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While You Were Busy

Updated on April 7, 2019

Stripe is at the Stove

Good Morning, Breakfastpoppers. Today is Sunday, April 7, 2019. Our new friend, Stripe, is in the kitchen preparing Raisin Muffins for our enjoyment. I am beside Stripe mixing up a batch of Irish Coffees to add to the pleasure of our meal. Stripe is worn out. The subject of Russian collusion and obstruction when it concerns President Trump fills him with disgust. The real colluders and obstructionists are out there awaiting the spotlight to fall on them. In the meantime, other issues are cropping up that are not capturing the attention of the feckless media who see their role in life as brainwashers of the unwashed and uninformed masses.

Please join us for breakfast this morning. Stripe has some information he would like to share. Come as soon as you can. You don't want the Irish Coffees to lose their punch.


The Truth the Media is Hiding

Thanks so much for joining Pop and me this morning. I trust you all are as sick of the Russian collusion story as I am. The Dems are carrying on like lunatics hoping to convince Americans that they know the truth. In the warped opinion of the left the 25 million dollars that Mueller spent investigating never got to the truth. They are stuck in an ugly rut that is going nowhere.

In the meantime, events have unfolded that deserve some attention. One such happening concerns the media. There have been cracks occurring in the wall of bias that has overtaken the MSM. To be honest, the media and the DNC are one in the same. However, there are a few reporters who can't take it anymore, and they are speaking out at great risk to their careers One of these reporters is Yashar Ali. He is a beat reporter writing for the liberal Huffington Post and for New York Magazine., He has come forward to say that top editors from NBC News tried their level best to intimidate him on behalf of the DNC. He has written an unflattering story about the Democratic National Committee. He received a threatening phone call from Dafna Linzer, managing political editor for NBC News and MSNBC. The editor tried to convince him to delay publishing his story. The story isn't really mind blowing. It concerned the schedule for the 2020 Democratic primary debates. Apparently, the DNC didn't want the schedule releasesd, so they called upon their partners in crime to get it delayed. Their pressure didn't work. The fact that the efforts of the DNC and the media were revealed is encouraging. We need more reporters to take a long, hard look at their profession and say that they have had enough.


Breaking the Wall of Media Bias

CBS News correspondent Lara Logan, gave an interview on a podcast that she considered to be professional suicide. Logan stepped forward to declare that the media is biased towards the left. Now most of us know that, but it is rare for a correspondent with the MSM to come out and state the obvious. Logan admitted that this bias has become a problem for her. She points out that 85 percent of journalists are registered Democrats. Journalists have become political activists and propagandists. She admits that all the coverage of the president is negative.

While nothing she has said is a surprise, it is rare for anyone in the MSM to tell the outright truth. Maybe she just couldn't sleep at night anymore. The bias serves to manipulate the public and make them pawns of the left. Her outspokenness won't be looked upon favorably by the MSM, but it exposes the death of true journalism. Perhaps her moment of clarity will spread and others will come forward to say they have had enough.


Say Good-bye to Fox

Like it or not, Fox news is fair and balanced when compared to the other stations. They always offer both sides of a story, and they have hosts who are liberal and commentators who are eager to represent the left's point of view. All that may soon change. Lachlan Murdoch and his wife have plans for the channel that most viewers will find abhorrent. The couple is not pleased with the network's support of the president. Murdoch is fed up with Hannity and Tucker Carlson. They would be history as I write this if not for the money these two outspoken men bring in. The fact that Hannity and Carlson bring in the big bucks might not be enough to save them in the end. Judge Pirro has felt the sting of the network. Her troubles may not be over. The handwriting is on the wall. Fox will be changing. The hiring of the impossible to watch, Donna Brazile, is proof that we are going to need another network.

The conservative voice must not be silenced. If we are to remain strong, we need a place in the national dialogue. The voices the are loudest now are those of the left. They are calling for massively dangerous changes to our way of life. Eliminating the Electoral College, eliminating God, ignoring the tragedy and danger at our border, allowing infanticide, legalizing drugs, calling for single payor insurance, demanding reparations for slavery and destroying the wealthy are all ideas that will ruin us if they come to be. God help us if that happens.

Stripes Song

This land is our land

It's not just your land

This land has room

For you and me.


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