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Politics: Clinton White House: Where's the Crisis?

Updated on December 7, 2017
William F. Torpey profile image

Graduated NYU in 1964. Worked in NYC for 2 years in public relations then as reporter and editor before retiring from The Hour newspaper.

Starr Initiates Open-Ended Probe


Bill Clinton Faces Accusations

President Bill Clinton
President Bill Clinton | Source

Don't look now, but for the good of your friends and neighbors we have appointed a special prosecutor to find out if you've been cheating on your wife (or husband), illegally deducting your entertainment expenses on your income taxes or lying to your boss when you call in sick!

But you needn't worry. The American people don't care.

And, besides, you haven't got a thing to hide; after all, weren't you born without original sin?

I've had enough of the current all-out effort by President Clinton's enemies -- especially television shows that like to say they are covering news -- to drive a hard working, effective chief executive out of office. Haven't you?

A Right Wing Witch Hunt

Sure, I'm a Democrat and Hubert Humphrey-type liberal, but that's beside the point. This current witch hunt by the right wing and, specifically, by their point man, Kenneth Starr, has to stop now!

Personally, I'm ashamed of the way officials of our government, columnists, radio and television personalities and others are drawing from the bottom of the ethical barrel -- for political purposes, for self-aggrandizement, or for ratings.

The ethics of national leaders, both public and private, is becoming more and more worrisome. How can we allow the likes of Geraldo Rivera, Chris Matthews and Tim Russert -- not to mention those outlandish right-wing radio personalities -- to pollute our airwaves with their drivel?

Even our children now are exposed to wild, unsubstantiated charges of sexual indiscretions that mothers around the country have to try to explain to their young ones. How do you tell a child what these accusations mean? And how do you tell them that it's OK for anyone to make such malicious, libelous comments about our president without regard for truth, ethics or reality?

Nonstop Investigations

Clinton has been president for five years, and he's been investigated for everything and anything from the moment he had the gall to announce he would run for the office against a Republican. None of the dozens of accusations against him has been proven, but that hasn't stopped commentators from calling him everything under the sun, over and over again.

I admire President Clinton. If I were under the barrage he's been under on a daily basis for five years, I'd have lost my top years ago.

The president's critics like to compare his troubles with Watergate or Iran-Contra. Nothing could be more absurd. The most serious allegation against Clinton, or even all the allegations put together, don't approach those two incidents. Both Watergate and Iran-Contra deal with presidential efforts to subvert our existing government and the Constitution of the United States.

While I am disappointed in the ethics and toilet-bowl mentality of many who hold influential positions in the media and in government, I've been heartened by recent newspaper columns as well as statements by courageous individuals in and out of the media that show an understanding of our president's "crisis."

How many radio and TV three-hour specials on "The White House in Crisis" have you seen or heard?

What crisis?

I wrote this column as a "My View" for The Hour newspaper of Norwalk, Conn., on Jan. 31, 1998. I now write my views on a wide variety of topics on HubPages.

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President Clinton Gives Televised Statement of His Testimony


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    • William F. Torpey profile image

      William F Torpey 9 years ago from South Valley Stream, N.Y.

      Bill Clinton may not have been a giant like Roosevelt, Truman or Kennedy, but he left a very comfortable budget surplus for George W. Bush to squander. I appreciate you comments, Bob.

    • profile image

      Bob 9 years ago

      Bill....Being a firefighter as long as I have , I have heard over and over "Where there is smoke there is fire" In every case it turned out to be true. Now in Slick Willie's case. You either believe him or the 92 females who have stated in one way or another he has had some sort of sexual contact with them . Given his history , I tend to believe the ladies .