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Who Knew That I Was Influenced To Vote For Trump Because Of Russian Intelligence....

Updated on December 11, 2016

Who Knew That I Was Influenced To Vote For Trump Because Of Russian Intelligence….

Years ago, when I first came to this country, my beloved father, being an Oakland Police officer, would berate the Liberal professors of U.C. Berkeley, the latter then - working with the supposed noted sociologists - were positing the bogus narrative that the reason why some Blacks were prone to commit violent crimes was because of the malignant, lingering vestiges of Slavery. My father then and now, notwithstanding that he was/is a lifelong Democrat, would ask the rhetorical question: how come he was not prone to commit violent crimes, or moreover, that his children, who then had grown up in abject poverty in Saint Kitts/Nevis, and were as Black as they came, did not feel the need to engage in breaking the law via committing violent crimes….

The specious excuses have not stopped for many Democrats and now they - along with apparently some in the CIA - are saying that Russian hackers, working at the behest of President Vladimir Putin, were, essentially, responsible for President-Elect Trump’s victory - who knew that I, among many, was influenced to vote for President-Elect Trump because of Russian Intelligence…. The recount by Dr. Jill Stein went nowhere… so to add to the ‘cry-baby’ narrative of the fault of the Electoral College, President Vladimir Putin is now responsible for President-Elect Trump’s victory. I am forced to ask rhetorically, like I have done in a previous blog, were the Electoral College and now Russian hackers were responsible for the almost 75% of the states’ governors who are Republican and the majority in the Senate and the House that are Republican too.

You watch and mark my Prose that Democrats will be claiming that the recent, growing economic fortunes, as manifested by the increase in our Stock Market, will be attributed, somehow, to President Obama’s policies… so too if ISIS were to be destroyed in the war theatres in the near future, Christ Jesus willing. You may now know that nothing negative that happened is ever President’s Obama’s fault - it is always someone else’s. It is no surprise that, as recently as yesterday, President Obama gave the green light to investigate whether the Russians were responsible for hacking the Democratic National Committee’s files, etc; perhaps, it is prudent for such an investigation to know if a foreign Intelligence unit, working on a behalf of an ideological, hostile Super Power, interfered with another sovereign’s electoral process.

However, it must be noted that two wrongs do not make a right - but one could make a cogent case that President Obama and many in the Democratic Party actively tried to influence the last Israeli election, due in part, to the conspicuous disdain that President Obama has for the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Once again, with most Democrats what is good for the goose is not good for the gander because many of these Democratic leaders simply have no sense of ‘fair play’ and their excuses are legions when faced with adversities of their own makings because mirrors are not part of their respective house-holds to look at themselves. Just how it is, as discussed in the opening paragraph, that some Blacks commit crimes because of their upbringing and not because of the Peculiar Institution - so too that the Democrats lose elections because of the tenets of their platform!

This Blackman voted for President-Elect Trump because: he does not believe in murdering babies through Abortion like the majority of Democrats do; President-Elect Trump will not be donning his pompoms to cheer every aspect of the LGBT’s agenda; nor will President-Elect Trump give tacit or outright support to the thought of forcing Israel into parting with its land that the Lord gave to Abraham. These are but a few Traditional Christian reasons… why I voted for President- Elect Trump and so I cannot honestly say that Russia’s hackers - spilling and exposing supposed secrets about Secretary of State Clinton and others - had any bearing or influence on my voting for President-Elect Trump. Incidentally, I do not recalled that I had excuses or if those of us who opposed President Obama when he won twice took to the streets to protest and caused mayhem or required cry rooms to alleviate the pangs of our loss.

Such is the state with many Democrats… that the Devil - Russian Hackers; The Electoral College; Racist White men; self loathing White women; and the supposed, confused Uncle-Tom Black men, like myself -- are responsible for President-Elect Trump’s victory. It could not have been that many voted for Trump because of a Democratic platform that is steadily Anti- Christ Jesus! Note that I have used Talking Heads’, Road To Nowhere, to help flesh out the themes of this blog… drill down and enjoy!


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    • Dont Taze Me Bro profile image

      Dont Taze Me Bro 4 months ago from TWO OF THE MANY LYING LIB CRYBABIES OF HUB PAGES

      The points you made only a black man could make, VP. Why don't more people have the common sense your dad had?

      Isn't it funny, despite the facts that the Democrat party propaganda and ideology as well as their corruption and the corruption of the mainstream media in forsaking real journalism so that they can stop Trump at any cost (the justification given in a NY Times article for the media's un-journalistic behavior) was all revealed in spades in this election the Democrats and their puppets in the CIA still view the electorate as a bunch of brainless Zombies ready to believe any conspiracy theory they can foist upon the public to rationalize their epic loss of power through elected representatives throughout the country in the last 4 elections.

