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Where is the Justice in Inflation?

Updated on June 19, 2011

You WILL need a Lawyer

Recent History

Many years ago there were more qualified lawyers than there were jobs for them.

Lawyers became known as ambulance chasers. These ambulance chasers would wait outside of hospitals, when an ambulance with a patient arrived; they would hurry to see the patient in order to convince them that they should be suing somebody for whatever happened to them.

Now, as there are even more potentially unemployed lawyers, the situation has got worse.

Everyday on television or in newspapers, you see advertisements from lawyers. These ads try to convince you that if you have an ache or a pain or even an itch, it is somebody’s fault and that you should seek legal compensation.

This has led, over the years, to a huge increase in law suits against Hospitals, Doctors and Pharmaceutical companies. To the lawyers, it doesn’t matter who wins or loses, the lawyers for both sides get paid.

Because these cases against the Doctors etc., have gone up, their insurance has obviously had to go up. With the cost of the insurance going up, the Doctors have to put their fees up. With the cost of Doctor and Hospital expenses rising, the cost of medical or accident insurance has had to rise.

To compensate for the increases in insurance costs for accident or medical, transportation and other employers, have had to raise their prices for services or goods. These increases come down to us to pay, along with the increases we have to pay for our own insurance needs.

As lawyers, who are also consumers, find that prices are on the rise, they increase their fees, starting the cycle all over again.

Are Legal Ethics, Illegal?


When will lawyers and their practices be curtailed?

This year, there are no existing jobs for two thirds of all qualifying law graduates. As existing law firms will always welcome more cases, more legal “situations” will arise to find employment for this excess in lawyers. Why not? You will need lawyers to stop it from happening.

It has passed the point where, if we are in need, we seek a lawyer. It has come to the point where lawyers create the need for us to need lawyers.

No other profession can do this. Could a Doctor hurt people, to get more business? Could a General start a war, to keep his job?

No, of course not, it would be illegal.

Why isn’t it illegal for lawyers to do it?

Many of the law makers are lawyers. The Judges are lawyers. If we want to fight this, we have to see lawyers.

Where is the justice?


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    • dahoglund profile image

      Don A. Hoglund 6 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

      It also seems that one cannot afford to hire a lawyer anymore. the last one I saw charged like $500 an hour.