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Where to Get Your Morning Political News

Updated on May 12, 2014

Morning News

If you're like me, the first thing you do in the morning is check the news to see if anything happened overnight, or is happening that morning that may be of interest. It is a great way to feel like you are up-to-date and ready for the day. It also gives you a chance to get caught up on what happened the day before. There is something nice about being able to carry on conversations about current events in the course of your day, and if you're into politics, there are a few sites that stand out as great sources for that daily dose of political chatter.

This hub will look at a few different sources for daily political news. While some people may prefer to avoid politics altogether, I think it is important to at least have an idea of what is going on, and these sites tend to filter out some of the noise to give you the top stories and topics that are being discussed.

ABC News: The Note

In my opinion,one of the best morning political news update is The Note from ABC News. It is put together by Rick Klein with Mike Elmore and others who assist in compiling a collection of the top articles of the day. What makes it different than other "list" sites is their commentary. They are very clever, and for a true political junkie, the inside reference abound! I always enjoy getting their perspective on both the immediate events of the previous and current days, as well as an overview of the current political condition. It is particularly useful during election years, where it is a source of information for following candidates as they move through the election process into the actual election season.

To read The Note:

You can also subscribe, and receive several versions of The Note in your inbox daily.

National Review Online

National Review: Articles
National Review: Articles

A great source for blog posts, articles, and links to current political topics. I particularly like their basic blog, "The Corner", where you get commentary and quick updates from all of their contributors.

If you're looking for a no-frills political update website, you'll want to check out Real Clear Politics. Their site aims to bring together a collection of links to "opinion, news, analysis, videos, and polls", and does an excellent job in that quest! There isn't any commentary on the site itself, just links to the top news and opinion articles of the day, with sections for video and polls. If you prefer to do your own commentary, this is definitely the site for you!

Check it out here:

The site has expanded in recent years to include all sorts of other topics - Science, Religion, Markets, etc - so it is an even better source now for filtered, topical news. There are also some great graphs and charts and information on political polling during election seasons.

Other Sites

There are probably thousands of websites dedicated to political news. Depending on your point of view, you can find sites that are entirely sympathetic to your views, or you could choose to branch out and see what the other side thinks.

For updates that are mostly non-political, other than the two listed above, you can check out the following:

MSNBC "First Read":

Political News Daily:

CNN: The Political Ticker:


And you?

Where do you get your morning political news?

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    • Tim Hollis profile image

      Tim Hollis 9 years ago

      I would suggest avoiding the Mainstream Media and starting at They have headlines linked to all outlets that are voted up to the front page. You may comment, add stories and vote them up by clicking on Also included is The Real News Network video feed. These are not beholden to sponsors or the illegally installed Bush/Cheney crime cartel.