      No one but Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton and the leadership of the Democrat party are to blame for their EPIC fall from power throughout this representative Republic, not just in the white house which was just the other shoe to was inevitable.

      Given what the election revealed about the left wing Democrat party and the media while the whole world focused on the events of this election and the disgusting content of the emails leaked it's a wonder Hillary was ever even in the running. Now the CIA allegations that the RNC was hacked too begs the question if they know so much about all the hacking that went on why on earth didn't they do something about it before the election and what are they doing about it now?

      Hmmmm CIA and Russia? Reminds me about this:

      Ex-CIA Chief Morell: Hillary Didn't Lie About Benghazi

    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 4 months ago from New York

      My Christian brother, my refrain is always the same when you comment - I simply have nothing to say or add because you are on point! Thanks for the hyperlink....

    • Dont Taze Me Bro profile image

      Dont Taze Me Bro 4 months ago from TWO OF THE MANY LYING LIB CRYBABIES OF HUB PAGES

      We are on the same page aren't we. Your point about murdering babies says it all!

      When a candidate in this country thinks that standing on a stage in front of tens of millions of people and arguing in favor of murdering babies as they are being born (no matter what the reason) is going to gain her more votes than lose votes either they need to be locked up or the country has lost it's morality to vote for that.

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 4 months ago

      You have no idea how wonderful it is to hear commonsense and to enjoy straight honest talk. I voted for Trump, as well, and I do not believe that the Russians had anything to do with my choice. It they did it would have to have been totally subliminal, and that is highly unlikely and strange. There are too many babies in America, at the moment. I say grow up, or shut up. Great hub!

    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 4 months ago from New York


    • profile image

      Sanxuary 4 months ago

      There is no doubt that the hacking influenced the election. Its a psychological operation. Stay on Hillarys e-mails by hacking more e-mails. Then get the FBI to investigate a week before election day. In the end its just dirty politics and I do not care about the out come. I am simply saying it had an effect on the election. What would we had found if Trumps e-mails were hacked. I actualy liked Wiki Leaks before all of this but see them as nothing but patsy's supporting a country that does not even support free speech. They are nothing but hypocrits and stand for nothing at this point forward.

    • Dont Taze Me Bro profile image

      Dont Taze Me Bro 4 months ago from TWO OF THE MANY LYING LIB CRYBABIES OF HUB PAGES

      Sanctuary, "Stay on Hillarys e-mails" ?

      Wikileaks didn't release any of Hillary's emails so why do you compare what they leaked to hacking Trumps emails?

      So you are saying the FBI was in cohoots with the Russians?

      That's what this HP is about, the CIA blaming the Russians for Trumps win, not that Wikileaks leaking emails affected the election. As VP says some in the CIA - are saying that Russian hackers, working at the behest of President Vladimir Putin, were, essentially, responsible for President-Elect Trump’s victory.

      You have, and the CIA has, provided no proof that Wikileaks got the emails from Russians or their associates so how can you assert "the hacking influenced the election?" The CIA can say anything they want at the behest of Obama, you'll never know if they are lying or not. They said Hillary didn't lie about Benghazi or did you miss the link I gave.

      Did Russian hacking influence your vote? Didn't influence mine nor anyone I know. Show me someone who voted for Trump solely because of Russian hacks! Please...grow up.

    • Dont Taze Me Bro profile image

      Dont Taze Me Bro 4 months ago from TWO OF THE MANY LYING LIB CRYBABIES OF HUB PAGES

      Here ya go, there is real doubt Sanctuary - this explains why you even have a premise for your HP VP:

      "The delusional liberal media is now widely circulating the WashPost story as “fact,” citing the Washington Post as their source even though the Post cited no named person whatsoever. This is how the “circle of delusion” works in the “bubble” liberal media: One media source fabricates a piece of fake news, then they all repeat it, citing each other as “credible sources” until the entire population of gullible democrats believes the false narrative."

    • savvydating profile image

      Yves 2 months ago

      I'm pretty sure the Russians did not force Hillary Clinton to lie, cheat and steal---literally----for the past 25 years or longer, in her professional career. She was and has been morally bankrupt since she was a young law student, if not before. So whether the Russians had their say about her is moot when it comes to how I decided to vote. That is not to say I condone the leaking of intelligence by foreign governments or by our own government, for that matter.

      A fine article, Verily Prime.

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