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"White's Only" in the current generation

Updated on August 19, 2014

1931: Alabama

Martin Luther King- Died for his cause at the hand on racism.
Martin Luther King- Died for his cause at the hand on racism.
Medgar Evers- Died for his cause at the hand of racism.
Medgar Evers- Died for his cause at the hand of racism.


While it was mostly black Americans that fought for their civil rights, there were many other races to include white's that fought along side them. Over 83 years for the constant fight for the equal rights of all Americans and it is disheartening to find that a 12 year old girl in Ohio is not allowed to swim in a pool because of the color of her skin, today.

Most of the old signs, "black entrance only", "black fountain only" and "whites only" are signs you see mostly in historical museums, but in the year 2012, to see it on the fence of public pool just makes one cringe.

So many gave their last breath fighting for equality and the only thing the racist landlord could say on her behalf, is that she was protecting her property from cloudy water that is left from the girls hair care products. Don't get me wrong, there is still plenty of segregation going on in American, it just isn't readily publicized. It's just sad to see that in a country where Americans joined together to put a black man in the highest position this country has; there are still those that can't see past the color of one's skin.

Some might say that it is a learned experience, handed down from generation to generation. If your grandfather was racist, then it was taught to the children and it ran down the lineage. However, with all the integration of schools, work and other daily activities; it is so hard to believe that the theory still stands. We still have such racism in America and only by standing up to it will it ever go away.

Racism alive and not so well

Racism has diminished quite a bit from what it was, do you think it will ever go away completely?

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  • Abecedarian profile image

    Abecedarian 6 years ago from These United States, Texas

    great comments from you all, lots to think about.

  • jonnycomelately profile image

    Alan 6 years ago from Tasmania

    Well said, Anton. Please let me explain the way I see it.

    All of us humans can and do react from an instinctive basis, like so many other species. When we see or confront something/someone/some situation as being different and unusual, then we have an inbuilt emotion of fear. Apprehension if you prefer to call it that, but it's the same thing as fear, although a bit more subdued, maybe.

    Our automatic, instinctive reaction is to recoil and to thrash out at that which we think is threatening us.

    If the shade of another person's skin brings back thoughts, or perceptions of danger signs, then we will react against that person. You don't need to have first-hand experience of that person causing you or anyone else harm. You just need to "believe" there is a threat, from what you have heard others say.

    Now, if we can understand that this is a natural, automatic response, then we can use some of our human intellect and reasoning to say: "Mmmm, I reckon I can try to look at this person in a different light. Maybe I was getting it wrong. Maybe I can just get a bit closer to that guy or that mother or that little girl/boy, see what their needs are -let's face it most of our needs as humans are the same." By doing this, if you are the guy or gal who has aggression against dark-skinned individuals, then you might just find a new friend in life. Get to know them. Expand your way of dealing with them. It can't harm you to try. I would ask the same from a dark skinned person, too in relation to white folks.

  • profile image

    AntonOfTheNorth 6 years ago

    We cannot even approach the problem with hate.

    It does not serve us to 'hate' rascists. We must strive to understand.

    The question is not 'why do rascists hate?' That question is itself a generalization.

    The question must be, 'why do you discriminate?' What need do you have that is not being met that results in your hatred.

    We have to ask every single individual. Everyone's experience is unique.

    To change a person, you must learn the person.

    Groups are changed one person at a time.


  • profile image

    Indigital 6 years ago

    I do hate racism, but it's just the way some people are. There's a lot wrong with this world, and there's a lot we cannot stop - while racism is wrong, I think its something we're just going to have to keep fighting until the racists are segregated and hated.

    I love your outrage at this appalling act, it shows you care and want to make this world a better place - well done, voted up!

  • stclairjack profile image

    Stclairjack 6 years ago from middle of freekin nowhere,... the sticks

    perhaps the owner of the pool should have placed a sign banning ceratin hair products rathr than aplying a blanket lable to people of color,.... but then,.... that wouldnt have gotten her much attention,... and thats the real rize for most these days,.... attention,... positive or negative,.... any attention will do.

    good read, voted up.