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Who Draws The Line In Political Taste?

Updated on May 17, 2016


I recently read the headline that America is freaking out over a cartoon of Michelle Obama. America? Really? The whole country?

Has every person in America seen this cartoon? Is it really everybody?

Is Michelle Obama offended? Did she even see it?

Lots of questions when people write headlines like this and publish cartoons like this one.

This is why I am "justsayin" and just writing this article to ask more important questions.

Free Speech Debate

Do we still enjoy free speech in America? What do you think?

I heard it said that free speech is the ability to stand right next to a person who is screaming at the top of their lungs the exact things that you spend a life time opposing.

Can you do that? Is it possible to allow that without "getting offended"?

Can you look at a picture that opposes everything you are for and actually be ok with that being posted in every window in your town?

Do We Have Freedom Of Speech?

Do You Believe We Have Freedom of Speech 100%

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What About The "ist" Labels?

Does free speech mean you are an _____ist?

In today's environment, once you say something negative about anything, it seems like you are labeled a:

  • Racist
  • Sexist
  • Misogynist
  • Classist
  • or any other "ist" word that hasn't been created yet!

Where does this end? Because the same person who is labeling you as a negative person wants their free speech, but wants to deny yours. Big example, not being able to use certain matter what the context.

There seems to be no mutual respect of free speech rights.

Excellent Video On The State Of Free Speech

Maybe It's About Taste

Maybe, free speech is about what level of taste is involved.

But who determines bad or good taste? The taste police? The person being offended?

What areas are off limits no matter what?

  • Gender?
  • Race?
  • Religion?
  • Children?
  • Weight?

What is interesting is the political arena. One side says something really bad. That seems to be ok.

But when the other side hits back, all of a sudden, free speech goes out the window.


Why? All of a sudden, it's bad to say certain things!

All In Or All Out

In my opinion, Free Speech has to be 100% all in or all out.

If you want all out, move to Russia or China.

If you want all in, stay here and learn to respect other's freedom of speech.

Yes, and to the political people, suck it up. Take the gloves off, but at least tell the truth!

Tell me what you think. Add a comment, take the polls!

Enjoy your freedoms!

Should Free Speech Be ALL or Nothing?

Should Free Speech Be ALL or Nothing?

See results


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