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Have you heard of 'White Devil John' Willis, the Criminal Mastermind from Boston's Chinatown?

Updated on September 26, 2015

White Devil Tattoo

White devil tattoo
White devil tattoo | Source

The White Devil's Tattoos

John Willis has two tattoos on his left arm, the Chinese characters for strength and righteousness.

Court Sketch of John Willis

Courtroom sketch of 'Whte Devil' John Willis
Courtroom sketch of 'Whte Devil' John Willis | Source

John Willis, the White Devil, is not your Average Man

John Willis, otherwise known as the 'White Devil John' in Boston's Chinatown, is not your typical man from Dorchester, MA.

His unique story involves being raised as a Caucasian man by a Chinese family, after being homeless. He lost both his mother an brother at an early age. A Chinese took pity on him, and raised him in their home. John Willis eventually became fluent in two dialects of Cantonese, and also learned how to speak Vietnamese. With this knowledge, he gained access to Chinatown's organized gangs, and orchestrated an elaborate ring of illegal operations, which distributed hundreds of thousands of Oxycodone pills.

John quickly gained the nickname of "Bac Guai John," which in Cantonese is a negative term for a Caucasian, meaning "white devil." He associated most closely with Chinatown's Ping On gang, thought by prosecutors to be no longer active, with its peak of gang activity in the 1980s and 1990s.

The F.B.I. was Investigating John Willis

The F.B.I.'s website describes John Willis as the "mastermind for a large drug trafficking and money laundering ring" that he ran out of Chinatown. Investigators also linked prostitution, extortion, and illegal gambling to Willis' organized crime ring.

John Willis was also the Strong-arm

What made John Willis so unique is his connections, but also the fact that he himself was going out to personally beat up people to get retribution. John Willis was not afraid to get his hands dirty with the brunt work.

The 'White Devil' Arrested in 2011, Sentenced in 2013

John Willis (40) was arrested in May 2011 after a multi-year investigation by the F.B.I. In connection to this case, the Bureau captured 26 people linked to this crime ring in Florida, Massachusetts, South Carolina, New York, and Rhode Island. They also confiscated 13 firearms, a 38 ft. speedboat, 12,000 Oxycodone pills, marijuana, human growth hormones, and more than $480,000.00 USD.

In August 2013, John Willis (42) went to Federal Court and was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison for his crimes. Federal Court documents have described John Willis as "the kingpin, organizer, and leader of a vast conspiracy."

'White Devil' Hollywood Movie is already in the works

Warner Bros. has already recruited filmmaker James Gray to write and direct a movie on the 'White Devil,' although neither John Willis nor his defense attorney have been contacted by Warner Bros.

Did you expect the White Devil to look like this?

Man in white devil costume
Man in white devil costume | Source

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