged as well. We've come to a point where democracy truly rules.

Is the World Ready to be a Free World?

The falling of oil prices is one of the emerging symbols of a new free world. The oil-exporting countries in the Middle East, along with a heavy hoard of investors in the West are losing their power. They might be so fast that these investors shift their sights on the emerging renewable energy, but doing so would only help male the world 'free-er' for everyone because renewable energy doesn't have to be monopolized by big-time suppliers - even individuals can provide for themselves.

When the oil trade all goes crashing down and is subsequently replaced by a combination of all our clean energy sources, we''ll inch even closer to the kind of world Nikola Tesla envisioned for all of us. He envisioned of a Free Energy world, and his Tesla Coil was the symbol of this all with its towering presence and its promise to give free energy to all around it. It just wasn't good at the time when electrical wires were spread across hundreds or thousands of miles. It wasn't good because if pursued and found successful, it would bring down the entire energy industry with it.

Perhaps the concept of industry in the energy industry will also change itself. No longer will the energy industry be heavily driven by profit and monopolized by elite countries with so much stock of it. A natural wonder like the sun was created for everyone and everyone shall benefit from it equally - this is a typical premise of a free energy world.


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