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When we get to the end of the road

Updated on September 19, 2011
It's still We The People ,not we the politicians
It's still We The People ,not we the politicians

When we get to the end of the road.

Just because we get a little sick someone thinks we are all done, not. It’s been a long time belief of mine that even the lowest man on the totem pole has a place in the sun.

I have witnessed many people just give up on themselves needlessly just because of a medical statement. Doctors like many other professions are sometimes mistaken for the final word. I feel very lucky to have been under such a great bunch of care givers, doctors and nurses during my hospital stay.

We, as in you and I must have personal commitment to go the distance and not give up for any reason. It’s not over until you hear the music and feel the spirit my friends. We have an obligation to set an example of our life by living, even it hurts. We are given a bank account of unlimited power and strength to help us fight the down side.

I suggest you stand tall even through the pain, fight, curse or whatever you have to do to stay alive. Just when you think it’s over, life will surprise you with more life. I know there are times when my analogy of living with pain may not work and truly I have seen the suffering of one’s sole to stay alive. You can’t catch any damn fish if you don’t put your pole in the water. I’m basically talking to those folks who are strong enough to walk, run or otherwise just need to get up and do something other than give up.

I have found that trying to be a mentor to young guys is harder than it looks, when your full of piss and vinegar and your body is like a guided missile. Everyone has or had something to bring to the horse race at one time or another. The older you get the softer you become to those who need your help. Not everyone was a rock star in their youth but we all did work and participate in the art learning to be a father or mother or just a hard working blacksmith or whatever. This gives us the right to be qualified as humans and all the rights that come with that honor.

Let’s get to work today and do something if nothing but turning a page over for a friend who can still see to read. Be alive and be counted among the living and show just how much steam an old locomotive can put out. Let’s get involved with the local community recreation centers that provide a medium for the arts or even cooking, bingo, or anything to do with getting busy. Let’s show the world what kind of people we are the 60’s are the new 50’s. A new world is ready for us if we just learn to say no to the ever growing bureaucracy of retirement at 65, 66, and 67 or when ever. Our big thing at these days is living long enough to retire on a meager social security check. A pittance not hardly enough to pay the inflated rent or house payment we have been left with due to the government’s mismanagement of the real estate market.

My friends let’s just take our lives back, remember from cradle to grave that was the promise from the liberals years ago. All we need is to have an equalization of power again like in the 1950’s, remember Father knows best, leave it to beaver and so many other stimulating television shows that portrayed the population of America at the time. We have so much to be thankful for in America even as the face of the clock has changed. Remember these kids running our Government learned everything from our generation so it’s up to us to fix it.

There is so much knowledge and experience in the minds of those who built this country and made it strong. Spend a day or an hour with a neighbor or just a friend who may be closed in or just visit a nursing home sometime and just listen. You can stimulate the will to live in the minds of idol people who have just given up because of health or lake of family.

The moral of the story is don’t give up, stand up and be herd or teach those that can’t hear you because their mouth is always on the run. I believe a little push is all that’s needed to bring our younger population into the fold. We need their help as much as they need us to weather the storms of life.


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