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Ontario Recycle Water Bottles!

Updated on April 26, 2023
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Pamela-anne is a certified Freelance Writer who enjoys writing her own articles and ghostwriting for clients on Upwork.


More Recycling Less Waste!

We must continue to find ways to protect and save our natural resources such as our supplies of clean drinking water. We all must look to finding ways to recycle more products such as plastic water bottles. More people in the world today are buying their water supply in cases at the local grocery stores. Bottled watered is perfect for the fast paced life many lead today. Grabbing a bottle of water as we run out the door is indeed a healthy choice of beverage; but the plastic bottle it is contained in may not be.

Bann the sale of Non-recyclable Bottles

Some areas have banned the sale of non-recyclable water bottles. Maybe we should ban the sale of all non-recyclable bottles? Banning the sale of plastic water bottles is not really solving the problem but it is a start in the right direction. We should be insisting that all beverages that are sold to the public must come in a recyclable bottle or container. To do this we must set specific guidelines that the manufacturers must follow if they wish to sell their beverages on the open market. This is one step of many in which we can take to help secure our environment. We must encourage people to continue to choose water as their choice of beverage; but we must offer it in recyclable bottles! We must show by example in stopping the sale of beverages in non-recyclable bottles.

Clean Drinking Water for All

Considering the increased numbers of people with diabetes water should be readily available for all. People in general tend to prefer drinking water from a plastic water bottle vs. a public water fountain as they feel it is the more sanitary choice. Water is a necessity to sustain life without it we and our world would be none. We should be looking more towards ways to protect our water resources and working towards increasing the numbers of recycled plastic.

Investing in our Recycling Programs

We should be investing more into our recycling programs and creating laws to protect our natural resources from being exploited. Corporate companies are making a profit by taking advantage of our water resources to name one of many. They have no concern for the possible devastating results that could occur due to their uncaring actions against our natural resources.

We must Stand Firm and Strong

Big corporate companies are infamous for abusing the natural resources in various countries and will continue to do so until we stand firm and strong against them. These companies do not see beyond the dollar bill signs that are the symbols of their profits. We must put a secure cap on how much water these companies are allowed to take to sell for profit as well as charging them a suitable fee for this privilege.

Fines to those who Abuse Natural Resources

This should be accompanied by a contract that has strict guidelines that must be followed; if not large fines and or shutting down of the company that violates the contract. A substantial percentage of this money should go towards investing in upgrading recycling programs; thus making sure there will be plenty of clean drinking water for all. Having clean drinking water should not only be for those who buy it bottled but for all living creatures that reside here on "Mother Earth".


We as humans must take it upon ourselves to start coming up with bigger action packed ways to help keep our world and it's natural resources out of harms way. We owe this at the very least to the other forms of life sharing our planet. Much of the devastation we face in the world today has been caused by man and his lack of concern for the environment. It is now time for those of us who say we are concerned about the environment to start defending it. As the old saying goes "Actions speak louder than words" so let's take action today to save our home "Mother Earth"; before all is lost and buried beneath non-recyclable water bottles! We can make a big difference just by starting with our own home trash and recycling what we can. Let's do our part in helping in the good fight to preserve the environment by starting to recycle today! Think about installing a water filtration system in your home, there is many different selections. I went with a countertop water filtration tank. We have cut down on our use of bottled water by installing this system in our home. We all must make better choices to help conserve and protect our natural resources; because without them we will be none!

Banning Non-recyclable Bottles

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