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Who Goes there ?. [ Thihar ]

Updated on February 19, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Who Goes to Thihar Jail


12,000 Prisoners. This is a complex management issue.

There is no college in India to teach Jail Management not even a diploma course in a school even though we have largest number of prisoners in our country.All the work in the jails are done by the police in those respective states and the prisoners only.We do not see any advertisement for vacancies in any of the jails in any of the news papers.There seems to be complete satisfaction at both levels of the inmates to the prisoners and police.There are no jail breaks,jail gotala,jail gapla and jail strike either.The Jail seems to be a ashram for the inmates with out paying any money for the food,clothing,rent and health care.I do not remember to have seen a budget for each jail in the country made by the state or by the govt of India.How much money is spent on one prisoner or a VIP is also not available.How to get the information by the use of RTI is also my stupid question.Another question who wants a job in a jail.I might think of getting a job in a jail as many VIP and VVIP get in to the jail now and then in some gadbad gotala and to serve them if allowed will open the door to my future in politics and I can always resign on some reason and take up politics to improve my financial condition.But it is not possible to get a job unless you are are a police man or in central govt service.This is impossible unless you are a rich man or a political man as your father legally only.Presently there is a good scope for young men to join I J S that is Indian Jail Service like I A S the Indian Administrative Service.but that is not in the category like others such as I F S,I R S,I P S and if there are others I do not know but I do know there is no I J S if you ask me why you are asking the wrong guy.Any way who is the authority to introduce a new I J S batch how to convince him.Perhaps some N G O can take up this as a project and call for applications on trial basis and see how many eligible boys and girls will enroll for this course.It would not be a shocking surprise if there are many many more than expected.This is simply because any of the 3 alphabets job is a top top super duper with unimaginable life long benefits.The whole country knows this and also know that majority of the boys who join these 3 alphabets course leading to a job for which you do not need an application form or influence or to bribe some one does not require simply on account of the person being the son or daughter of a filthy rich guy or a top politician we can check that by the use of R T I or the right to information law in force.Only few people can get the information.If any ordinary person wants to do it he is in trouble.Few persons got killed you know.So what are we going to do to start I J S.We can do any of the following:-

1 - Request Mr.Narendra Modi to Start it at the University Level as B.A ( Jail ).

2 - Meet Anna Hazare and discus the issue after taking his Maharashtra Meal.

3 - Go to Haridwar and tell Baba Ramdev that corruption is Rampent in Jail and we need I J S officers to take control from the I P S officers who do not worry on corruption as they are not trained to deal in such issues.

Lets do any one or all of it as its URGENT.


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